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459210 tn?1237385203 there are also some really good ADD/ADHD sites that have a checklist of common symptoms, I could not beleive it, I ticked every box. the interesting thing is that ADD is genetic and if you have it one of your parents do.
639543 tn?1297031234 Okay, so my doctor insists on me at LEAST making a list incase of premature labor, so I've begun a list of stuff I'll take with me. Please add anything I've forgot. -Slippers and a few pairs of socks -Robe to walk the hallway -Underwear, multiple pairs -Thick, long pads -Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, washcloth, towel, brush, chapstick, makeup, deoderant, hair tie,lotion. (I know I don't need them but I prefer to).
1530342 tn?1405020090 This handy second-trimester shopping checklist will help you figure out what to buy now. And don't forget to move Maternity wear Your belly is expanding, but your pants aren't. Now's the time to explore the world of maternity clothes, but that doesn't mean sacrificing style. A nice pair of bootcut jeans, a tunic top, or a pretty wrap dress flatters almost every blossoming body type. Our checklist of maternity wear essentials can help you shop.
Avatar n tn , ADHD Rating Scale-IV, Basic Assessment System for Children, Child Behavior Checklist, Conners Behavior Checklist) which are completed by both parents and teachers, and scrutinizing the child's performance on any intelligence testing (e.g., WISC) that might be available.
Avatar n tn If anyone could provide me any checklist or any form which would helps me in "DIAGNOSIS" of ADHD+PDD+AUTISTIC children? And if anyone could send me infomation in details about AHDH+PDD+AUTISM?
Avatar f tn The doctor will have a checklist and should be able to tell you if ADD is your problem or if there is another cause for your symptoms. Also, a psychiatrist is better trained to know whether or not you are just trying to get drugs or truly need them for a medical problem. If your doctor does not take your symptoms seriously, you should find another doctor. By the way, a psychiatrist is an MD and seeing one does not mean you are crazy so please get the treatment you need!
7409776 tn?1408932789 Please feel free to comment anything else you think I should add!
Avatar f tn If you have health coverage or can afford it a psychiatrist can do tests like the Connors something or other scale (computer test of attention) in addition to the check box tests and personal history to help determine if you have ADD. ADD is a mixed bag. We think differently and sometimes that is a very good thing. If not for the people who think differently the world would stand still.
Avatar n tn We thought he would outgrow this and we're devastated. He is due for a complete developmental assessment next month. The pediatrician did a checklist kind of test on him and believes he has overlapping symptoms and the possible diagnosis differential he gave is 1. ODD 2. PDD 3. ADD. Does this seem at all reasonable? Could the PDD cause the ODD? He is advising us to start Risperadol. I told him I'd like to wait until after his assessment is complete, so we have a more realistic picture.
484470 tn?1226544695 Baby Proofing Our Home Before your child begins to crawl, use this helpful checklist of household precautions to make your home a safe place for your growing baby. Each year, an estimated 22 million children are involved in accidents inside their homes and in their yards. As many as nine out of ten of these accidents could have been prevented by following simple household safety measures. Remember that babies can get into trouble faster than you can imagine.
Avatar f tn What are the symptoms in an adult to look for ADD/ADHD? I think my husband may have this.
242532 tn?1269553979 Most of our blog posts talk about the habits, challenges and symptoms of emotional eating and how they affect various aspects of our lives. It's easy for emotional eaters to relate to the pain and guilt that comes with overeating, and easy to forget about picturing yourself actually recovering from the grasp of emotional eating. Here's how a Shrink Yourself member describes her success after about one year of working the Program. I've lost 64 pounds. Woo hoo!
Avatar f tn So, I found this checklist and marked the ones he exhibits. Child keeps to himself when free to play (e.g., lunchtime, recess) YES Child is not interested in team sports or interactive board or playground games YES Child lacks pretend play involving other kids DEFINITELY YES Child is not aware of unwritten rules of interaction (e.g., games with made-up rules are difficult) YES Child is indifferent to peer pressure (e.g.
Avatar f tn SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM -Heaviness/ weakness in arms and legs -Joint pain in hips, wrist, fingers and knees -Upper and lower back pain, sciatica nerve pain -Stiff neck lasting up to a month, and weeks -Spasms and cramps in upper thigh, shoulder blade/upper back -Foot pain in heals and soles DIAGNOSED WITH: Scoliosis, Bulge Discs, and Arthritis NEUROLOGICAL - Speech slurring for weeks -Tremor in left dominant hand -Burning feet, hips, upper back and neck -Bursts of rand
Avatar n tn Find online a baby checklist, that's what I did (I found one on pinterest).
5677659 tn?1379821167 You can add breastpump, bottles of your preference. I enjoyed perfecting my baby registry and i had like 35 items on there all of which i really need. I didnt like adding things i can get for free. I have gotten almost everything free so far which is really cool and easy to do (if your ok with used items).
494594 tn?1212971528 I understand that there is a lot of media attention (excuse the pun) on ADD, ADHD, impulsivity, inattention. However, symptoms of inattention or restlessness are common in many learning and emotional problems such as learning disabilities, anxiety, moodiness, and motivational issues. So if I go to the car mechanic and ask him or her to check only my battery because of the screeching noise, I would be remiss in not also having the whole car looked at.
627816 tn?1349241716 Diagnostic Checklist Form E-2 and Research Questionnaire Form E-3 A high-priority goal of the Autism Research Institute (ARI) is the development of improved methods of diagnosing children with severe behavior disorders, since most medical research is highly dependent upon accurate diagnostic methods. Our Diagnostic Checklist, Form E-2, has been designed for this purpose.
10275373 tn?1409336629 They give you a list of every department of the store of things you need, a checklist really. I'm a ftm so I have no idea and just me and my bf went so it really helped to have that list plus the staff were super friendly and helpful.
Avatar f tn They have absolutely everything you need, give you a wonderful checklist to work off of so you don't miss anything, and also give you a gift bag with some essentials. At babies r us, every time that someone buys something off of your registry you get a certain amount of points that add up to money. 10 days after your due date they send you a gift card with that money on it and you can purchase any leftover stuff you need and didn't get.
492869 tn?1285022533 ), low concentration, low motivation, social awkwardness, communication difficulty, sensory overload, anxiety, irritation, stress, excitement, sound sensitivity, etc. The tracker might also be useful as a checklist for people with executive dysfunction. The checklist could include food shopping, paying bills, cleaning, taking medication, brushing teeth, locking doors, etc.
12184553 tn?1443898685 Basically how it works is, you create an account then add items that you need/want for your baby as a gift and then just add them to the registry. Then, after your done with your list of items you need/want for the baby. All you do is give the baby registry name that you registered under to your friends and family. From there, your friends and family can view items that are available and buy. Also, if certain item is sold it will show that as well.
Avatar f tn Baby List is a great registry that allows you to add things from any store you want, and is also mobile friendly, which makes it super conveinent.
209405 tn?1189759421 Thanks. I will go have it checked out. I just went thru a checklist for adult ADD and got a score of 47. It said a score of 20 is a strong indication of ADD.
Avatar f tn When I went to register I scanned anything and everything
Avatar n tn I read through a checklist of ADD symptoms, and she doesn't seem to fit the criteria. However, the criteria seemed focused on older children with various questions about homework and the like.
Avatar m tn It was recommended that you see a urologist, and get your prostate checked out. Have you done that yet? I get the mental checklist, but you should add a prostate exam to that list.
Avatar f tn I ment to add .025 thinking thyroid was low. But I accedently took the other half of the split dose which was .113. So I have been taking .263cmg for about a month. weird thing is that I am still absolutely exausted. I take Vit D found out that was low a few years ago and boy did it make a world of difference! I also have Fibromialgia, so fatigue could be from that or I was put on Lupron, for endometriosis, basically it makes you go into menophase chemically.
1137363 tn?1260718011 (1) an option for medication generics (I've been on levothyroxin for years and there's no way to enter that into this chart) and (2) the ability to add the dosage, rather than just indicating that there's been a change in treatment. I suppose the second aspect could be kept in the journal, but with no way to enter the levothyroxin in the chart, it looks like I haven't been on meds for 5 years.