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Avatar f tn The reported side effects of acyclovir include hallucinations, psychosis, lethargy, mood changes, and confusion. However, most of these occur in much higher doses than yours. Also, I stress "reported"; cause and effect is unclear. The specific words you use -- mood change, irritability, and depression (which is what your sympoms, as a group, suggest -- as you probably know) have not been described, but I suppose it is possible.
Avatar f tn With all the stress in my life these days, my outbreaks have become much more frequent and for whatever reason, I am now having some unpleasant side effects from acyclovir, like headache (tolerable), weird taste in my mouth and excess salivation, and a heavy feeling in my legs and arms.
Avatar f tn valtrex and acyclovir have the same basic side effects. Valtrex is turned into acyclovir inside the body.
Avatar n tn The doctor gave me Metronidazole pills to take to treat Trich and should told me i couldnt have any alcohol 3 days before and after takin the pills including the alcohol in mouthwash bc it was cause a bad stomach ache. i was also wondering if this included my toothpaste which has mouthwash beads? Or is regular toothpaste better or not good either?
Avatar f tn give the acyclovir a try - you get less active acyclovir with plain acyclovir so you might have less side effects. You also can try famvir too.
Avatar f tn The side effects are too severe to continue on Valtrex. Dr. said to try acyclovir, but research shows it has the same ingredients only in lower milligram strength. Has anyone, who couldn't tolerate Valtrex, have success with acyclovir?
2030686 tn?1351688548 If you are careful not to touch the needle it is sterile, if you touch it with something like an alcohol swab, it is less sterile. Alcohol swabs are good at cleaning surface dirt, but not so much for sterility, that is why it is not used for sterility in hospitals. In paramedic school, they taught us that the only germs that alcohol kills are the ones that cannot swim...
Avatar f tn I was prescribed more bc with as bad as mine get, my doc said that any side effects from the medication were better than the infection possibly spreading. If they get bad enough and you don't wash your hands after touching your mouth, you could end up with genital herpies. It's been a battle for me. Had a weird uncle that liked to kiss us on the face even when he had outbreaks so that's how I ended up getting them all the time. It's a form of herpies called herpies simplex.
Avatar n tn yes. ive been taking acyclovir 400 mg tablet since sunday and i'vent seen any improvement yet. today i went to visit my private doctor. she doubled the dosage. asking me to take 2 tablets twice a day making it 4 tablets a day and prescribed 800 mg acyclovir to take three times a day. its freaking me out , to consume all this medication and see no improvement but i see my neck is very dry, itchy and red rashes. i just cleaned the part with alcohol and applied lotion.
Avatar n tn The treatment that you have been prescribed is correct. If you are having any side effects then get the antibiotics changed and even oral antibiotics can be added. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn I just asked if there were side effects. He said that there could be some anxiety because it crosses the blood brain barrier and I just thought that drugs that did that could potentially be more harmful. That's why. I take Lamictil for a type of bipolar that is classified by some as soft bipolar or part of the bipolar spectrum and sometimes experience anxiety (not often) and I was concerned about about the anxiety part as well. I also take a low dose of Wellbutrin.
Avatar n tn Although antibiotics are relatively safe drugs, as stated, there are some side effects. These side effects could potentially become exacerbated if a person ingests alcohol when taking antibiotics. Furthermore, the mixture of both antibiotics and alcohol can also have some additional negative effects on the body. Alcohol and the Effectiveness of Antibiotics Alcohol does not effect the effectiveness of the majority of antibiotics.
Avatar f tn their md does not want to start my younger one yet because of his age and potential side effects to the liver etc.. It seems that peanut butter, which he eats constantly causes him to break out with them. In my constant research it appears this is true due to the lysine vs arginine. So, no more peanut butter and we will see. He literally has been getting them since august! I am ultra paranoid around other kids because I do not want to pass this to them.
Avatar f tn My main concerns are price, effectiveness, and side effects. Has anybody know of any serious side effects for taking these anit-virals for a year? I know it varies from person to person and it can be hard to gauge, but how much of a difference does the therapy treatment make in your life? Also any tips for finding a good price? I saw an excellent post on this site a few days ago about buying the medicines, but I am having problems finding it now.
Avatar f tn Abreva works well if they aren't too bad. Also, it burns like hell but when abreva stopped working for me I just ripped the blister open and dabbed it with rubbing alcohol. They're so bad now that I have to get a prescription of Acyclovir from my doc or my whole mouth will swell and be covered in blisters.