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655467 tn?1304959950 Actiq is a fentanyl lollipop. It's the same medicine that is in the patch and is no better or worse than any other opiate. It's in lollipop form so it can dispense faster for breakthrough pain and is absorbed through the lining of the mouth. Because of the instant release, it's more attractive to abusers than the patch, which is one reason it's so tightly regulated. There's a place for Actiq in pain management just like any other medication.
Avatar f tn Hi I am really sorry for your sisters pain. Yes, the doctor is correct. Many many doctors prescribed actiq when they knew it was only meant for cancer patients. When it first came out Medicare paid for it, then around 2007 Medicare decided it would no longer pay unless the person had cancer, many insurance companies followed suit Now unless the doctor is a pain doctor they are not allowed to prescribe such high dose pain meds Can your sister ask for a fentanyl patch?
19164880 tn?1473283520 See your Pain Dr for alternatives that may work as you will have on going pain. I have just come of Actiq and Fentanyl patch and understand your situation. I have decided not to opt for opiates except iv morphine if required for severe pain in hospital only for life threatening situation e.g. complete obstruction of the bowel. I have looked to alternative ways of pain management. It will not take the pain away only manage it.
Avatar m tn I was put on fentanyl patches round the clock and Actiq for breakthrough pain. At the time my insurance company covered it. Shortly before an unrelated insurance company change I received notification that the medication would not be covered anymore. We changed companies and the new company did not cover it either. I am in the appeal process at this time. I just received a denial for the first appeal.
Avatar f tn I do work full time. Am not addicted to these, just want to live without pain meds. Is the pain still there, absolutey. What will I do, haven't gotten there yet. Just know, this is not the life I want any longer. Note: Actiq and I have only known each other less than 2 years. I don't want to know it come Jan. 2011, which will be 2 years. Pls. help. Note. my pain doc. just moved to another state, although has recommended someone else ..
Avatar f tn I was a nurse for years. I have been on opana and actiq for a few years now. I have passed every test for 3 years on my bi-monthly urine screen. All of a sudden I am showing positive for oxycontin and I have NEVER taken this med. Now I know that actiq,opana,stadol,and oxycontin are synthentic oipioids. Now I have taken a blood test for oxycontin only to make sure this is negative and a true false positive because I do not take this pain med.
Avatar n tn However, there are a few patients with chronic non-cancer pain that have been prescribed Actiq (the fentanyl lolipops) or Fentora if and only if all other treatments failed and they are experiencing intractable pain, also known as suicide pain.
Avatar f tn I see my Pain Management doctor tomorrow. After taking Actiq for management of bi-weekly migraines and daily headaches for SIX YEARS, my insurance will no longer cover it. It would cost me $2400 per month which is insane and I cannot afford. What can I talk w/ my doctor about as an alternative to the Actiq to help me tolerate the headaches that I have had for almost 25 years. I am scared to death and very depressed with this pain. It almost makes life not worth living.
Avatar f tn Hi I've run out of my Abstral completely yesterday and do not get a new script for 2 days. I'm getting sweats already, I usually take 400micg every 4 hours. Am I just as well to cold turkey it rather than start taking them again in 2 days time ? Any help wanted as I've no one to talk to about this. I'm supposed to be tapering down (but ran out early.)to avoid symptoms.
Avatar f tn i weened myself off oxycontin in 03 without much withdrawl, but my dr. then placed me on 400 mcg actiq 5 times a day and 30 mg kadian once daily. the kadian never seemed like the problem, i could take it or not, but i could not go without the actiq.i always ran out b4 appt time and so forth. i realized i had a problem so i began to detox myself, and my dental bills were racking up from sucking lolipops all day. my dr. @ my clinic was and is a wonderful dr.
Avatar m tn A non-medication option for the pain aspect of RSD is a SCS implant. It masks pain signals on the way to your brain. It doesn't get rid of pain but replaces it with bubbly or tingly feelings. It also does not get rid of the other symptoms associated with RSD like swelling. However, if your interested you can read more about SCS implants at
Avatar f tn Hi there, My doctor of 10 years recently closed his practice and referred me to see a new pain specialist. However, the new doctor is not registered with TIRF REMS to be able to prescribe Actiq that I have been taking for 9 years. I am post stage 3 breast cancer, double mastectomy, peripheral neuropathy and lymphedema to name a few of my issues not to mention I have tried every opiod on the market and I'm also opiod tolerant.
Avatar f tn I ended up getting off the patch and switching to actiq, the oral suckers. They helped much better with my abdominal pain, but just to worn you, it's not fun getting off fetanyl if you ever cross that bridge. I'd switch to something else. I just wasn't thrilled with the patches. Good luck.
725248 tn?1316162245 I have a question about other pain meds. My pain doctor has me on 20mg oxycodone twice a day and up to 6-10/325 norco a day, prior to the oxycodone he had me on 15mg oxycontin twice a day. I am not getting any pain relief from the oxycontin or oxycodone, the norco does give me some pain relief, but am limited to 6 a day as to not damage my liver. What other long acting pain meds are out there???
Avatar f tn I was on actiq 800mcg twice a day plus I could use fentora 200mcg, percoset, vicodin and tramadol because of my cancer pain for the last two years.Now I'm 7 days off actiq, 3 days off fentora, but still getting tramadol. WD is horrible.I cannot move walk and sleep?Does it end? Did I put myself in a right plan? What should I do?
477912 tn?1207974440 no other ideas?
Avatar m tn Hi. Sorry your in pain. I too suffer from chronic pain (End Stage Liver Disease). Personally, I stopped all the Narcotics they were giving me. I would think a good Pharmacy or a Pain Clinic would order them for you. The generic is Oral Transmucosal Fentanyl Citrate (OTFC) and the trademark name is Actiq®, manufactured by Cephalon. I would also check to see if your insurance covers them. I wish you the best...
Avatar m tn although had cluster headaches long before these fits. Today that happened again and headache was a 12 on the pain scale of 10. Diagnosed bipolar although not 100% sure about that. Docs had me on a laundry list of meds including Actiq which I tried to quit cold turkey which earned me my diagnosis. I take 150mg Lyrica daily and 50mg Seroquel. No other meds or OTCs except Excedrin and oxygen for headaches.
Avatar m tn Sorry for the double postt. Not sure how that happened. RunningMom, you are very fortunate the Fentanyl withdrawals were over in two weeks. I had a tough time with it. Fentanyl didn't agree with me when I was on it, but my doctor at the time encouraged me to stay on it. It never really worked well.for most of my pain and I had a lot of bad side effects. coming off my magnesium and potassium levels were dangerously low and I was hospitalized twice.
Avatar f tn Hi have done a taper programme for Actiq now down to 4 a day but bad cravings and withdrawal daily so I am going to stop them now. Has anyone been through this already and got any ideas for me to follow to make it easier. Its the craving that are the worst. Once I've done this the patch is next any ideas there too please?
Avatar m tn You have to just spread out the time in between that you take them. I was also on the Fentanyl patch and was using the Actiq for breakthru pain. Is the Actiq the only thing you are taking? If it is you can ask your doc to switch you to the patch. Then they can go down on the MCG. (amount) on the patch to wean down. The doc cannot make you stay on your meds. That is ludicrous. I do understand them saying you still need the meds right now since you are still having surgeries.
Avatar f tn Hi I have stopped actiq/abstral now day 17 and tapered a 50 patch down to 12mcg/hr and will not replace patch after 3 days. Any suggestions on how to cope. Withdrawals not too bad so far but still have cravings.
Avatar n tn I have been on every kind of pain pill, patch, Actiq suckers, etc. Most recently on the 2 mg/sublingual Buprenorphine (w/o narcan) and also the 20mcg patch. Been on this for 4-5 yrs now. Started my taper off these two back last July and am still suffering so much. I cut pain patch in 4 pieces and put on the 1/4 patch piece every 7-10 days. Patch works longer than 7, days just so you know. Docs say change every 7 days but keep it on longer. Maybe 10 days plus.