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Avatar m tn 2, i've only had oral outbreaks so far, i asked the doctor for acyclovir and he gave me a prescription for 800mg tablets and to take them 2x daily for a total dose of 1600mg everyday as supressive therapy. i'm concerned this is too high a dose? i thought it should be 400mg and take 2x daily for a total dose of 800mg? it was an ER doctor that gave it to me because i don't have health insurance and went to the county hospital.
Avatar n tn Is there a reliable (online) store in US where i can buy acyclovir without any prescription. Can you suggest some stores please?
Avatar m tn You can get suppressive therapy with acyclovir from walmart ( and similar places ) for under $20/month even without insurance. You just need a prescription from your doctor. You can treat each ob as they occur for $4 at most places now too in the US with a prescription for acyclovir.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with HSV 2 in 2009. I have recently taken myself off of Acyclovir due to the cost without insurance. I have leg pain again, which I haven't had since my first outbreak. Does this leg pain subside/decrease over the years like the trend of outbreaks?
Avatar f tn As far as cost - without insurance, in the US, you can get acyclovir under $20/month at walmart. INsurance makes it really cheap - especially if you get 3 months at a time supply.
Avatar m tn Treating it with antivirals helps to reduce ob's if you take it daily or when you just take it when you have recurrences it helps to speed healing of them. Acyclovir is available as a generic. If you are in the US and have a prescription for it, you can treat ob's for $4 and suppressive therapy is under $20/month at walmart and similar stores.
Avatar m tn acyclovir works just fine dear. It's far cheaper too. You can get suppressive therapy at walmart for under $20/month with a prescription. daily suppressive therapy is safe and is a way to protect your partner significantly as well as helps you to have less disruptions to your sex life because of recurrences. the diarrhea side effect should get better within a few weeks of being on the suppressive therapy doses. has your partner been tested to know her own status?
Avatar f tn Pharmacies are retail businesses like anyone else, and can charge whatever they want. Walmart has acyclovir as one of their $4 prescriptions I believe.
Avatar n tn If they say no it's not ( hopefully they culture it but they might not ) then ask them to prescribe acyclovir for you. If they don't give it to you free or at low cost there at the health center - ask them to be sure to prescribe it as follows - 200mg 5x/day dispense 30 - that's $4 for that at walmart. Then when you start getting the first tingle that you've come to realize is a sign of this about to reoccur - start taking acyclovir 800mg ( that would be 4 200mg tablets ) 3x/day for 2 days.
Avatar m tn without insurance you can get generic acyclovir for under $20/month at walmart with a prescription. no, your partner taking acyclovir isn't going to lower their risk. you need to be taking it to reduce shedding.
Avatar n tn even if he doesn't have insurance, with a prescription from his medical provider, he can get daily suppressive therapy with acyclovir for under $20/month at most places ( like walmart, costco etc ). He just has to take acyclovir 2x/day in order for it to be effective. It works the same as valtrex but you just have to take it more often.
947843 tn?1255192936 I have found a bottle of 250 tablets at 500mg each for like $5 at wal mart and that's enough to have 4 per day (which you can take with your acyclovir) to get a good additional benefit for the cost of $5 for every 2 months. I have seen some research on people who don't use the acyclovir or valtrex and don't have outbreaks by simply creating a high-lysine diet. It's not necessarily about avoiding things containing arganine, but mainly about overpowering it with lysine.
Avatar m tn ( if cost is an issue, switch to acyclovir instead of valtrex instead of ordering online from questionable places. you can get a round of acyclovir at walmart even without insurance for $4. they both work the same just you take the zovirax/acyclovir more often than valtrex. I assume you haven't been taking them both at the same time?
Avatar m tn what side effects are you concerned of? there are no long term side effects to the herpes antivirals. the 3 main side effects are headache, abdominal pain and nausea. The number of ob's you've had is irrelevant as far as the amount of viral shedding that's been going on. you still shed the virus periodically even if you aren't noticing obvious recurrences. could your adjustments have triggered an ob? more likely that you were just "due" for one anyways.
Avatar f tn When I had the cold sore on my lip, I took acyclovir (200 mg) 5 X a day for 5 days and used the acyclovir cream on my lip, which I usually use only this when I feel one developing on my labial (the other lips). After our first encounter. I was going to try Valtrex but insurance would not cover it back home. I am in Mexico, so I pay for all my medicine. Is acyclovir a daily suppressive therapy?
Avatar n tn Bv is also known to trigger genital herpes to reoccur too. If you have a prescription for acyclovir, it's only $4 to treat an ob if you fill it at walmart or a similar store. not pricey at all and all it takes is for your doc to phone you in a prescription if you don't have one already. You might want to try dermoplast spray ( the blue can for the genital area, not the red can ). It's under $10 usually at most drug stores and it's a spray on anesthetic to help with pain and itching.
Avatar f tn it should only cost you $4 for the acyclovir at walmart. the dose for that price is acyclovir 200mg, 5x/day, dispense 30. don't hesitate to ask the clinic to write out that prescription for you to get that price !!
Avatar n tn For most people who test positive for HSV and have a confirmed outbreak on the face, suppressive therapy is recommended to help avoid spreading the infection inadvertantly to the eye. As for suppressive therapy and the cost, you can choose to use acyclovir which is $4.00 per month through most of the major pharmacies, without insurance.
Avatar n tn Depending on how money is for you - you can get 30 200mg acyclovir tabs for $4 thru walmart and similar programs. You can take 4 pills 3x/day for 2 days at the very first sign of an impending cold sore ( 800mg 3x/day would be the actual dose ). You can also do a round of antivirals anytime you know you might've triggered one to try to ward one off - like if you were out in the sun all day and forgot chapstick and got your lips burnt or you have a cold or finals week etc.
Avatar f tn make an appointment at planned parenthood or call your local health department to see what your local low cost/no cost options are. be seen and get some basic testing done and an exam to try to see what all is going on. daily suppressive therapy with acyclovir is under $20/month even without insurance. you just need a prescription and then you can take it to walmart or a similar place to get it filled.
Avatar n tn Also you can get 30 200mg acyclovir tablets for $4 at walmart ( and other places too now ). You can get a script that says - acyclovir 200mg take as directed dispense 30 tablets from your doc. Then you can either take 2 pills at a time 3 times a day for 5 days or 4 pills at a time 3x/day for 2 days. Both heal ob's up at the same rate. Just something to keep in mind if you find that your ob's just stick around too long without antivirals. I'm a fan of tea tree oil myself.
1562866 tn?1297190771 were they checking for tk deletion which would mean it doesn't respond well to acyclovir/famvir? valtrex is an acyclovir prodrug. it gets you more active acyclovir in your body than just taking regular acyclovir does.
Avatar f tn She took a viral culture that day (6/2/2010) and it came back positive for HSV a few days later (6/6/10 I think). I was not given a type. I was prescribed acyclovir, which started clearing up the outbreak quickly, and an ointment for the open sores. My boyfriend was the only possible one to have given it to me and a few months prior to this had admitted to sleeping with prostitutes in Thailand. He also has very long sexual history of unprotected sex.
3228682 tn?1346371118 if you do confirm that you have hsv2, acyclovir is way cheaper - $4 at walmart without insurance for episodic therapy and under $20 for daily suppressive therapy.
Avatar n tn It's $4 for a round of episodic therapy with acyclovir at most places like walmart. Under $20/month for suppressive therapy with acyclovir there. Those are the prices if you don't have insurance!
Avatar f tn You can sue but it's not easy which is why I recommended talking to a professional about it. I think it's worthwhile hearing how much it will cost, what it means about details about your life that will come out and someone realistically asking you what it will change if you do successfully win your case. A good personal injury lawyer will spell that all out for you and not just paint a rosy picture about how you can make the other person "pay" for their behavior.
Avatar m tn just to clarify - it's $4 for a round of episodic therapy of acyclovir at walmart, not generic valtrex. It's under $20/month for suppressive therapy with acyclovir at walmart and similar places if you have a prescription for it from your provider. Fairly affordable - you just take it 3x/day for ob's or 2x/day for suppressive therapy. The doses are covered in the free herpes handbook. There aren't any long term side effects to any of the herpes antivirals.
Avatar f tn Last year my doctor prescribed DOXEPIN (generic for SINEQUAN, Doxepin is available via prescription only and is on the discount $4 prescription list at walmart.) I take it at bedtime. It really knocks me out but it starts to stop the itch in about 20 minutes and all into the next day. The original dose was 100mg but now as I am also on prozac (medication interaction) I am now prescribed 25mg. works just the same. apparently each of these drugs amplifies the effect of the other.
Avatar n tn The real reason no one is getting treated for this is all about money. It would cost a lot to treat us, and they also are worried about liability and that having us around makes their jobs a lot more difficult. We force them to go beyond their routine, beyond what has ever been expected of them. There are nasty little secrets the medical community has ignored, mainly when it comes to enviromental toxins, for many many years.
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