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Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with genital warts in 1999 I was treated with aldara the warts didn't come back until years later and the outbreaks weren't that bad. The outbreaks would come every other year and go away without treatment. However, in August 2008 I started getting outbreaks and I thought it was genital warts but it turned out to be genital herpes and I am still having outbreaks my last outbreak was in November but I am on suppressive theraphy.
Avatar f tn ¬ęThe first medicine used to treat genital warts was called Acyclovir. Acyclovir is a topical ointment that can be prescribed by a doctor to treat a variety of infections, including HPV. It is also used for chickenpox, shingles, and herpes infections in the skin and on the lips. Acyclovir does not cure herpes in patients; its purpose is to provide relief and reduce the severity and longevity of the symptoms. It can speed up the healing time of the warts faster than other solutions, as well.
Avatar m tn I've been researching herpes all this time and I am very misinformed about genital warts. Is there a blood test I can have done to test for genital warts/hpv? I no longer trust a doctor to just look at me and diagnose me because this has been a long ordeal for me. Can I have a swab test done if there are visible warts when I go in? I'm also wondering how long you would usually have visible warts after contracting the disease and how contagious it really is?
Avatar n tn Back in june 06' i went to the doctor for a little blackhead looking thing on my lip. he said its a cyst dont worry about it...three months later it started to swell up so i went back to the same pyhsicians office but a diff. doctor and he diagnosed me with hsv1 on the spot but ran the labwork just to be sure. & Sure enough it was HSV1. He prescribed Valtrex and Denivir. I used both medications as prescribed and nothing happened.
Avatar n tn So - I have not been diagnosed for herpes even 70 % but though I was given acyclovir , just for security. Let's see what the doc says, I will be having the information too "what the hell is going on". By the way, I had also few oral exposures, which might indicate to HSV-1 possibility, so that's always then better than HSV-2. Take care and have strength!
Avatar m tn I have tried aldara after cryo but usually only until the warts are gone. Thus, I was looking for some guidance as to what I should do next. I am frustrated because my derm keeps telling me that once they get frozen off they should not return. Problem is that they do. Then the other derm in the office tells me I am stuck with them for life! Should I try aldara even if I am all clear for 3-4 months to boost the immunity in the area to prevent them from returning? Will this work?
Avatar m tn When I looked at my anus today I saw what looks like little purple grapes bubbling up around the opening. There are no scabs. Could these be Herpes lesions or Anal Warts? I have had hemorrhoids in the past, but I don't recall there being so many bumps. These do look a little bit like varicose veins. I'm worried that she could have had Herpes Whitlow on her finger and that it was shedding without any visible lesions. Is is possible to Herpes this way?
Avatar f tn Thanks for the reply Grace, do you think these are genital warts?they are very small, and for sure, I will have genital warts because I asked that guy he had 4 while we had sex that time. I think mine is just developing. My next question is, if I will be healed in a month, I can't have sex anymore after that? is there a possibility to pass genital warts to the next partner even you are healed and warts are gone?
Avatar f tn After the first outbreak I had persistent 'bumps' that were continued to be treated with Acyclovir before I was told I also actually had a warts outbreak as well. The warts started rapidly spreading about 2months after the bumps appeared and after the first herpes outbreak. I have now had 4 herpes outbreaks (1 after starting maintenance acyclovir of 2 x 400mg per day) and 10 freezing treatments and nothing seems to be changing.
Avatar f tn She has received the HPV vaccine, and has undergone treatments monthly (photofilin) for ongoing recurrent outbreaks. Recently, she received laser surgery for genital warts, which had serious painful side effects. Once healed, she had another outbreak of genital warts. This is seriously affecting our ability to have sex, and causing tremendous anxiety and stress in our recent marriage. We currently live in Asia and have limited external medical resources.
Avatar f tn Is something like this common or a characteristic of herpes lesions? Also I was wondering how long it should take for the Acyclovir to start showing its effects. I have taken 5 pills so far, and although I dont expect them to be gone already, and I also know that everyone reacts differently to medication, but I am just curious as to what is an average timeline for the effectiveness of the meds. Any help you can provide, I would really appreciate.
Avatar m tn If results confirm that it is what we suspect, then I can make a choice about treatment strategy, In addition to the test for hsv 1 and hsv 2, they are testing for syphilis and hiv, though it will take weeks to reliably test for the latter. The doctor said that particular risk was "highly unlikely" in my case, though it only eases my mind to a point. Anyway, that's the latest.
Avatar m tn The doctor agreed with me and told me that I probably had HPV and prescribed me Acyclovir. He also told me to get tested for a list of other STDs, but not to take it until I got my results back. He also asked me if my girlfriend had any signs of anything, and I told him that she doesn't. No warts, lesions, or anything out of the norm A couple days later I noticed some pain in my right testicle and glands, so I called him up and he prescribed me Doxacycline over the phone.
Avatar m tn I have been taking acyclovir for 5 days (first day I took 400 mg 3x and for the rest of the days I have been taking 400mg 2x per day). The itching has not stopped since 2 days after encounter. It's still there. I have noticed things that I worry could be something but have body acne so they seem to just be related to that. That is what the dermatologist said both times. Every time something pops up though I worry. Anti fungal creams and pills have failed.
Avatar m tn return to your provider for proper evaluation though if who you were seeing prescribed the almost worthless acyclovir cream for genital herpes treatment and didn't do testing in the first place, I'd pick somewhere else to be seen because it sounds like this provider isn't very familiar with std's and treatment/diagnosis.
Avatar n tn im a24 years old girl ,medical student,recently i have discovered that i have genital warts i did cautry there after 3-4 days i notices two lesions which i couldnt understand wheather they are new or old forgotten ones,im using acyclovir cream locally,omega-3 cap. and folic acid tablet what is your advice for me? should i cautrize those two or it can disappear with treatment?
Avatar n tn new boyfriend had penis warts burned tested positive for herpes 3 years ago was also given acyclovir at the time....he later tested negative and has not had a outbreak in any manner....we just going through menapause where if i dont have sex for a while i do bleed a little.( have not had sex in a few months and not yet with him) ..and dry...after more sex with regular partner it feels great but once in a while spot bleed.....
Avatar f tn I went to Mexico to get tested for stds (on june 1, 2012) because I had a genital wart and was not sure what it was at the time all tests were negative except for hpv and hsv 2. For hpv I had type 11 and for hsv 2 I had positive 1.3. Shortly after my doctor prescribed acyclovir 200mg 4x a day.
Avatar f tn I did have abnormal paps consistently over 10 years ago. I was treated for HPV and genital warts at that time. I have had normal paps for awhile now. My symptoms start usually right after my period ENDS. I have heavy cramping, itching, discharge and pelvic discomfort. This can last the rest of my cycle until my period begins again. Any information anyone has on this would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have had visible gential warts for over three years. In fact, March of 2010 will be the start of four years. I have tried EVERYTHING! Is it possible I will struggle like this forever?
Avatar m tn since it's the herpes forum - what dose of acyclovir are you taking? fyi - acyclovir is what is working for your herpes, not the lysine. have you ever read the free herpes handbook we recommend in our read before posting post on the forum?
148987 tn?1287809526 What removes warts? the interferon? Thankfully don't have those.
Avatar m tn He tested me, and I came back positive for HSV2. I started taking suppressive meds (acyclovir 800mg/day). The bump popped, diminished, then a month later came back, still no itch, no pain. I'm thinking this is a HSV2 outbreak and treat it with increased acyclovir. Time goes by and I'm asking questions on the HSV bulletin boards, and its not adding up. Finally I figure out it must be a wart. I get the medicine and the wart goes away in 3 days.
Avatar m tn I went to the doctors to get checked out, and he took a look and prescribed me Acyclovir. I have been taking acyclovir for the past 20 days and my outbreak is still there no of the lesions have popped and gone away. I have been bringing a ton of water and not eating processed food. Shouldn't it have cleared up by now? This is my initial outbreak and like I said before it has been three weeks since the start of the outbreak now. Any advice would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have been taking acyclovir for some time now and the culture was tested for HSV2. I started taking it in June 2010 for episodes then I started taking it in September for suppressive theraphy two tablets a day. I am still taking suppressive theraphy as of now. However my outbreaks are getting better.I used to have an outbreak every month when I wasn't using meds. Since I started using the tablets it's usually a outbreak once every 3-4 months.
Avatar f tn I called a clinic today and the nurse told me there is no way of knowing if I have HPV unless I get warts. I am to old for the vaccine against HPV. I am really having anxiety over this. I just can't wait for weeks or months waiting for the bomb to drop. Is there someway to keep from getting HPV after being exposed like taking an systemic interferon forawhile. Would a doctor prescribe it if you knew you were exposed and if they did would it work.
Avatar m tn ) Was the blood test the test that came back + for hsv1 or did the lesion culture come back + for hsv1 ? The first ob of herpes needs treated with acyclovir ( zovirax ) 400mg 3x/day for 7-10 days for the first ob. Just 5 days isn't enough even when taking the 200mg 5x/day like it appears you did. At this point I recommend returning to your provider for further evaluation. Make sure it's all herpes going on.
Avatar f tn Btw I had been applying aldara to the warts and I have been wart free for 1 month and no recurrence. My question is should I retest for hsv and how reliable are the results if I had been taking acyclovir on and off?
Avatar m tn Most likely something else was responsibile for the bumps. In any case, even if they were warts, it shouldn't be any big deal for you. Genital warts are a minor inconvenience, not a serious health threat. Now that the bumps are gone, this should no longer be any kind of concern for you. My guess is that your other doctors have said pretty much the same thing. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I was recently in the Caribean for an extended period of time and 1 month before I left I developed a rash on the tip of my penis. It also caused some discomfort. It does not itch. I have no pain when urinating. I have been to the doctor and have taken Ampicillin, metronidazole, Acyclovir, ketoconazole in that order. I recently went to the Dermatoligist and he gave me Cloderm to apply to the infected area. Now it is spreading down the penis.