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Avatar m tn I am using L-Lysine, Acyclovir and Abreva to prevent an outbreak (heard they hurt like hell and are just nasty like that guy's-which I thought was the result of a bloody lip). My questions are, I don't have an outbreak that is visible, no redness, and I am on day 6 of the occasional burning and tingling. I am using all the above and I still get some burning and tingling...
Avatar f tn The reason why is because I have been drinking coffee for a while I usually don't I had three outbreaks last month. However I have been off acyclovir for a 13 months. I had HSV2 for 4 years and 5 months now my OBGYN said that I shouldn't be experiencing that many outbreaks being that I have had the virus for some time she's saying that is too many outbreaks. She said I shouldn't be experiencing any maybe once a year or none at all.
Avatar m tn I am taking L-Lysene as a suppressor and only take the Acyclovir at the first sign of an outbreak. I was taking 1000mg Valtrex at onset and then 500mg twice a day and everything was clear in 3 days. To get the same effectiveness from Acyclovir how much should I be taking daily during out breaks? I have tried 600mg Acyc 3 times a day but it takes 7 days to clear up. Please advise.
Avatar f tn odds are you don't have an oral herpes ob in the back of your throat to be honest. This is probably something non-herpes going on. no, it's too late for him to take anything to protect him from infection. has your husband ever been tested to know his own hsv status? can he recall cold sores ever?
Avatar f tn no reason to worry about what foods you are eating unless over a period of time ( trial and error ) you figure out that you have a food trigger ( most people don't ). lysine supplementation really doesn't do much for reducing ob's and we have no info if it reduces viral shedding if you are in a discordant relationship. we don't have studies showing that olive leaf extract is helpful for herpes. it's traditionally used for viral illness in general.
Avatar f tn Think about it Just like hypertension, while on medication your doctor will still ask you to follow certain lifestyle changes e.g. exercise and diet.... LYSINE works. Tried tested and proven by me.....
Avatar m tn It is not a well known fact of biochemistry, but lysine WILL raise cholesterol, it's what often does it in meat that packs the double whammy of saturated fat and lysine, as meat has a higher lysine content than other protein foods. Interesting, in that you noticed this, you hit upon as I say, not a well known issue. You are in a tough spot, but try lots of vitamin C for the herpes virus. Frootbar C.N.
Avatar f tn I recently met a guy, and I have already had the talk with him, and he seemed pretty chill about it. We had sex and used a condom, but I wanted to start using my acyclovir regimen to make myself less contagious as my sores were present on my inner part of the labia majora, which means the condom may not protect him from this area. My medicine bottle says take 3 times a day, but I was given it when I first got my outbreak to help heal it.
Avatar f tn I don't have any immune issues, I get regular physicals, my stress is exactly the same because my job is the same, nothing different there. I've been taking vitamin B complex and even tried Lysine at recommended doses, and my outbreaks just keep getting stronger and lasting longer. I am not a weak minded person, and usually have a very positive attitude. However, with the pattern of outbreaks I am suffering, my moods are also being affected because it is affecting my quality of life.
Avatar f tn I have been getting outbreaks Quite regularly, I have tried MMS, Hydrogen peroxide and DMSO and oxygenated water, even silver have. Nothing worked and on top of that things were getting worse, more outbreaks. So if you try to respond and convince me to try the things (I mentioned here), please don't waste your time. It appears that all these things that I mentioned and tried, were just aggravating the virus. I have been on acyclovir for about 1 year now. So far no outbreak.
Avatar f tn Stomach pain, mood changes, and for four months still having problems down below without breakouts, just pain, front and back, vagina and anus pain, I have had several people tell me Lysine is just as helpful as Valtrex and wondered if anyone has had these problems and has ever used Lysine for genital herpes.
Avatar n tn You just have to take it 2x/day to reduce ob's by 70% and shedding by 80%. A lot more bang for your buck and a little less effort as far as how many times to remember to take it a day.
Avatar n tn A couple years later another doctor told me to try l-lysine. I did... and it seemed to work. I still take it to this day. In fact it's all I'm on to treat the condition and have no break outs. I'm curious if anyone else has heard of this or is taking the supplement. Thanks. Rod.
Avatar m tn Went to herpes specialist in LA today he has like 30 yrs experience and top in his field he prescribed me acyclovir 400mg 2x day, and scheduled the westernblot test after examination because he was undecided as well. My question is I know this is suppressive dosage will this dose have any effect on my current outbreak that gone on for 1 month?
Avatar m tn like i said i don't take acyclovir regularly usually only when i feel and outbreak coming.. i really don't know if it worked or not.. they always come up and last about a week and a half.. i got another outbreak last monday (which is still healing). i immediately staring taking my acyclovir as well as lysine through out the course of the sore.. i figured since i was on my med thats there not way i would get another one, right?? WRONG!! another one popped up last night.. how can this be??
Avatar f tn First few weeks were hard because I just felt sick I recommend adding lysine and tumeric into your diet. I take supplements as well as include foods that have a higher dose. Both of these supplements help your immune system/'mood. Try taking salt baths with lavender oil. At target this brand -Shea moisture- is available. Lavender helps relax your muscles and it good for soothing you stress as well. Drop in a yoga class or look up some online to follow.
Avatar n tn Have you been tested for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally? Lysine really doesn't do much. Have you tried the oral antivirals suppressively like acyclovir, valtrex or famvir? yes, barrier protection does help protect a partner for oral sex. if a dental dam isn't large enough then try non-microwaveable plastic wrap instead.
Avatar f tn i was diagonosed with herpes hsv 2 five years ago when i had encephalitits and menegititis ive been taking l-lysine and enchinacea and they stop it straight away are they safe to take together.
Avatar n tn Dear Member (s) I actually posted the following many days ago, and very anxiously too, and awaited an answer, but no one answered, and today I thought i'd post the same text again.. so if anyone who has some time to spare and help me out, i'l be more than grateful. I really need to be helped by any kind member out there. thankyou in advance. My questions are a few, and I am very very upset, as getting married soon, and have no clue as to what I should do.
Avatar n tn During that time I started to exhibit the common symptoms of oral herpes (red painful area, white palpitations). I immediately asked for acyclovir and it went away immediately. I have had several such episodes this past year normally cured in the initial stage by taking acyclovir or L-Lysine. I am unsure as to whether I had a dormant infection since childhood or whether this was a direct cause of the aforementioned incident.
Avatar f tn I'm taking Valtrex 1 gm per day and also have started taking a pill from Herpaflor that contains Lysine, Purella Vulgaris, licorice root and vitamins A,C and zinc. I'm doing a lot of research on the internet trying to learn what other herbs I can use to help prevent an outbreak. Is there something topical I can put on my upper lip and other areas that will prevent an outbreak from recurring there? And if I do, do I risk a new outbreak somewhere else in my body?
Avatar m tn I maintain a pretty healthy diet, exercise daily, and get sufficient rest. Doctor's have typically given me acyclovir to treat it and that has worked in the past. I checked back in with my doctor 2 weeks ago and they have put me on the 400/mg 2x daily suppressive therapy. I have had blood work done and was told I have the oral (HSV-1?) only and do not have any other STDs or HSV-2.
203342 tn?1328740807 Even if you did have the test done, the protocol is the same. Lysine on the food and Acyclovir to deal with a breakout. Since not much can be done about herpes and you are running short on money, you may want to skip the herpes test and concentrate more on the mass.
Avatar m tn but it leaves reddness that im afraid has scarred 2) also will using caramax spread the virus around your lips?.. 3) im thinkin about starting abreva and lysine too any imput? 4) and will lysine interact with zoloft?
Avatar n tn They are never red, barely visible and could otherwise go unnoticed. From 1991 to ca 1998 I used acyclovir to treat my symptoms with little effect. The stinging and burning persisted with only an occasional break of a week or two. Finally, in 1995 the symptoms started to subside and I remained relatively symptom-free for 10 years. I even had a blood test in 2002 to see if I had the disease (negative - and I don't remember which test).
Avatar f tn After the initial outbreak I wasn't on the pill and was taking Super Lysine and I had no problems. But went on pill and herp-eeze and it has def triggered something. I am not run down, I'm working out, getting enough sleep so the constant flair ups are a real pain.
Avatar f tn I apply Super Lysine and lemon balm cream. I cut out caffeine (ouch!) and have eliminated chocolate, oats, wheat, raisins, brown rice, and any other foods from the 'no no' list. I am eating foods high in lysine. I stay out of the sun, and in fact, have just stopped leaving the house for fear of sun exposure. My questions: dosage of valacyclovir -- would it make sense to raise the dose? Or pay the way higher cost of Valtrex?
Avatar f tn Two docs said I have it bc of symptoms and exposure, 4. Others have experienced similar symptoms as me, 5. Lysine and vitamin c (and other antivirals) reduce symptoms. I can't do a swab bc of no blisters. There is absolutely no other infection I could have contracted besides hsv. All other tests are negative. The problem here is not hsv, the problem is why my body is repsonding like this. Why am I having neurological symptoms? I was at the prime of my life.
Avatar n tn Try acyclovir, since it's generic and it's really cheap. Where I get mine, they might as well be giving the stuff away, it's so cheap.
Avatar n tn Two weeks in to the acyclovir, I am still having an outbreak a week on average, with the sores almost just healing before new ones will flare up, almost always on the dot of Wednesday. (I've never liked that day..) I am taking a multivitamin daily, my acyclovir, L-Lysine (1000mg daily), and 2000mg of Vitamin C daily. When will this stop? Is it possible I will always have sores like this? Is there anything else I can do?