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Avatar m tn You can get suppressive therapy with acyclovir from walmart ( and similar places ) for under $20/month even without insurance. You just need a prescription from your doctor. You can treat each ob as they occur for $4 at most places now too in the US with a prescription for acyclovir.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with HSV 2 in 2009. I have recently taken myself off of Acyclovir due to the cost without insurance. I have leg pain again, which I haven't had since my first outbreak. Does this leg pain subside/decrease over the years like the trend of outbreaks?
Avatar n tn Is there a reliable (online) store in US where i can buy acyclovir without any prescription. Can you suggest some stores please?
Avatar m tn ve only had oral outbreaks so far, i asked the doctor for acyclovir and he gave me a prescription for 800mg tablets and to take them 2x daily for a total dose of 1600mg everyday as supressive therapy. i'm concerned this is too high a dose? i thought it should be 400mg and take 2x daily for a total dose of 800mg? it was an ER doctor that gave it to me because i don't have health insurance and went to the county hospital.
Avatar f tn As far as cost - without insurance, in the US, you can get acyclovir under $20/month at walmart. INsurance makes it really cheap - especially if you get 3 months at a time supply.
Avatar m tn Do you have any suggestions on where to get lower cost meds? The free clinic would only give me acyclovir, not valtrex. They also would only give me enough for one breakout. The acyclovir also gives me diarrhea. :) Thanks, I appreciate you very much.
Avatar f tn It should never cost that much for acyclovir! Are you sure they didn't give you the price of valtrex?
Avatar m tn t have insurance, you can still take advantage of the walmart and type stores $4 prescriptions for acyclovir. just get it for the 200mg dose and take 4 pills at a time. for more info on hsv1 orally, see the herpes info at there is a section specifically about oral herpes there.
Avatar f tn if you have a prescription from your provider, you can get a round of acyclovir for $4 at walmart to treat ob's when they occur. If it's been more than 72 hours though since your recurrence started, not much bang from your buck to be had from antivirals at this point. you can try something as simple as soaking in the bathtub with epsom salts thrown in for comfort. dermoplast spray ( the blue can for the genital area, not the red can ), is also helpful for pain relief.
Avatar m tn The NEW Doctor tells me that the only difference between taking Valtrex (what I have been taking) to Acyclovir (What they now want to prescribe) is the number of times a day you take it. I looked online...they say that Valtrex does a better job of helping you not to transmit the virus (most of this information provided by GlaxoSmithKline of course). The supression study has them identical. I am in a relationship where I really enjoy our "personal time".
Avatar f tn What about online sites? Going to the doctor is going to be very expensive as well.
Avatar m tn I was on valtrex but do to the cost switched to acyclovir. The period of time I was on 1000mg of valtrex I never had a breakout. I get them on my hip normally when I am about to menstruate. It has been about 2 months since the switch to 1xday 800mg acyclovir and I have experienced an outbreak. I don't understand why since they are the same drug?
Avatar m tn , recently I was prescribed valcyclovir and pred forte drops. I am in the donut hole on my insurance and the cost is prohibitive. Is acyclovir 800 as effective as valcyclovir hcl or as costly?
Avatar m tn You ever talk to your doctor about herpes antivirals for your cold sores to help them heal quicker? You can do a round of acyclovir for $4 at walmart - WAY cheaper than that teeny tube of abreeva that only heals cold sores half a day sooner than using nothing at all.
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Avatar n tn t have insurance, with a prescription from his medical provider, he can get daily suppressive therapy with acyclovir for under $20/month at most places ( like walmart, costco etc ). He just has to take acyclovir 2x/day in order for it to be effective. It works the same as valtrex but you just have to take it more often.
Avatar f tn Valtrex is more convenient - usually a once a day dose - and though a generic is available now, it is generally more expensive then acyclovir. Acyclovir is inexpensive, but is a twice a day dose. For some, convenience is more important, and for others, cost is. No right or wrong answer - up to you. Also make sure that you don't have another infection, like yeast or bacterial vaginosis, that is causing you to have more outbreaks. Secondary infections can wreak havoc on herpes.
Avatar f tn Im suppose to be staring clomid and my doctor said it would cost me up to 1600 is this information correct because i thougth that the medication was cheap could somebody give me feed back on how much?
947843 tn?1255189336 s enough to have 4 per day (which you can take with your acyclovir) to get a good additional benefit for the cost of $5 for every 2 months. I have seen some research on people who don't use the acyclovir or valtrex and don't have outbreaks by simply creating a high-lysine diet. It's not necessarily about avoiding things containing arganine, but mainly about overpowering it with lysine. research on the topic is definitely worth looking into.
Avatar f tn Acyclovir is way cheaper than valtrex is. You might not be able to get generic valtrex at this point - it's in short supply currently. Ask your provider to change your prescription to acyclovir instead. Even without insurance you can get a course of it for episodic therapy for $4 at walmart and suppressive therapy for under $20 ( with a prescription from your provider of course ). You can have herpes lesions on the foot.
1569575 tn?1314424059 s been there less than 3 days, give your doctor a call and ask them to phone in a prescription for acyclovir for you. you can get a round of 200mg acyclovir ( 30 pills ) for $4 at walmart pharmacies with a prescription. You need to start it as soon as you can though in order for it to help speed healing.
Avatar m tn you can get a round of acyclovir at walmart even without insurance for $4. they both work the same just you take the zovirax/acyclovir more often than valtrex. I assume you haven't been taking them both at the same time?
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