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489891 tn?1209058786 My question is y are you taking byetta and actos+met... and I'm on topamx, but for seizures... I'm also on actos plusmet 15/500 just once a day, with a insulin pump ( i take apidra in my pump)... byetta and actos plus met are very similar drugs doing the same thing.. the actos+met will make you gain weight very quickly. How many shots of byetta are you taking a day a long with the actos plus met? and what dose of actos are you taking and why...
1236243 tn?1277680851 See this link for FDA issued warnings on Actos and Avandia Kinda makes you wonder if it's time to leave the sinking ship.
Avatar m tn m active during the day and have little activity after dinner and while sleeping, is it possible that taking the Actos and 4mg Glimepride BEFORE dinner and the 2mg Glimepride in the morning could lower the morning readings?
Avatar n tn So your taking insulin (Knowing what kind of insulin is just as important as knowing a how much) AND Actos? Usually when a person goes on Insulin they drop the actos.
2053416 tn?1330411192 Due to a lot of weight gain. My doctor took me off actos and put me on glumetza. I also take glipizide. The gulmetza does not seem to be working for me. My sugars are in the 200 + - range. Is there another generation 1 or 2 diabetes medicine that I can take with the glipizide that will work as good as the actos did and not cost so much? I would like to get off the glumetza. I am really thinking about asking the doctor to put me back on insulin (novolin R). Thank you for your input.
Avatar n tn Is it best to take actos in the morning or evening? I am on metformin and glipized, as well. Is it best to take actos along with these medications to be more effective? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/712307'>Best time to take meds</a>.
Avatar f tn Hi all, My hubby was dx'ed 2 weeks ago w/ diabetes II. His regular doc put him on 30 mg Actos daily. At 1st hubby's blood sugar was a whopping 390- now it's down to 76-90 in the am and no more than 180 even after lots of sugary food. Obviously the blood sugar is well under control now. The problem is, my husband's vision is going crazy! I know that diabetes can cause vision problems when blood sugar is high, but the way it's happening doesn't make sense.
178107 tn?1315947630 I know recent warnings on pancreatitus, but this may be something they should try with me. I cannot take metformin. Actos made my appetite surge and I gained 20 lbs with combo Actos/Lantus. I went off Actos but still inject 20 units in evening. BS fast is 215. I do not EAT wrong.
1523195 tn?1291322372 I have recently noticed that I have diabetes , I'm 40+ years old , I measured my sugar level at home and it ranges from 270 -370 when I'm fast ( 8-12 hours without eating and drinking) and when I after eating it also ranges from 250-270 . I went to the doctor to make full body analysis for diabetes and the blood sugar level was 290 , he prescribed me two tablets / day of Glucophage 1000mg and one tablet / day of ACTOS 30mg.
Avatar f tn I took Actos and within a week started having stomach and left side pains. I stopped actos and 75% of the symptoms are gone but I did see my doctor who ordered a CT scan which was normal. My labs have all been normal except I did show 21% atypical lymphs. Mono test was negative and so was H pylori blood test. I suspect the Actos started my problems. I felt bloated and full, pain in one specific area on left side, stomach stopped growling, etc.
Avatar m tn This year my triglycerides were at 535, I stopped taking a med and they went down to 212 over 3 last 3 months. My last lipid panel showed triglycerides 212, Cholesterol 191, LDL 122 and HDL 26. Results in 2020 were roughly the same numbers. I don’t really go to a General Practitioner unless it’s an emergency, do I need to see one regarding the slightly elevated triglycerides and the really low HDL? Would rather not go if not necessary. These numbers were fasting from Midnight on.
Avatar f tn monday, (i am a diabetic, took sugar test said it was 203, for me that is high, current meds are actos, potassium pill, and bp pill) at work, i felt dizzy and nearly passed out, sat down, looking at my manager i started seeing a black cloud over my eyes, didnt completely black out.
Avatar m tn Active during the day but little activity during the evening and night. Anyone have information about switching the 30mg Actos + 4mg Glimepride to before dinner and the 2mg Glimepride at wake up in hopes of lowering the morning readings? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I currently take glimepiride 4mg twice daily and actos 15mg once daily. What is the sucess of these two meds. I continue to have high blood sugar levels.
Avatar m tn I know there is a connection with HIV and high Triglycerides and such but I am unsure of if it would be the ART or the virus itself that can cause it? Reason I ask is I have had a couple of tests, but made a couple of mistakes since lipid profile showed massive elevations in triglycerides (almost 1000) I drank a lot of soda and smoked so i know those had something to do with it.
212161 tn?1599427282 hi my question is i had my blood work done my triglycerides were 480, i have been taking caltrate for bone loss i have took from 1200-1800 a day , when i take it right, it says it has medium-chain triglycerides in it , can this be causing mine to be so high and how dangerous is it to keep taking the caltrate.
Avatar m tn First time I have done a test and found that my triglycerides(Method-Enzymatic cholesterol esterase peroxide and found that the result is 527. How to reduce the same quickly.
Avatar m tn hi, tr not stress yourself over thoses nmbers . yes it should be lower, they like them to be 150 and under, . he needs to execrise everyday and to eat less sugar . my tris were over 600 two years ago , they ae now 148 which needs to be lower to. but i stoped walking and eating right. so yes its a concern but he can lower them.
Avatar n tn I've got good LDL's and HDL's but my Try's have suddenly gone way up and NOW I know why! Thank you!
212161 tn?1599427282 hi just got my blood work back my triglycerides are 480 my cardio dr wanted me to go on niaspan but it causes me to faint . does anyone know how to get them down. without meds i take liptor now but not helping and is 480 really bad .
Avatar f tn My Triglycerides are high its like 268 I now been exercising doing cardio no fried foods I also been counting carbs im 30yrs old my overall cholesterol is 161 I did weight 215 two weeks ago I now weight 206 I ate a burger before I got blood work done do you think that could have made the triglycerides high.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a year prior to HCV. I've used metformin, glipizide and actos (pioglitizone) for eight years now for DM2 management; including during both HCV treatments. I was eventually successful with interferon therapy, for what it's worth. I can't comment on the victoza; I have no personal experience with it. Reducing insulin resistance might be critical to succesful inteferon-based therapy as well.
Avatar m tn Total cholesterol is made up of HDL and LDL cholesterol but also factors in VLDL and triglycerides. You can not get your total cholesterol number without all of this factored in. Perhaps your VLDL (very low density lipids) or triglycerides are out of whack and higher than they should be. Do you know what these numbers are as well on your report? This article is excellent at explaining it all. https://my.clevelandclinic.
Avatar n tn Hello~ 33 yr old female w/ PCOS & was diagnosed w/type 2 6 yrs ago. I was not happy & revised my eating habits along w/ taking 500 mg of glucophage 2x daily. It took @ 1 1/2 yr, but I lost 50lbs & my b/s levels dropped to where my dr was took me off glucophage. I did fine & was off glucophage for @ 2 years. I started reverting back to my old eating habits(did manage to stay away from any sugar, my problem was carbs & fast food).