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Avatar m tn I have had 5 different conflicting reports about what was to happen regarding Coumadin, ranging from total d/c, to hold for 1 week, to hold for 1 day, to resume. TPA was withheld after this stroke, because of GI bleed. Why would it have been OK to give TPA last year after an upper GI bleed when many units of blood were needed, but it was NOT OK for TPA this stroke following colitis with trace blood? Why would Coumadin have been held at all after the colonoscopy?
Avatar n tn Mother-in-law had a stroke yesterday and was taken to hospital within 1 hour. Doctors say the stroke is a result of a blood clot due to A-fib. Doctor is also saying neither surgery nor dissolving the clot are feasible due to advanced age (88j.
Avatar f tn my mom had a stroke 7 months ago. tPA was also administered in a timely manner but did not help. also right side, no speech whatsoever. I was devastated, panicked, scared... However she started showing some progress now, some walking, some words. 3 months post stroke is not that much, 70 is not that old. Keep hoping and do not give up on therapy and hard work.
Avatar n tn After the bleed was found, the blood thinner was halted 3 days post-stroke. He has been in acute rehab for about a week, became dehydrated, and now has developed clots in his legs. His legs are very swollen.
Avatar n tn but i am not a doc-just a family member who is still going through the process of stroke (dad) and has read up on stroke for hours and hours.
Avatar m tn Ask about the motor and sensory homunculs maps to get a basic idea of what functions may have been affected. tPA is only given if the stroke was a clot so I am assuming that it was a bleed. Ask to see the CT scan or MRI. rehabilitation is possible even with a major stroke, I looked at my MRI and it looked like 1/3 of the right half of my brain was dark and I am recovering fairly well. Get the medical records from the scans so you can ask the drs about them.
Avatar f tn Hi, tissue plasminogen activator (TPA), needs to be given within 4.5 hours after stroke symptoms, this restores the blood supply to the affected part, as this had been initiated early its more likely that he may recover most of his functions. As a major area has been affected, it could cause edema and consequent effects. As the swelling and inflammation subsides and the blood supply is restored well, he should improve, until then he needs to be monitored.
1821865 tn?1317522031 My mother had a stroke back on 11/15/2012 at work. She had suffered a schemic stroke on her right side which paralyze her left side completely. She was given tpa a week later she had a cranial bleed. They removed her right skull a few days later she had a second stroke where she lost her ability of speaking. Since she has not said a word. Now she is at a nursing home rehab where she makes 5 steps behind then forward now the place told us they are going to drop her because she is not improving.
Avatar f tn My friend had a stroke and recovered well. 9 months later she had a seizure like episode. The doctor said that it could NOT have been a seizure because she remembered everything as it was happening. 4 months later the at same hospital she was taken in for exact same thing. A different neurologist diagnosed it as seizure from damage from the stroke in less than five minute. She received a cat scan upon arrival. Further scans confirmed his diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Tissue plasminogen activator (TPA), needs to be given within 4.5 hours after stroke symptoms, this restores the blood supply to the affected part. After suffering a stroke, many people experience post-stroke spasticity, muscle tightness that impairs mobility. Botox injections can help with this tightness. Also, Intrathecal baclofen therapy is known to help with the tightness. It involves the surgical implantation of a pump.
Avatar f tn ve been researching tPA and was wondering if this might be something he could try.....but it sounds like it needs to be administered immediately upon the clot happening? Is there anything for clots that are still just hanging in the lungs? I have his blood type....and if I have the enzyme to dissolve blood clots could I transfuse blood with him? Sorry for so many questions....I am searching.
Avatar f tn I have had a dissection, multiple neurological events that I thought were TIAs, and a month ago I went to the ED with stroke symptoms, was treated with tPa, and now my Primary Care told my husband and me, that I did not have a stroke, when I saw him last week. All the CT scans and MRIs come back normal. I don't know what to believe right now. I had been trying to put off seeing a doctor because it causes such anxiety, I get upset just thinking about going.
Avatar m tn My 35 year old daughter had a stroke on August 26, 2008. I have also been looking for a message board or a group for support for her. Everything I am finding is for older people and I must say, young people's issues are so different. If any of you find something please come back and post it. I would be curious to know why you each had your stroke at a young age? My daughter's was from birth control pills and I think this is more common that most people realize.
Avatar f tn I was fortunate that I caught my stroke early enough that I was able to get tPA and have the MERCI procedure. Within a week of coming home from the hospital, my hair started falling out in clumps. About 1/4 of my head is completely bald and it's located in the back on the right side - same side as the clot. While in the hospital, I have had CTA's and MRI/MRA's. My neuro says it's from the stress of what happened.
2019247 tn?1329275801 The symptoms you describe as similar to what my mother suffered. We were fortunate that TPA treatment worked (works for less than 20% of those treated) but don't give up. Hospitals want to move patients out once medical care has been stabilized; they are likely to suggest your mother go to a nursing home or rehab facility.
Avatar f tn 1 week ago my 41 year old brother suffered a massive Ischemic Stroke in the right side of his brain stem. He has a blood clod that starts at the bottom of his right brain stem and travels about 6 inches up the right side of his brain and the clot is about 3 mm round. He also has pnemonia, AIDS, High cholesterol, alot of stress, and is a heavy smoker.
Avatar m tn Those are some very good questions. If she was having a stroke they could have given her Tpa or whatever the medication is, which can greatly reverse the bad effects from the stroke. And it would seem like a big stroke should have been detected. I would definately investigate it further. And you may need an attorney to give you the true answer as doctors tend to protect each other. Also the lack of the blood thinners is also a good question.
Avatar n tn sir/madam, this is regarding my uncle who recently had a brain-stem stroke. nearly after he became unconscious at home he was taken to a nearby clinic, whose doctors couldn't diagnose it and instructed for a CT scan. this was nearly 4 hrs after he became unconscious. though the report was normal and had no reference to any complication the patient remained unconscious.
Avatar m tn any positive stroke recovrry stories out there?
Avatar f tn My mom, 66 years old, suffered a big ischemic stroke on the left side of her brain 2 weeks ago on January 30th, 2013. We were lucky that my brother was home when it happened and called 911. She was in the ER within 35 minutes of the time it happened. Three hours passed before we were told that yes, she was indeed a candidate to receive TPA in order to help dissolve the clot. The stroke left her right side paralyzed and she also has difficulty with her speech and swallowing.
Avatar f tn My father who is 53, had a stroke on December 23, 2016. They said it was in his left carotid artery. They gave us absolutely no hope and said that the whole left side of his brain was dead and that there wasn't much hope for improvement. The last any one spoke to him was 6:30 pm and then he was found at 12:00 am on the ground. He had periods of consciousness but mostly just slept.
Avatar f tn My 84 year old grandmother had a stroke last Tuesday morning on 1/31/17. My grandfather discovered her in the morning lying unresponsive in bed and called my mother who immediately rushed over. My mom tried to wake her up and my grandmother did respond but with slurred speech and she was unable to move her right side. My mother recognized that this was symptoms of a stroke and immediately called 911.
2004043 tn?1334324019 Ok this stated in May of 2011 maybe before then after finding a article that said vertigo is a system of TIA anyway... I was at work in May wen I had what appeared to be a stroke I lost all use of my left side and the ability to speak...went to the ER where all the stroke protocol was followed blood work, CT TPA... Doctors said it was a TIA then said it was not...they mentioned the ACM as a after thought and begin to ask about the "stress" in my life UGH!
Avatar f tn I have been feeling hyper for some time and all blood work was always normal because my doc never tested the tpa. I have had a lot of neurological issues going on which I have been seeing a neuro., mainly sensory issues, muscle twitches, tingling and extreme muscle weekness is my legs, trigiminal neuralgia, frequent urination, neuropathy. My neuro is thinking probable MS. I have no plaques in the mri scans of brain, s,t spine. What could be going on with me?
Avatar m tn Hello Dear Respectful Doctors my Father ( 59 year old Orthodontist whom is not diabetic nor hypertensive but has general neuro weakness all over his body developing since the last 2years) was admitted into the emergency department one week ago after he developed what the Doctors first diagnosed as Stroke then Transient Ischemic Attack and then unknown due to the CT Scan and MRI showing nothing according to the neurologist present, he was sitting on the couch normally speaking when suddenly he fe
Avatar n tn Rapid assessment of acute ischemia is critical for the management of acute stroke patiens who may benefit from thrombolytics or neuroprotective therapeutics. Differentiation of acute from chronic stroke, which may all appear hyperintense on T2- Weighted Imaging(T2WI ), is essential in determining the management of patiens.
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