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Avatar n tn It is being prescribed off label as Actiq was initially developed for cancer pain but there are so many other meds out there that are used off label. For example, neurontin is an anti-convulsant but it is more often prescribed for nerve pain. Prescribing actiq must be out of your doctors comfort zone. I would definitely discuss the immediate release form of Opana with your doctor.
Avatar n tn Did your doctor prescribe it to you for this? If not, STOP right now...'experimenting' with prescription medications, which are extremely addictive can NEVER have good outcomes.
19164880 tn?1473283520 From what I have read, and I am not a Dr, you will become addicted to suboxone after 10 days. It is possible to use suboxone to get folk off other drugs doing a very quick 10 day taper with it under medical supervision. Any longer means longer term use of Suboxone and all the problems associated with long term use. Tramadol causes addiction /dependency and its withdrawal is longer than other codeine based synthetics usually 7 days rather than 3-4 (look at Wikipedia for data) Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn It is perfectly legal for a physician, once a med has been approved by the FDA, to use it for off-label purposes. What isn't legal is for the manufacturer to talk the physician into using it for off-label purposes. So this med might be the best thing for you, and it might be completely inappropriate depending on where the professional got the info from. So you're right to question things, but as I said, that doesn't mean this isn't a good med for you.
Avatar m tn I am hoping that identifying medications typically covered for off-label use might help. So I am looking for assistance with that...and just in general.
Avatar f tn Have been on pain meds for 7 years. Have weaned off all my meds. by myself, this year, excluding Actiq 400. Can I go cold turkey? What is the best way to do this? If I go cold turkey, what kind of side effects can I expect? I do work full time. Am not addicted to these, just want to live without pain meds. Is the pain still there, absolutey. What will I do, haven't gotten there yet. Just know, this is not the life I want any longer.
Avatar f tn I have been seeing a pain Dr who says I need to reduce abstral use or increase fentanyl patch which I do not want to do. This drug is highly addictive and I want a life without opiates.
Avatar f tn i weened myself off oxycontin in 03 without much withdrawl, but my dr. then placed me on 400 mcg actiq 5 times a day and 30 mg kadian once daily. the kadian never seemed like the problem, i could take it or not, but i could not go without the actiq.i always ran out b4 appt time and so forth. i realized i had a problem so i began to detox myself, and my dental bills were racking up from sucking lolipops all day. my dr. @ my clinic was and is a wonderful dr.
655467 tn?1304959950 I do not care how much or what opiates one has to take,but Actiq is something that should have NEVER been approved by the FDA. You want to wind up like meth addict? Please Never touch that drug!!! Storm This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1017971'>fentanyln patch</a>.
Avatar f tn if I go slower will there be less side effects or will I get the withdrawal symptoms any way? Once I get off the sub lingual (Actiq) How do you recommend I taper the patch? Any help or advice from experience most welcome. Its been great reading all your success.
Avatar f tn I was on actiq 800mcg twice a day plus I could use fentora 200mcg, percoset, vicodin and tramadol because of my cancer pain for the last two years.Now I'm 7 days off actiq, 3 days off fentora, but still getting tramadol. WD is horrible.I cannot move walk and sleep?Does it end? Did I put myself in a right plan? What should I do?
100019 tn?1335919717 For genotype 1 patients who cannot take interferon, the panel recommends sofosbuvir plus the HCV protease inhibitor simeprevir (Olysio), with or without ribavirin, again for 12 weeks. This off-label regimen has not been through full Phase 3 testing, but performed very well in the Phase 2 COSMOS trial.
Avatar f tn They all have reported feeling better daily - this off label approach is a God Send! Now I will finish out the 12 weeks - they will do the viral load test again at that time and then 12 weeks post treatment test again to declare me officially SVR!!! NO HORRIBLE INTERFERON OR RIBAVARIN THIS TIME FOR ME!!
1635208 tn?1300807160 Hi welcome to the Hepatitis C community Olysio per the prescribing information sheet is intended to be used with interferon and Ribavirin. The same applies to Sovaldi. Per prescription they are not used together. However there have been clinical trials using them together "off label" and they have been shown to be highly effective when used together. You can web search for Cosmos clinical trial cohort 1 and cohort 2 to see study results.
Avatar f tn I was a nurse for years. I have been on opana and actiq for a few years now. I have passed every test for 3 years on my bi-monthly urine screen. All of a sudden I am showing positive for oxycontin and I have NEVER taken this med. Now I know that actiq,opana,stadol,and oxycontin are synthentic oipioids. Now I have taken a blood test for oxycontin only to make sure this is negative and a true false positive because I do not take this pain med.
Avatar f tn My sister's doctor says he can't perscribe Actiq for her any longer because she doesn't have "active" cancer. She gets severe attackes in her throat (especially when she tries to eat) because of radiation treatment. Is there any truth to what her doctor says?
180992 tn?1383374057 Contrary to popular notion, it is legal in the United States and in many other countries to use drugs off-label, including controlled substances such as opiates. Actiq, for example, is commonly prescribed off-label even though it is a Schedule II controlled substance. While it would be legal for a physician to independently decide to prescribe a drug such as Actiq off-label, it is illegal for the company to promote off-label uses to prescribers.
Avatar m tn I am using Pegasys 180mug q/wk as an off label use to treat Polycythemia Vera and it works well.I will have to take this med the rest of my life. I am aware of the short term side effects, but what about long term side effects? What can I expect years from now?
1113735 tn?1273174430 I believe the trials in the US involve mostly G1. Members of this form have experimented with it off-label (not for the prescribed purposes) with mixed results. It may improve the efficacy of interferon. don't know about liver stages or alt, ast. personally if i were to start treatment tomorrow i would add it.
Avatar f tn However, the new doctor is not registered with TIRF REMS to be able to prescribe Actiq that I have been taking for 9 years. I am post stage 3 breast cancer, double mastectomy, peripheral neuropathy and lymphedema to name a few of my issues not to mention I have tried every opiod on the market and I'm also opiod tolerant. He stated that he is not willing to register and that I need to find a new Doctor who is.
996769 tn?1249681013 here's an example of a label that says do not use if you have --- thyroid disease Caution: Do not use BreastSuccess if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any of the following conditions: high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid disease, glaucoma, diabetes, difficulty urinating due to prostate enlargement, or if you are now taking a prescription monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) (certain drugs for depression, psychiatric or emotional conditions, or Parkinson's disease), or for two (2
Avatar f tn Hi I have stopped actiq/abstral now day 17 and tapered a 50 patch down to 12mcg/hr and will not replace patch after 3 days. Any suggestions on how to cope. Withdrawals not too bad so far but still have cravings.
1148241 tn?1294052796 t as hard on the liver as tylenol (acetomenaphen or paracetamol), but still be careful to take no more than what the label says, and tell your doctor you're taking it. If it works, your doctor may direct you to take more than what's on the label, but again, follow instructions, dosage and timing carefully. Stay away from the "extra strength" formulas.