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397538 tn?1280803450 I have been vomiting on and off for 6 months. For a while, It was happening daily. I saw a GI doctor who did an Endoscopy and didn't see anything. He put me on Aciphex, which helped, but I still vomit and or gag atleast 1x a week. I am not pregnant. I do have type II diabetes and PCOS. Anyone else sturggling with this kind of situation?
Avatar n tn In April I felt a lump in my throat at bedtime and vomited. Then, July 5th, I awoke in the middle of the night with a choking sensation. I naturally felt panic, which made it worse. I took Benadryl, thinking it was an allergic reaction. Had diarrhea the whole next day. That week the lump in throat and difficulty swallowing continued and I developed abdominal pain, nausea and had no appetite. Some diarrhea and felt like I needed to vomit, but did not.
Avatar f tn I ran to the bathroom and being 9 months pregnant was a task alone and had to give myself the hymlic to be able to breath again. Anyone having this problem?
Avatar n tn I feel it is unnecessary as, of course, I have no symptoms! My problem is that I plan to get pregnant later on this year and I am aware that hormones can encourage a flare up. I do not want to put myself under any risk while pregnant, particularly as I already have one disabled child and I don't want to do anything that might cause any risk to a future baby.
Avatar f tn I really don't like taking medication and am very nervous about it; but I have too in order to get rid of the infection. It's a medication they give pregnant ladies quite often-can't remember the name (nope, not pregnant). My doctor told me not to worry about taking this with the other meds that I take; metoprolol, aciphex (xanax, but I haven't taken that in a while). I haven't had the rx filled yet because I don't like taking meds to begine with. I'm nervous about the side effects.
Avatar f tn Well my husband is doing well with his treatment. He's not really experiencing any side effects that I can tell and he actually has alot of energy. Doc says this happens sometimes. 30 years of Hep C takes it toll to the point one doesn't know what normal is and sometimes people have more energy on treatment. But, and this is a big but, he throws up every night in the middle of the night. I just feel so bad for him.
Avatar n tn My belly looks like I'm six mo. pregnant! I told my MD and she prescribed Aciphex and sit-ups. I think that's a chronic solution to an acute problem. After the MD visit last week, I began having low grade pain in my abd LLQ (same place as when I had pain with the tumor). The pain is dull, sometimes has a burning quality. It's intermittent and low on the pain scale (1 to 3 out of 10 max). I don't know what's happening, but this severe, sudden onset of bloating is very concerning to me.
545538 tn?1295995617 Stupidly I had chicken parm, bruchetta and ziti last night, finishing it off with apple pie and ice cream. While it was yummy in the tummy, it wasn't for long. I woke up around midnight with the worst heartburn. I didn't have anything but TUMS and I ended up taking around 12 of those over the course of the night and still suffered! I know we're not supposed to take antiacids like tums because of their reaction with Ribavirin, but I had to take something.
Avatar f tn I also have been told I have acid relfux but that has been undercontrol as I take aciphex. I am so tired of not being able to get a satisfying breath... does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? I think my next step might be to mark into the ER and tell them I'm having shortness of breath and I want a chest xray. Maybe I have some sort of fluid in my lungs... who knows. Please help, I can't live like this for every :( Thank you!
Avatar f tn When I first started treatment, I was vomiting a lot. My dose was reduced and I was ok for a while. Recently, I am unable to eat without vomiting. I have phoned the nurse several times and she keeps saying that I picked up a stomach virus. Noooooooooooooooooo, this has been getting worse and worse for several weeks now. It is to the point that I eat a small amount in the morning, barf in the afternoon, and then I eat again later that night.
Avatar n tn Went to my regular dr. because of abdominal pain - I have a history of ulcers and he first put me on Aciphex and asked me to increase fiber in case we were also dealing with IBS. Pain (which is in the areas of the stomach, duodenum, and sometimes lower ab) did not cease - he sent me for an EGD which showed no current ulcers. Simultaneously, started having discharge from my right breast.
Avatar n tn Also before that, earlier in the Spring, I had used a baby aspirin daily for about 1 1/2 - 2 months because I had read that it helps your chances to become pregnant if you have an elevated ANA, which I have for several years now. Besides the use of those items, I had also increased my caffeine intake greatly over the months before onset of problems.
Avatar f tn I can make an appt but I am not sure there's much that could even be done since I won't want any drugs or procedure while preggo. Does this sound like a wrap problem or totatly something different/pregnancy related.
Avatar f tn Even the itch usualy hits for a little while, then diappears for a while. There's nothing(legal)I was doing pre tx that I'm not doing now. I may have ot break it up some, and try for a nap after work, but ya learn to organize better so you can balance production and rest within tx. Hey isn't the 6th of Jan 3 Kings Day. That's a pretty good hand to bet on.
Avatar n tn I wake up with heartburn and nausea every day. I see a GI specialist and a pulmonologist. I take aciphex and advair. They referred me to a surgeon for a lap nissen procedure. He read my file and said he is not sure the surgery will help. He thinks there may be neurological damage to my esophageal muscles or an underlying cause such as lupus and does not want to operate right away. He is talking about waiting another year to see if neurological healing will spontaneously take place.
Avatar f tn Eating posts will do it to you everytime! LOL Sorry to hear this, I hate being nauseous. I take aciphex and it helps, but I still get it now and then.
Avatar f tn I have been on different types of antacid medications for about 25 years now. Right now i am on Aciphex for GERD twice a day. After i eat i bloat up as if i was pregnant. I also have pain. I did see a docter for the diarrhea he said it was because i had kids! Does anyone alse have these problems and gotten a better results from the docter? Its running my life! Help! Oh ya andi have been told i have delayed stomach emptying and IBS!
Avatar n tn I am an ER nurse and have battled the problem for quite a few years. I have been taking Aciphex for GERD. After multiple test by GI we tried Align (probiotic) OTC. Prior to the probiotic I was having an episode every 2-3 weeks.
Avatar n tn Hello, I few weeks ago I had started getting terrible diarrea. I woke up in the middle of the night (after that day eating at a resturaunt & thinking the drink tasted odd like chemicals were mixed in it) with bouts of it that lasted a little over a week. At this point I decided to be seen by my GP I thought it may have something to do with the drink at the resturaunt. He did no tests whatsoever & just placed me on 2 supposedly strong antibiotics.
Avatar f tn I feel as if some of my symptoms are related to TMJ going to the dentist today to see if that has something to do with it. While pregnant with my son also started having times where I would yawn and at the end of the yawn my ears wouldnt pop so it felt as if I was breathing through my ears for a few moments. Still having trouble with this. Saw a cardiologist the other. He done an EKG, Ultrasound and a heart monitor. Waiting on results. So far everything looked fine..
Avatar f tn I couldn't accept that so I went to a GI doc and he told me GERD.. been on AcipHex.. that helped immensely.. no more chest pain whatsoever.. however, I had pain in both shoulders, and both sides of back and neck.. I had no tests done either.. but it was not 1 sided so probably different from you.. but just thought I would throw that out there for ya!
Avatar f tn I was tested for reflux which came out negative but I was put on Aciphex for approx 6 months. I was under stress and developed irritable bowel symdrome and my Dr told me to use Align the probiotic(now over the counter) and I had gall bladder issues and ended up having it removed. Has your Dr ruled out Reflux,hiatial hernia or gall bladder problems? Are you having any vomiting? When does the indigestion occur? An hour or so after meals,or get worse at this time?
Avatar f tn I have had GERD basically for all my life and I've been on daily Aciphex for the past 6-8 yrs. Aciphex has always done quite well for me, but lately I've been having a lot of "break through". I get a choking feeling from that also, but it feels different - that's a burning type of choking like when the acid backs up into esophagus. My ENT has also ordered a barium swallow to have that checked out.
Avatar n tn OH MAN!!! What a 'relief' it is to find others suffering from this horrible 'mystery ailment'. I call my bouts: "The Hard-boiled Egg-Yolk Attacks". They are absolutely HORRIBLE!!! I bloat so badly that I cannot even wear clothes because the pressure of the weight of any fabric on my belly is too much to bear.
Avatar f tn I did have bad indigestion and heartburn when I was pregnant, 6 years ago. It could be coincidental, but the heartburn and indigestion all started when I was about 6 months pregnant. The spasms didn't start until she was about a year old. I have looked up everything trying to figured out what these spasms could be. My mother has painful esophageal spasms, she is being treated for GERD.
Avatar n tn I took Aciphex for 2 weeks and felt horrible while on it. It made me extremely nauseated. I also had lots of gas, abdominal pains, and bloating. I stopped taking it and tried just taking RX Pepcid for awhile, but it isn't strong enough. It got to the point that I was having swallowing problems from all of the refluxing. Now I'm on Prevacid which helps, but I don't know if 30 mg. daily is enough for me. I'm sick of all this medication, especially since I had a Lap. Nissen 2 yrs.
Avatar n tn I started having localized pain 1-2 inches above my umbilicus last year. Temporarily relieved by aciphex. Pain became more persistant and I had an endoscopy in Jan 2004.Showed 200cc of fluid retained after 16 hrs NPO. Dx with gastroparesis after emptying study. given Zelnorm which worked well. (I am not diabetic.
603509 tn?1220307910 These are the meds. that I can remember him taking. Nexium 40mg and AcipHex 20mg.There was others but i can't remember. He has had an upper Gi, lowe Gi, checked of ulcers, checked for H-pylori, scoped- everything that we know to do. X-rays, changed diet ( the typical one- no fired foods, chocolate, mint, smaller meals, no eating 3 hours before bed, etc.), Colonoscopy was done as well. All I understand is that his intestines are inflamed and the finding they have found and with the meds.