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Avatar n tn Why does it matter? Acyclovir is very low risk, and if you're not having any symptoms, why not just keep taking it? If you develop more cuts/whatever while taking it, then see your doctor. Otherwise, who cares. But if you want to stop it, I don't see any reason not to, either. You've already lived through these cuts, so you know it's not going to kill you or anything. I think you need to decide what to do based on your own emotional needs. You have herpes, and it hasn't killed you yet.
Avatar n tn Thank you. I do get actual blisters when I describe "breakthrough symptoms". They are not as bad as they were when I was not medicated, but I definitely have noticeable blisters. I'm not so much bothered by the presence of the small blisters as I am by their near constant nature. I usually have maybe a week and a half a month where I have no symptoms. I don't kiss my boyfriend if I have any redness, blistering or itching burning and its simply frustrating and isolating.
Avatar n tn Most folks can still get acyclovir - just not always in the doses they usually do. You can get 200mg tablets and take 2 at a time or get 800mg tablets and cut them in half with a pill cutter.
Avatar n tn About 70% of people who have oral herpes infections don't report symptoms. If you are taking acyclovir 400 mg twice a day (which is the appropriate dose for suppression, not once a day) and you notice no change at all in symptoms, I seriously doubt your symptoms are related to genital HSV 1 infection. Also, HSV 1 genital infection recurs infrequently - on average about 0.7 times per year, which is really not often at all.
Avatar m tn I've read many different things online and not sure what's the best. My doctor prescribed me 400mg pills for 3 times a day when i get the first sign of a cold sore. I've read online different people saying you need it 5 times a day or only twice a day. Does anyone know how many times a day is correct? How long does the drug stay active in your system before you need to take the next pill?
Avatar f tn I finally got on Acyclovir 400mg 2X a day and it's been three weeks or so. I have hsv 1 and 2 but only have outbreaks down below. I still am not cleared up and it's driving me crazy. I have a partner and we use female condoms when necissary and regular ones otherewise but I can't completely relax because I'm so worried about him getting it. So we often obstain. What else can I do to make this go away. Does smoking and alchohol effect outbreaks?
Avatar f tn // is the official prescribing info or it's also listed here in the herpes handbook -
Avatar n tn especially being on both medications and still not improving. Im at a loss, and though I know you all are not doctors, I come to your forums all the time and realize that you all are very intelligent and i am hoping you can answer me this. If its not herpes, is it possible, or even coincidental that there could be another type of skin disorder/infection that has only occured on his lip and penis? Please give me any related feedback...we are desperate for answers at this point! Thank You!
Avatar m tn I was seeing this girl and I decided one Thursday night to NOT use protection. This was on July 8th (She was dating someone before me and didnt use protection with him.) The following Sunday I had a a tingling after I urinated and my testicles felt funny. The following Tuesday I got hit with a bad fever but it only lasted the one day. The Next day I mentioned the fever to the doctor and how my testicles felt sore and my penis slightly burned.
Avatar n tn In addition, I've tried Acyclovir and Famvir. Acyclovir didn't work well at all unless I took 400mg 4x/day. Famvir worked a little better at 250mg 2x/day than Valtrex 500mg 2x/day but still no suppression. How long does it take for suppression to start working with these meds? I've tried each one for around a month at a time and no luck. If suppression at regular FDA approved doses does not work, do any doctors prescribe higher doses?
Avatar m tn I tryied treatment with acyclovir and valtrex, also acyclovir cream pr the rush, but is not working, for pennis only the bethadine is working a little but just temporary. after few days is back, and the white small spots looks like spikes. i did hiv test 4 times in this year and it came negative. the test came positive last time for hsv 1. Anyone has all this sympthoms with headache and neck pain and dizziness ? Is there any chance that it cand be something else than herpes ?
594150 tn?1252591688 I am going to keep up with this post to see if anything gives me ideas. Occasionally i get a "hung over " type of feeling. Not terribly dizzy, just not right and the eXACT feeling as if i had a night of heavy drinking (without anything to drink of course)...when it happens it happens for a few days to a week. I can't imagine it being constant So sorry you have to deal with it , and hope it gets figured out.
Avatar m tn I am terrified that due to pain/itch, I will continue to spread and self-infect myself in new places. Again, I do not have insurance and due to working 3 pt jobs, it is hard to find time to go into the clinic. I intent to call Monday to see about an appt - but I work all day at one job and then another till after 10 p.m. - which is past open clinic hours. UGH.
919881 tn?1243660771 My NP said that my liver would not regenerate that at 4/4 there is still more liver that is not working than is and that that would never change. I thought the liver could regenerate. I guess not but If i continue to have the virus then whats left of my healthy liver will be screwed - as I said i went from stage 3 fibrosis w/borderline cirr. to 4/4 in 5 years!
Avatar f tn my body is trying to heal and that means it is working and working makes everyone tired...right? I took a 2 hr nap today. Unbelievable what that will do for a person. My mind feels clearer too. I love decorating and redecorating and then doing it again and if it isn't just what I want I rebuild it and decorate and redecorate all over again. I seriously think it is a curse that has no anecdote. My house is my creative canvas. Thank you so much you are keeping me sane, you seriously are.
Avatar m tn I think you should show this to almost anyone working with healthcare and they will tell you its not herpes, and then you can relax!
101028 tn?1419606604 Absolutely not! There are no known long term effects to taking them. Acyclovir even almost went otc at one point - the main reasons it didn't was because it was feared that folks who could afford it because of their insurance would no longer be able to as well as the fear that self treating would result in folks not getting properly tested and syphilis being missed and self treated as herpes.
Avatar f tn I was tested positive for HSV2 back in May, I would say my first outbreak was 6 months before that but was told by my doctor it was an ingrown hair (outbreak was on bikini line) It then spread to my labia (this was the sore that I got a positive test from) I made the decision that I wanted to do the suppressive therapy taking acyclovir twice daily, this helped the outbreaks but the symptoms hadn’t gone at all, I was then told to take acyclovir three times a day..
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor they told me maybe that I'm trying to have an outbreak but the acyclovir is not strong enough to stop it. They check to see was I having an outbreak and I wasn't. They told me I might need to increase it from once a day too four times a day. I wasn't having any yeast infection until I started taking this medication. The other chose that I have is to take the valtrex this medication really takes over my body.
Avatar n tn Acyclovir is not effective when only taken once a day. You need to take it 400mg 2x/day if you want it to work. I do not recommend taking it any other way for suppressive therapy. If you can't commit to taking the medication properly then don't take it at all. If you only want to take medication once a day then you'll need to switch to valtrex which is effective when only taken once a day.
Avatar m tn Since the rash is still growing, does this mean the Acyclovir isn't working? Is there anything I can do other than keep the rash clean and covered with a cotton undershirt? I'm staying home from work to avoid exposing other and rest up, but I can't stay home from work forever. Aside from Acyclovir, I'm taking vitamin c, trying to eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids. Thanks for any info or help you guys can offer.
Avatar f tn 5 different doctors diagnosed me with genital hsv but that could be a good option.
Avatar n tn I have HSV2 and my partner does not. I have been taking Acyclovir twice a day in order to reduce the risk of transmission (among taking other precautions as well). My questions are: 1) Is Acyclovir as effective as Valtrex in reducing transmission? This site stated it might be but obviously I want what's going to work best. 2) How long does the medicine take to start working in terms of reducing the risk? Does it have to build up for a while before it starts working?
Avatar f tn My HSV2 blood test was negative, and I took acyclovir for 7 days, and the sores were gone by day 5. Yesterday I started having intense tingling and stinging sensations again, along with body aches and feeling weak. Should I take another round of acyclovir? And does anyone have any suggestions for helping with this insane tingling ... It even wakes me from sleep. Thx.
Avatar n tn Also, several times when I have had these symptoms, I have taken one Acyclovir and within 2 minutes the symptoms seem to stop (I know this makes no sense!!)Everyone thinks I am crazy and my docs think this was the placebo effect but I am not so sure.
Avatar m tn I went to the pharmacy and they diagnosed it as an herpes, and gave me a cream based in aciclovir 5%. I've been using it these days, but seems to not be working so far. Should I continue with the cream? Any other tip? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I immediately started on 1200mg acyclovir. I've been diagnosed for 4 years . I have had two outbreaks. Both extremely horrid to the point of hospitalization. No one knows of my diagnosis . I'm now working full time and dont wNt to have to miss because I don't want anyone to know I have it. I have like a razor burn feeling rash and I made the mistake of attempting to shave I did notice a few little spots that in pretty sure are sores. Just around the outside. Peeing fine.