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Avatar f tn I have HSV-1 genitally and last time I had a UTI I was prescribed antibiotics I had an outbreak, although I began my 2-day acyclovir routine and it was gone in 2 days. I could have had an outbreak just because of the infection down there but I didn't notice it until after I started taking my antibiotics. If I get an outbreak from the medicine is it safe to take my acyclovir considering I will have had an IV with a steriod already in my system?
Avatar m tn I started having very mild genital herpes outbreaks about eight months ago, and for this outbreak (only one small blister) I decided to take acyclovir tablets and acyclovir cream. I have no pain or itching. I have taken it for a day and a half, 200 mg every 4 hours, omitting the nighttime dose. My blister is pretty much gone, and Im wondering, would it be okay to stop taking the acyclovir? I read everywhere that Im supposed to take it for 5 days, but is it for the same reason as antibiotics?
Avatar f tn I'm starting daily acyclovir to suppress my OB's but I have a bacterial infection and need to take an antibiotic - Augmentin - to clear it up. Will the antibiotic interfere with the effectiveness of the acyclovir?
Avatar n tn First, can taking acyclovir 800mg tablets affect the results of an IGM test and result in a "false" positive? Second, can an IGG test detect herpes antibodies during an initial outbreak of genital sores and flu-like symptoms that occurs about two weeks after the suspected exposure? The background in brief: I had an outbreak of sores or lesions on my pubic bone and penis two weeks ago, which was about 12 days after a new unprotected sexual contact.
Avatar f tn one day i went to go check the pills she gave me because i was on birth control and wanted to know if it would affect it so i looked up the name acyclovir to find out it was for the herpes simplex virus....i freaked out and called and asked them why they gave me a pill for herpes if i didn't have that and the nurse on the phone told me that its for more than one thing and that its best not to google things cause it give me false indications.....
Avatar n tn Ten years ago as part of a routine STD testing I tested positive for antibodies to HSV 1 and 2. (herpes type I and II IgG and IgM. HSV-I IgG ab >6. HSV-II IgG ab 4.90. I never have symptoms or outbreaks and if I do, they are so mild I don't notice them. I recently began a relationship with a man. I am a woman. He gets cold sores. We have not had intercourse yet. My NP recommended 400 mg a day of acylovir to reduce shedding. I asked her if it was supposed to be twice a day and she said no.
Avatar m tn It's not FDA approved as a dose but the literature backs it and it's become generally accepted as a dose ( acyclovir has been a generic for a long time so it's doubtful anyone is going to pay for the studies to go for fda approval of this dose ). I will gladly share the journal article citation for you if your provider wants it ( they can look for it themselves!!! ).
Avatar f tn I went to the ER and I had a huge abscess in my groin area thanks to a misdiagnosis from my campus clinic (yay!)...I had to get it drained and it hurted so bad and now I'm on a bunch of antibiotics because it was so huge....
Avatar f tn Also should your abscess reoccur, make sure they consider MRSA as a cause. it's more and more common in the genital area and takes antibiotics to get rid of and also special cleaning/laundering so that you don't keep getting it back/spread it to others.
2158979 tn?1336794189 I never saw any HSV 1 on her lips BOTH below the waist and on her mouth. But I visited my Dr and got swabbed and blood test just to make sure. 3 weeks later, the test came back POSITIVE HSV 2! I couldn't believe it. So I asked for another blood test, it came back POSITIVE HSV 2! At this point, I don't know if I can trust her. I don't know if she cheated on me while I was gone or she had the virus the entire time but didn't tell me.
Avatar f tn Follow up planned in 2 months w dr and 6 months for repeat u/s. I have continued to take the oral antibiotics as well as ibuprofen but the lump is getting larger and the pain/pressure is increasing. I'm very uncomfortable as well as concerned. I hate to bother my dr.s yet again but I don't understand why my symptoms have not improved. Please if anyone has had a similar case or know of one please share.
Avatar f tn I was seen on Thursday by an ophthalmologist and diagnosed with herpes Symplex Of eyelid OS. Dr.'s plan is early this killer dermatitis and conjunctivitis Dueto finality of rash and presence of s Chalagi of rash and presence of submandibular bone. Started Acyclivir 800 mg 5x a day. Frequent use of Artificial tears. My question is the rash between my eyebrows seem to be drying however the swelling in my left eye has gotten bigger.
Avatar n tn The usual treatment for such infections are antibiotics. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn At this time, unless you have unwisely taken antibiotics in addition to the acyclovir, the results will be reliable. 4. While you should have an HIV test when you are tested for STDs this may not accurately detect HIV. Further testing is advisable. As for the PCR test, it is a good way to spend lots of money but not a good way to diagnose HIV.
6528681 tn?1382150606 He told me to take acyclovir and that didn't resolve the issue either... Now, he tried an oral fungal medication and that hasn't worked either. I am going nuts... I learned a big lesson from this.... But, what can this be???
Avatar n tn My lymph nodes in the groin were now tender. The doctor said he thought it was a bacterial infection and gave me Cephalexin and Acyclovir, just in case. A few days ago noticed scratch on bottom side shaft but went away in about 72 hours. During most of this time I have been at the hospital staying bedside with a family member whose ill, sometimes 24+ straight hours so I've been exposed to more bacterias and such than usual.
Avatar n tn I'm replenishing these now by doing a colon cleanse and using probiotics. And never will I take antibiotics again.
Avatar f tn Dr prescribed antibiotics to avoid my recurrent kidney infection. I constantly check my lady parts and everything was as usual. On my 2nd day in the meds I noticed 3 bumps that where too small to even look like pimples and all scattered in my labia minora and none of it close enough to look like anything I should have worried about. The 3rd day bumps looked like pimples "that arent ready to be squeezed".
Avatar f tn I decided to go to ER, because my daughter just had a baby and I was around the baby for three days( he's five days old). They confirmed shingles, gave me acyclovir 800 mg 5 times a day. I'm on day two now of antibiotics. Although, the rash seems to not be spreading, I have muscle weakness and my arms feel super heavy and it freaking hurts...I take pain meds and they help but does not take the shocking pain away.
Avatar m tn Infections are noticeably better and less painful from ointment/bandaging and taking antibiotics. I don't see how any infection could survive that, anyway.
Avatar m tn My doc took a quick look at my pimple and said he thought it was nothing and way too fast to develop and transmit Herpes and gave me antibiotics and cream for us both to treat a skin infection. I'm still wondering if it's possible. I'm thinking it would be possible for me to catch it but unlikely I could transmit it to my wife and that she would also show symtoms that quick. What do you think?
Avatar m tn The doctor said she thinks is a viral infection and prescribe to me some antibiotics, prednisone, and an oral lidicaine for the pain. She made mention that my throat was very red and there was an area that looked like an ulcer. If it were just these conditions without the sore on my face I wouldn't think anything of it but things worries me. I have no had sexual interaction with anyone but my girlfriend. We have been in a monogamous relationship for 5 years.
147426 tn?1317269232 2 was enough to get cultures and begin triple antibiotics. Even a fever blister can get out of control and end up as a Herpes meningitis which is a nasty, nasty infection. So, your doc is on speed-dial, yes? Take care, so good to see you.
Avatar f tn Because, you have allergy to some antibiotics and so that they can give you the right antibiotics for your soar throat.
Avatar f tn I went to the Doctor and begged for help. She prescribed me Acyclovir. I am please to say my fever blister and acne is gone and my face is finally healing. I don't know if this will work for you but It wouldn't hurt to try.
Avatar f tn I went to the hospital and confirmed shingles. I'm taking acyclovir 800 5 times per day and on day 2. I contacted my daughter so she could let the hospital know. But I noticed the rash has not gotten bigger but symptoms have. My arms are super weak, they were not yesterday. Burning on my back where the rash is not even present. Is there any relief? Should my husband get the shingle shot? And do I get a shot since I have it already?
Avatar n tn Except they havent and wont test me for Herpes?! I had a NSU which they gave me antibiotics for and that when but this pain is still there. I have also heard that Herpes can cause NSU in men is that also true?
Avatar m tn Yesterday we checked up with another doctor. He inspected both of us. I din't mention to him about my case to him as my wife was with me. Although I told him that I had received my blood test for IgG was positive for HSV 1 & 2 and IgM was negative for HSV 1 & 2. He said that IgG tells us about any previous infections or the immunity level of one against HSV. If we have lesion currently and if test IgM negative then its not herpes. He then inspection my penis and her vagina.
Avatar f tn I developed two ulcer like sores on my labia and my GYNO seems to think it's Herpes and I'm waiting on the results :( from all the descriptions though that doesn't seem right because I have no blisters or anything and these are already starting to heal in just a few days. She put me on the anti-viral meds though just in case. But my question is, it's been two weeks since then, and I had unprotected sex on my period and yesterday I started feeling pregnancy signs.