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Avatar n tn There are also ultra short acting medicines that contain the pain medicine, Fentanyl. Actiq lollipops work very quickly and provide potent relief of BT pain. Not sure if you have tried Opana (oxymorphone) yet but based on pharmacology, it is a little stronger than Dilaudid (hydromorphone) mg to mg. I am on 30 mg of Opana ER twice a day. They do have Opana in immediate release form.
Avatar f tn At one point when I was having a lot of trouble keeping food down, they switched me to morphine. Problem is the morphine gives me headaches. Last time I was at the pain clinic I mentioned I'd like to switch to something else but she said just stick with this for now. Well, since I can't take ibuprofen any more because of my stomach, the headaches are really getting to me. They're not awful, like migraines, more of a deep, dull headache but I get it with every dose I take.
Avatar n tn before i was on 75MG of the duragesics (3 patches at a time, and then rotate) 6 (800Mcg) Actiq lollipops a day, and oxycontin, morphine sulfate for breakthrough pain. unfortuneately after five years of the duragesics and Actiqs, my body assimilated to them and they stop working - thus, going on the Methadone. since taking the Methadone i do have a life without as much pain, although i am not pain free.
688620 tn?1227381884 If the patch is not effective, you can also try the Fentanyl lollipops, generic name is Actiq. The medication is absorbed very quickly through your mucosal membranes in your mouth. It works great for breakthru pain. But it is VERY powerful and you have to give yourself time to get used to side effects. Also, this may seem like a no-brainer, but I keep mine locked up in a safe as it is would be very dangerous if a child, or anyone not used to opiates, were to get ahold of them.
Avatar f tn Just to let you know Fentanyl is 80 x stronger than morphine...... The Lollipops are really awesome my dad got them when he had cancer....... In fact he had teh Fentanyl patch plus the Dilaudid machine with the button and teh lollipops..... The lollipops you lightly sucked on against your cheak......that is where it was absorbed the slower you did the stronger it was.........I used to get plowed............
Avatar f tn There are several different meds that you might be switched to. DYou know that there is a Fentanyl Lollipop called Actiq. It is for BT pain but it might be a good BT for whatever med your Dr. switches you to. Especially since you like the Patch so much and the Fentanyl works well for you. I'm sorry , I'm ASSUMING that it worked as well for you as it did for me. Your Dr.
Avatar n tn I tapered from around 4800 mcgs' of Fentanyl taken orally via actiq. I have been on 25mcg patches for 8 days now. 1st 4-5 days really bad, but I'm getting better every day. How many months have u been on 12 's? Maybe I missed it, but why are you on them? Has whatever made u on them gotten better now? Ladysundown has some insights on tapering, as does manof faith, superglyde and bowhunter. Others here also have good ideas. Those listed above are the "patchers" I've met here.
Avatar n tn Actiq (fentanyl lollipops), Norco, and Kadian. I think it was the Actiq that sent me over the edge. It's like candy!! I was then given Ultram after detoxing. I won't see that Dr. again. I also take Neurontin, and Ambien. I quit taking klonopin and the Ultram last week. It's seems as if I keep going thru w/d. I have severe pain, that no-one seems to know what it is. Its in my side, personally I think I have another colon polyp but can't get dr's to listen. When I went to pain mngmt.