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Avatar n tn I can only speak for myself, I am 62, had a stroke last July, 04, when I woke up 7 weeks later in the hospital, my wife had orders to find a nursing home. I was as weak as a kitten, prior to going in I was very strong but the stroke and subsequent hospital stay took it away as well as much of my body weight. Today I am almost back to normal, still a bit weak but with a good exercise program I am getting back to complete normal.
Avatar n tn I had a stroke last July and after 7 weeks of showing no improvement my wife was told to find a nursing home. One day while still in the hospital I woke up and I too had no long term memory problems but did have short term memory difficulties. It just keeps getting better and better, we could see improvement by the week, I was told that the brain after a stroke as part of the healing process goes through a stage of rewiring itself.
Avatar f tn What has been your experience on going about picking the next facility for stroke survivors? My father-in-law had a stroke on January 31 and will be moved from a long-term acute center to a post-acute facility (since he is having his trach removed today - yay!). But I wanted to know of anyone's experience with research, visiting, choosing, and maybe having to adjust your plan once you got to the facility? I would love the good and bad that you have to offer.
Avatar n tn Doctors are ignoring stroke symptoms, suggesting skilled nursing facility. He has been 1 week in medical ICU, 1 week in Surgery ICU, 1 week in step down ICU How can we lobby to keep him in the hospital longer and get him into acute inpatient rehab? We feel that the nursing home will not aid his recovery with his multiple issues and he will not get regualr therapy.
Avatar m tn 10% of stroke patients require care in a nursing home or other long-term facility. For skilled nursing facility, stroke survivors require daily skilled nursing or rehabilitation services that can be provided only on an inpatient basis. So, he may have been shifted. Regards.
Avatar n tn Just continue to fight and never give up. My dad was 80 at the time of his stroke, so I think they just wanted us to put him in a nursing home and give up on him ever getting better. My dad never acted 80 though, he was still painting and wallpapering up until his stroke. He is now at home with my mom and a few aids taking care of him. He still cannot walk, but can stand and transfer to the bathroom, bed, etc. We still are fighting form more in home therapy... Good luck...
Avatar n tn Your Mom has youth, awareness of the left side and family support on her side. I am a speech-language pathologist working in both the acute- rehab and acute settings. A good place to aim for is an acute-rehab facility. If your mom isn't too high level or low level (can't walk on her own, but can handle 3 hours of therapy a day) she may qualify for acute-rehab.
Avatar n tn We tried to get dad into an acute care facility but were told he did not meet minimum requirements. Acute care for rehab centers normally require a minimum of three hours rehab 5-6 days a week. When my dad was tested, he did not consistently respond to commands. I am positive that he could hear, and he responded some days much better than other days. Keep telling your father that you are working on getting him to a higher level of care.
Avatar n tn They put in a mini trach, and he is now home with me as bed ridden and with home health care and my care. I refused nursing home. He was doing somewhat better in acute rehab, but on the retun for the pneumonia, one of the transport people who took him for xray, brought him back and put the oxygen on wrong, where he got too much co2, The resperatory therapist caught it but he has not rebounded well yet from it. Any one know what that can do and if so how to treat it?
Avatar f tn She also suffered a heart attack as a result of the stroke. The stroke was in her left brain and there was some bleeding. She has lost most of the control on her right side and has no speech. The PCP at the hospital recommended an acute care facility vs. nursing home, but she remains very tired and cannot complete the 3 hours of therapy required a day. May mom is struggling with whether she should take a leave of absence now vs.
Avatar f tn My Dad suffered a massive hemorraghic stroke on 12/29/07. He is paralyzed on the left side, has vision and swallowing problems, but can speak/communicate well and his mind is very sharp. He was sent to an acute care rehab hospital on 1/5/08. They said that their goal is to offer high intensity therapy and get patients off to a good start. Today. less than two weeks later, I was told that they plan to discharge him on 1/31/08 and that he will need to go to a skilled nursing facility.
Avatar n tn In nursing home grandma is not doing very well.
Avatar n tn Wife. 79yr old hospitalized with Ecoli-Urinary Infection..ICU for three weeks. copious antibiotics, Kidneys almost failed, had pneumonia in one lobe. Now in rehab nursing home.Dysphagia(.Peg fed.).developed thrush...excessive mucus gagging her and no improvement for over past month. She is also diabetic..Blood sugars remain high...No one seems to be addressing this mucus problem..Desperate for any advice or help...
Avatar f tn If there was evidence of an acute stroke on the MRI, investigation for causes of stroke in a young person (of which there are many many causes including blood clots from various areas of the body including heart and legs, various clotting tendencies including the clotting tendency that occurs in all women around pregnancy but also other hereditary or non-hereditary clotting disorders, and some genetic disorders such as CADASIL and mitochondrial disorders).
Avatar n tn s hard to not be disappointed each day. Is your mom in a nursing home that treats stroke patients? How long did she stay in the hospital?
Avatar n tn And, if you have insurance or can find a way to afford it, get your husband out of a skilled nursing facility and into an acute or post-acute care rehab facility, preferably one that specializes in brain injuries. My husband had a severe stroke in August and is currently in a neurorehab. He was paralyzed on the right side, lost his ability to speak intelligbly, had no sense of balance, couldn't swallow, short-term memory loss, and had many cognitive issues.
2055880 tn?1330534668 We were told he needed more rehab that we needed to admit him to a nursing home facility with sub-acute care. He is now in there (very short staffed). He is able to talk but has no short term memory. He is also a fall risk so his bed has to go out into the hall every night for him to sleep. His living will states DNR, DNI and no feeding tube. However, we are told because he can talk we are not allowed to make any choices on his feeding tube being removed (if we ever decided to do so).
Avatar n tn This may help you, it is a link to a web page that will tell you about pills, their uses and side effects, there is a lot of good information. When you get there, type in the name of the pill that you wish to investigate in the box provided and hit return.
Avatar n tn As for placement issues, we have case managers who help family members with making sure a patient goes to the right place such as acute rehab, subacute rehab, home with physical/speech therapy or a nursing home. If your hospital does not have this, perhaps a social worker can help you. There has to be someone at the hospital who can help you, some patient-hospital liaison, because even if they say it's your responsibility they should give you some guidance.
Avatar n tn My 75 year-old mother had an acute ischemic stroke a week ago today. She had a frontal parietal infarct that damaged a third of her left hemisphere. She hasn't really regained any level of alertness, though has shown marked improvement every day. Yesterday was the first time she was able to really open her eyes and look at things, though she closes them again after a few seconds. She can hear and move all her extremeties, though the movement is much more limited on her right side.
Avatar f tn After suffering a hemorrhagic stroke, at the age of 48, undergoing 2 brain surgeries to repair a 40 cm aneurysm, located on the right side of his brain, spending 3 weeks in ICU we are now undergoing the task of finding acute care for our loved one. He is has gone from Critical to stable is unresponsive, breathing on his own, feeding tube, 1 bought with pneumonia, but just wont wake up. If anyone has experienced this and would like to respond, we are just looking for some direction.
Avatar m tn My dad had a massive strike about 3 weeks ago, he still in a coma, but the hospital thinking about moving him from the hospital into a nursing home, is that what should come next. Is it normal for them to discharge him being he still in a coma. He is also on a ventilator and have tubes for feeding.
Avatar n tn A calcified concretion in the appendix visible on an abdominal radiograph; considered diagnostic of appendicitis in the acute abdomen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stedman's Medical Dictionary. Copyright © 2006 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. All rights reserved.
Avatar n tn Approximately 2 months from graduating nursing school, I started having, what my neurologist called, stress induced complex partial seizures. He immediately put me on an anticonvulsant, but my question is: If stress caused these seizures, why didn't he also put me on any anti-anxiety meds as well? To me, that would make more sense than just the anticonvulsants alone.
Avatar n tn My husband had a stroke on this Fathers Day---he is totally paralysed on the left side has swallowing problems has no voluntarily bodily functions. We have been told that the best we can expect is to have him a chair he is not acandidate for rehabilitation and that I could never manage him at home.
Avatar f tn Hi, my dad had a massive brainstem stroke 3 months ago. He has had many complications and is currently in a subacute facility for getting stronger before he can reenter the acute rehab hospital. He suffers from anxiety and agitation some nights. The last two nights the facility gave him a small dose of xanax to help him sleep. However, these sedatives seem to have a reverse affect on him and this morning he pulled out his trach completely.
Avatar n tn My 61 year old father had a stroke 1 month ago. He is still in the hospital awaiting approval of medicaid to cover his costs for intensive rehab at a local facility. Today the social worker indicated that she felt his medicaid was going to be rejected. My father can not use his left side, can not sit up and can not walk. He lives alone. What are his options? He certainly can not be released to live on his own. Even if he came to live with my brother or myself, we can not lift him.