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Avatar f tn I have done a lot of research on the two drugs to find out side effects, dangers and possible long term effects of the drugs. However, most results that come up are from medical websites. I want to know if anyone out there had any side effects (minor or major) as a result of taking these two drugs.
101028 tn?1419606604 cookieSet=1 It addresses why long term use of valtrex is thought to be just as safe as long term use of acyclovir ( acyclovir has been on the market way longer than valtrex though valtrex is an acyclovir prodrug ). It's an excellent article if you've never taken the time to read it before. Also be aware that there's no need for any bloodwork to be done either if you are on antivirals long term. They do not damage your kidney's or your liver.
Avatar f tn we have studies on acyclovir with folks taking it suppressively for over 20 years without stopping. there are no long term side effects from it. the risk to the kidneys is from IV acyclovir, not from oral acyclovir. if you take daily suppressive therapy, use condoms and avoid sex anytime you have anything going on genitally, a male partner on average has a 99% chance each year of NOT contracting hsv2 from you.
Avatar f tn Valacyclovir enhances acyclovir bioavailability compared with orally administered acyclovir. Long-term use of acyclovir for up to 10 years for HSV suppression is effective and well tolerated. Acyclovir is also approved for use in children, is available in some countries over the counter in cream formulation for herpes labialis, and has been monitored in over 1000 pregnancies.
Avatar n tn If you have hsv2 and she doesn't, you should both consider precautions to take to reduce her chances of contracting hsv2 from you. There are no long term side effects to being on daily suppressive therapy. We have info on folks taking acyclovir suppressively for 20+ years at this point.
Avatar n tn no risk of kidney damage or hair loss from long term use. we know suppressive therapy can help reduce oral ob's but I can't recall off the top of my head if we have suppressive therapy and reduction in shedding orally with hsv1.
Avatar f tn we have over 15 years of info on taking valtrex suppressively non-stop now too. there are no long term side effects. no reason to stop taking it unless you want to. why have more ob's than you have to is my motto plus if your partner is negative, it helps protect them too. keep asking questions!
Avatar m tn 2) How long should it be taken before relations begin 4) What side effects are typical 5) Do any studies indicate problems from long term use. (and what would be characterized as long term use) 6) Is there any reason to believe that long term use lessens the benefit of the medication.
Avatar m tn Are there any long term side effects from acyclovir use? I have read that hair loss is a side effect. Has anyone experienced this? Also I am confused about the whole genital hsv 1 thing. The doc told me this would not be a big deal and that Type 1 rarely recurs in the genital area. Is it possible that I am still experiencing the initial breakout or are these recurrances? Its only been 4 weeks. Any advice would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn ) you can take acyclovir for a lifetime. there are no long term side effects to herpes antivirals. follow up and make sure you don't have a bacterial vaginal infection and go from there. there's no such thing as your body adjusting to herpes. We have plenty of info now that shows that ob's don't dramatically decrease even after 5 years of being infected. shedding stays the same for over 20 years of being infected.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your advice. The risk of 3-4% is reassuring but considering this is the first year (I think) of having this and a new relationship we will have to discuss things.
Avatar m tn But as we know taking steroids is not a long term solution due to its undesirable side effects (like IOP, glaucoma, etc). So I am thinking that continuing the Acyclovir treatment (which is a low risk treatment) should keep the viral reactivation in check for life thus eliminating the need for further treatment with steroids in future. Welcome your thoughts on this mode of treatment.
Avatar m tn we have info on the safety of acyclovir for almost 30 years now and valtrex for 20 years. No long term side effects from being on them. If you are going to bother to take antivirals, take the right dose so that it's actually working.
Avatar n tn Also are side effects such as hair loss only a concern for long term suppressive therapy? Acyclovir seems to help but it seems like it would depress me even more if I lost hair or went bald because of it. One last question, does acyclovir cause concern in raising blood pressure.
Avatar n tn You can get acyclovir for under $20/month even without insurance, you only have to take it 2x/day plus it's safe for long, long term use ( we have studies showing it's safe to take suppressively non-stop for 20+ years now ). Acyclovir suppression reduces ob's on average by 70% and reduces shedding of the virus on average 80%. These are significant reductions and why we recommend using it suppressively.
Avatar n tn star ~ I'm sorry - I didn't mean to pry. Just in case, here are the main listed side effects of Valtrex ( acyclovir is made up of practically the same molecular structure ) "Headache, Diarrhea, Confusion, Decreased kidney function Dizziness, Nausea and vomiting, Abdominal Pain, Disturbances of liver function " Although the liver disturbances aren't mentioned on the valtrex webpage, it's worth taking a look at what's written.
Avatar n tn Do I risk damage to my kidneys if I take this drug at a 500 milligram dose daily for long term use and is it effective long term? (I understand the study was for eight months, so there is no information on long-term effect after a year on Valtrex. What about other anti-virals? Since they have more track history, I wonder if I should switch to pill that's been out longer, as long as it also will reduce transmission risk?
Avatar n tn And there is no theoretical reason, based on the chemistry of the drug, to suspect undetected, rare long-term side effects. That's not to say it can't happen, but the risks appear to be very low. However, do not be tempted to take the drug on and off for weeks at a time. It sounds like you might be doing this some of the time. Either take it continuously, or take it for just 2-3 days for each outbreak.
Avatar n tn Can you please recommend me a doctors office near Seattle for me to obtain suppressive medication and have another opinion ? 3) Are there any side effects for taking suppressive medications for long period of time ? 4) Is the negative Oraquick (blood *****) result at 9.5 weeks reliable or would you recommend a retest ?
Avatar n tn There are no long term side effects to any of the 3 herpes antivirals. Nothing to fear there. We have 25+ years worth of info on acyclovir alone to prove this. Not sure how you were using herpes antivirals and why they didn't work for you but for the vast majority of folks with genital herpes they will work and will significantly reduce ob's as well as significantly reduce viral shedding in general to help protect a partner.
Avatar n tn Are there any studies on the side effects of long-term acyclovir use? Are there any theories on the factors that may precipitate an exacerbation of the virus? I obviously would be interested in any information regarding how best to avoid or decrease the frequency of repeat episodes of viral meningitis. Thanks for any help.
Avatar m tn Doctor advised that lets take the Test after 6 weeks to confirm. So I wanted to know what serious effects will I have if I have herpes (long term) While if I take a Antiviral regime for the whole life, What side effects will that have...
Avatar m tn Ok here is the story, im a 42 yo old gay male that is in a long-term relationship (non-sexual at this point for over a year now; separate issue going on). At the end of Jan I decided to have unprotected oral sex with an unknown guy I met at a party, we both gave and received until completion in mouth (I know it was a stupid thing to do, but too late now).
Avatar n tn We have info on folks taking it suppressively non-stop for 25 + years now. There are no long term side effects. One can even argue it's safer to take acyclovir suppressively than it is to take tylenol regularly. It really is that safe. It's up to you if you think it's worthwhile getting your husband tested for herpes or not. Since he isn't sexually active, if he isn't having symptoms, no real reason to do so.
Avatar f tn there are no long term side effects to suppressive therapy with acyclovir. we have info on people being on it suppressively non-stop for over 25 years now ( I myself have been on it more than I haven't for 25 years now even ).
Avatar n tn We have been prescribed acyclovir to use during outbreaks and this will sometimes shorten their duration. My question is for anyone who has children with it or had it when they were kids. How successful were your treatments? Our pediatrician has never really treated anyone this young with herpes nor anyone who has outbreaks as frequently as my son.
Avatar n tn Are there any studies on the side effects of long-term acyclovir use? Are there any theories on the factors that may precipitate an exacerbation of the virus? I obviously would be interested in any information regarding how best to avoid or decrease the frequency of repeat episodes of viral meningitis. Thanks for any help.
Avatar n tn Do you generally consider taking Valtrex prophylactically in the long term a good idea? I never had any side effects from it, but it was extremely expensive when I used it a few years ago. Thanks!
1220264 tn?1266939534 Does long term use of antiviral therapy impact the kidneys or any other organ? Are there typically no side effects from long term use? So much conflicting information on this.
Avatar m tn we also have data for valtrex and famvir for over 15 years now. there are no long term side effects. yearly blood testing isn't recommended either.