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Avatar f tn My sister's doctor says he can't perscribe Actiq for her any longer because she doesn't have "active" cancer. She gets severe attackes in her throat (especially when she tries to eat) because of radiation treatment. Is there any truth to what her doctor says?
19164880 tn?1473283520 I was never completely pain free except with iv morphine and then only needed 7mg. The high dose of Actiq was introduced when I had problems with major surgery for a second time I am still currently in withdrawals after a quick 2 month taper from Actiq and fentanyl patch but do not regret my decision. It has however given my Gp and Pain Dr Lots to think about. My drug councillor made me hand all my left over Actiq back to the pharmacy to stop temptation. She was 100% correct in that decision.
Avatar f tn At one point when I was having a lot of trouble keeping food down, they switched me to morphine. Problem is the morphine gives me headaches. Last time I was at the pain clinic I mentioned I'd like to switch to something else but she said just stick with this for now. Well, since I can't take ibuprofen any more because of my stomach, the headaches are really getting to me. They're not awful, like migraines, more of a deep, dull headache but I get it with every dose I take.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the help. The dose is down to 400micg each time. I have been for an assessment for addiction help, but I am still waiting for the help !!! so I may be tapering too quickly, as getting a lot of pain too, but that's bearable. It's the sweats that get me. It's like going through the menopause again, and the diarrhoea. I felt a bit dehydrated.
Avatar f tn Abstral is for breakthrough pain and is the sublingual form of fentanyl. I take this as I cannot absorb morphine or other pain medications due to surgery on my bowel as a result of cancer treatment. Has anyone been on this and successfully managed to get of it as I am finding it very difficult. I would rather suffer the pain than be on this long term. I wish I was never on it.
Avatar f tn i weened myself off oxycontin in 03 without much withdrawl, but my dr. then placed me on 400 mcg actiq 5 times a day and 30 mg kadian once daily. the kadian never seemed like the problem, i could take it or not, but i could not go without the actiq.i always ran out b4 appt time and so forth. i realized i had a problem so i began to detox myself, and my dental bills were racking up from sucking lolipops all day. my dr. @ my clinic was and is a wonderful dr.
688620 tn?1227378284 If the patch is not effective, you can also try the Fentanyl lollipops, generic name is Actiq. The medication is absorbed very quickly through your mucosal membranes in your mouth. It works great for breakthru pain. But it is VERY powerful and you have to give yourself time to get used to side effects. Also, this may seem like a no-brainer, but I keep mine locked up in a safe as it is would be very dangerous if a child, or anyone not used to opiates, were to get ahold of them.
Avatar f tn I was a nurse for years. I have been on opana and actiq for a few years now. I have passed every test for 3 years on my bi-monthly urine screen. All of a sudden I am showing positive for oxycontin and I have NEVER taken this med. Now I know that actiq,opana,stadol,and oxycontin are synthentic oipioids. Now I have taken a blood test for oxycontin only to make sure this is negative and a true false positive because I do not take this pain med.
Avatar f tn Hi have done a taper programme for Actiq now down to 4 a day but bad cravings and withdrawal daily so I am going to stop them now. Has anyone been through this already and got any ideas for me to follow to make it easier. Its the craving that are the worst. Once I've done this the patch is next any ideas there too please?
Avatar f tn Ok so I have seen a lot of women that swear by preggie pops. I was looking online as to where sells them. but upon looking at each stores site they all say not sold in stores and to order them online. Are there any stores that actually sell them in store??
Avatar f tn A co-worker told me she got these lollipops from babies r us that are supposed to help with morning sickness. Has anyone ever used them? & if so, do they work??
Avatar f tn re supposed to help settle your stomach. Keep some with u. You can try chewing gum or sucking mints also they sell these lollipops called preggie pops u can try. If it's not helping tho ur dr can prescribe you something thatll help. Remember stay very hydrated it's super easy to dehydrate during pregnancy and u can end up in the hospital needing ivs.
Avatar n tn However, there are a few patients with chronic non-cancer pain that have been prescribed Actiq (the fentanyl lolipops) or Fentora if and only if all other treatments failed and they are experiencing intractable pain, also known as suicide pain.
Avatar f tn However, the new doctor is not registered with TIRF REMS to be able to prescribe Actiq that I have been taking for 9 years. I am post stage 3 breast cancer, double mastectomy, peripheral neuropathy and lymphedema to name a few of my issues not to mention I have tried every opiod on the market and I'm also opiod tolerant. He stated that he is not willing to register and that I need to find a new Doctor who is.
Avatar m tn I am currently taking Morphine Sulfide 100MG X 4 daily and Morphine IR 15MG X 6 daily for severe abdominal pain. Unfortunately I am starting to experience a horrible side affect that causes my blood to feel like it is on fire, which causes me to sweat horribly and feel like I am running a fever. I have tried fentynol patches, but experienced severe mental side efffects and could not continue use.
Avatar f tn I was on actiq 800mcg twice a day plus I could use fentora 200mcg, percoset, vicodin and tramadol because of my cancer pain for the last two years.Now I'm 7 days off actiq, 3 days off fentora, but still getting tramadol. WD is horrible.I cannot move walk and sleep?Does it end? Did I put myself in a right plan? What should I do?
Avatar f tn Hi I have stopped actiq/abstral now day 17 and tapered a 50 patch down to 12mcg/hr and will not replace patch after 3 days. Any suggestions on how to cope. Withdrawals not too bad so far but still have cravings.
Avatar f tn Lemon drops.
Avatar f tn I was on Fentanyl (2 patches 150 total) and Actiq lollipops 4x p/day for break thru pain. I had no life. Anyway, when I got pregnant they immediately sent me to an addiction clinic to get me on Methadone. Methadone is considered safe for pregnancy. It took about two weeks to switch and I ended up miscarrying (probably for the best - I was not in the best of health). My point is Methadone gave me some life back. I was suddenly able to get out of bed and do some things with my family.
Avatar m tn Hi I hope before you started taking this it was explained this is 50 x stronger than morphine and is highly addictive and when people want to come off it they find it very difficult as they get little support from Doctors and suffer lots of withdrawal symptoms. Better to look at other ways to control pain . The patch is notorious for not lasting 3 days and people going into withdrawal on a regular basis. They feel good the day the new patch goes on and bad by the 3rd day.
Avatar f tn Cool off. Take your clothes off, eat ice or ice lollipops.
Avatar m tn The Fentanyl will make you is not like that of the Oxy or Morphine family. What the Fentanyl does do is take away the pain. The Fentanyl is 80x stronger than Morphine and the discomfort you felt was the side effects of the Fentanyl. I know because I have been there. The Fentanyl will over power the Morphine and you are not having the w/d you think you are having. Has your Doctor offered to increase the strengh of the patch?