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Avatar f tn I wash my face morning and night with a gentle facial cleanser (Cetaphil daily facial cleanser; found at Walgreens and Walmart). I also use a clairisonic to was my face but your hands will do (although they are amazing! You should really think about investing in one, I've had mine for 3 years and it works and looks like it was just purchased).
Avatar n tn Think my brand is Stridex. I feel like a teenager all over again with mini-flare ups of acne. But at least this product works.
10366239 tn?1409620507 Clay mask and honey mask
Avatar n tn A couple of good places to get information on acne treatment - has a ton of information on treating acne and also provides an effective home care acne regimen (with the option of purchasing products). Many people have had good results from their regimen. There is also an acne clinic that works with clients locally and long distance (they are in the San Francisco bay area).
Avatar f tn When you get medical insurance a dermatologist would probably consider you as a candidate for oral isotretinoin (accutane) which is highly likely to result in long-term remission from your acne. I understand that is not realistic at the moment. Have you tried Cliniques antibacterial soap and Chest & Back spray? It sounds as if a large area of skin is involved making treatment with a gel not very economical, but a spray might be better?
Avatar n tn The treatment is over the counter, a lotion called AmLactin, about $17 at Walmart. It takes awhile to work, so start now, and you'll be in good shape for summer. I had this too after the birth of my son, and it is gone, now. Oh, make sure it is ok to use the lotion if you are nursing. Good luck!
2055843 tn?1332431515 Come to find out I couldn't use anything with benzol peroxide! It made my face worse! At walmart they have a Johnson and Johnsons face wash for 5 bucks! It works awesome!! It's doesn't have all those harsh chemicals in it! Hope this helps!!
Avatar n tn First day, I washed my hair, conditioned it and dried it only to discover that the hair at the crown of my head was grossly oily. I figured I over-conditioned it, so the next day I used conditioner only at the bottom of my hair. Same problem. Today, same problem. Thinking back, the only thing I've done differently is to use Nice 'n Easy hair color instead of L'Oreal but this was about 10 days ago.
Avatar f tn My favorite spot treatment is the Estée Lauders Clear difference Targeted Acne Treatment (35 dollars). It clears the pimples up over night or something's two nights if it's a cystic pimple. Hope his helped!! If you have anymore questions feel free to ask!
689528 tn?1364139441 So I took baby girl to the doctors today because of the horrid rash that she has ALL over her face and it's been creeping onto her chest and back. It is actually baby acne. I was told at first this is what it was but it's gotten worse and I wanted to make sure. Poor thing. Then I asked about her belly button because it looks weird and not right to me. It has also been seeping and crusts around her belly button. The doctor said it was an umbilical hernia (not our reg doc).
Avatar f tn My favorite spot treatment is the Estée Lauders Clear difference Targeted Acne Treatment (35 dollars). It clears the pimples up over night or something's two nights if it's a cystic pimple.
Avatar m tn Don't worry its not some crazy complex hard to follow regimen like I've seen in the I wash with a loofah on a stick (found at Walmart) with regular body wash (I use suave rosemary and mint) on the body ONLY to exfoliate. Also run luke warm water to shower in because the hotter the water temperature is the more prone the skin is to drying out and clogging pores. I have used every thing from Oxy to Neutrogena to Dove and everything in between.
Avatar n tn So I found a treatment at walmart for about $5 bucks, that WORKED!!!! I didnt think it would work because I thought (''hmm its too cheap for it to work'') ...but I still gave it a try anyway (my last hope)... and after using the little bottle of treatment, I was amazed cuz it really WORKED... it cleared up my skin in like 2/3 days.( The next morning I noticed a big difference) Im telling You this treatment is Wonderful, its cheap and it works.
Avatar m tn I have just started isotretinoin treatment for acne. Looking for suggestions that wouldn't require d/c'ing the isotretinoin. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn Hi Acne in babies is a common newborn condition. It can be present at birth but typically appears at 3 to 4 weeks of age. The acne is present over the cheeks and forehead. Normally during delivery, some maternal hormones enter into the baby’s body. These hormones sometimes stimulate the oil glands on the skin of the baby, giving rise to the baby acne. This is usually a self-limiting condition and resolves till the baby is between 4-6 months old. Usually, no treatment is necessary.
Avatar n tn As I noted, I have no insurance but I'm going to put together a list of the suggested acne medicines and go into Walmart to check which ones would be discounted at $4 cost through their new program. Have you heard anything about the Spironolactone that heyang talked of? I'm definitely going into my Dr well armed with information. As he is a "man"... so I want to know my stuff incase he tries to pass my acne off. I am going to find a solution for this once and for all.
Avatar f tn Ok, So i've been working at walmart for a while as a cashier,and theres been no problem until 4 days ago. There is something that is floating in air at walmart that is irritating the hell out of facial skin. Its everywhere in air and all over registers and just floating in air. It looks like a small long shiny piece of fiber of some sort. We did just have easter and i know we sold multiple large amounts of these large fuzzy bunnies as well as packaged easter grass.
Avatar m tn I wouldn't use an acne body wash on you sensitive genital skin. stick to just a mild soap. this doesn't sound like a std going on.
529981 tn?1212853666 My hair has also started to fall out and at the end of my hair, a white little grain is at the end. Hair will not stop falling out. I have gotten blood tests at a dermatology office and everything was normal. I also have tried about very type of zinc pyrithione shampoo, at the highest concentrations. Also I have tried, salycylic shampoos, tar shampoos, jojoba oil, AND nothing seems to help. Please help me and my hair.
Avatar f tn I also had endometriosis and ended up having a complete hysterectomy. That was many years ago when there was little they could do for it. There was only one treatment, which was medication. I tried it but it did'nt help. Now there are more treatments available. Have you talked to your Dr about them? Some Drs recommend taking the pill. There's also laser surgery. I was blessed to have my daughter before my symptoms started. I can't imagine my life without her.
Avatar f tn The doc gave him some medicine which showed no results other than the acne on his face. After a few months again we checked to find that motility had decreased. Due to some personal problems we could not continue the treatment and had to wait. Then again the gynaec prescribed him some antibiotic and lycopene for motility. Not only that there was no improvement but it had again dropped down. She said that it was expected and that we could do an IUI.
Avatar f tn I know excatly how your feeling I was going through the same things I would literally miss like every other day when I was employeed at Walmart. It hurt to get out of bed and to do any kind of physical activity.I was losing hair like crazy and I had thin hair before I was placed on the meds so that made it worse. I was breaking out with acne every day I hated being around people because of it.
1176103 tn?1332974613 he looks like a delicate cream with gray points siamese with bold brown stripes, swirls and dots and a black and silver tail.(he got it at Walmart, worls largest retailer!) wish i had pictures because he is a very unusual looking boy. he is a little more conservstive about water than Maj, but likes to get his head, ears, neck and shoulders soaking wet then find me to wipe it down so he can then tongue-bathe. its okay except at 4am...when i get an insistent little wet cat in my bed.
343765 tn?1202526132 Sure, acne can be traumatic for people with it, but given a choice between acne and leprosy, I am sure that anyone would prefer to have acne. Many of us have heart acne and not heart leprosy. Sometimes our acne feels like leprosy, but in terms of its likelihood of seriously hurting us, it’s still just acne. I had a coworker that suddenly developed a heart arrhythmia, and was hospitalized for it. He was there for at least several days, and they struggled to get his rhythm under control.
Avatar n tn melatoin valarian kava just to name a few there is one called altrill that many of our members find helps as for the legs highlands makes some stuff call highlands restful legs it works good I used it also a calcium/magnesium/zinc 3 in one vitamin helps a lot with methadone withdrawals take 4 in the morning and 4 at dinner get it at walmart for 6 bucks it will start to work about 2 to 3 days after you start it non of these things will set you back but soner or later your going to have to get of
Avatar f tn I currently go to a dermatologist every 3 months for follow-ups (mostly for acne, but my scalp as well), but have received at least 3 other opinions. First doctor switched me to minocycline & Re-10 Wash (containing sodium sulfacetamide) which did no good. Second doctor took a biopsy of one of my lesions revealing folliculitis. He placed me back on Bactrim and Clindagel for topical use. He instructed me to use regular Head and Shoulders as well as Pantene Pro V.
1088430 tn?1259163373 So, magnesium sulfate at 1000mg given by intravenous injection is a good acute treatment for a migraine headache... but, not ever used as a first line of treatment probably because of practicality, cost and side-effects (my doctors pain clinic charges about $100 for this I think) but mostly due to the practicality of it since it must be done in a doctors office and takes at least 15 minutes to get all of the medication into your body...
Avatar f tn She has normal weight gain, and eats every couple of hours. At 2 months we put her on Enfamil - gentle ease due to reoccurring thrush which also affected my breasts. She has had thrush 4 times, she still vomits alot and very often, she also has reoccurring cradle cap despite applying baby oil. Also constipation, and a very nasty rash on her face which will not go away even when I apply Aveeno baby cream, morning noon and night.
603463 tn?1220630455 Emergency contraception works by several possible methods, the most likely being by delaying or preventing ovulation. It has no effect at all on a fertilized embryo, and should not be confused with medical abortion. Most data indicate that it will not cause birth defects in the event that it is inadvertently taken during pregnancy, and it will not cause abortion of an established pregnancy.