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Business woman2 I am taking Aciphex, 10mg for gastritis. I have been taking it for almost three months. Since I started taking it, I have noticed some side effects, including nausea, abdominal pain and cramping. The side effects seem to getting worse with time. My question is if my doctor advises me to stop taking the medication, how long after I stop taking it, will the side effects go away or stop?
Avatar f tn My pcp put me on Aciphex 20 mg for acid reflux. He said he could hear the acid in my esophagus. Is that possible? I have had fatigue for almost 2 years...after many cause found. Since starting the medication 5 nights ago, i have had even more.fatigue, lightheadedness and spaced out/drugged feeling...has anyone else felt this way? I am calling in the morning to make an appt.with a gastroenterologist with hopes that they will order some tests. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I've taken Aciphex for over 10 years for extreme GERD. Since all the new studues came out about it being so bad long term, I decided to try and get off it. I'm down from 20mg a day to 20mg every 3-4 days. I've weaned over the last 2 months, had horrible rebound and can't get passed this stage. I have bad stomach pains, diarrhea, nausea. I'm supplementing with Tums currently. Any helpful advice is appreciated. I'm ready to give up.
Avatar m tn I'm 63 male, avid runner-usually very healthy. 2 weeks ago had sudden nausea (never vomited) just nausea. It was intermittent. I have a history of GERD due to an ulcer 14 years ago...Been on prilosec, nexium aciphex, etc., ever since. My GP ordered an upper GI. All normal except MASSIVE GERD. He doubled my nexium to 2 a day. Also had a chest xray which was normal.
Avatar m tn Does anyone have any ideas of what this nausea could be. I do not vomit, but sometimes the nausea is so bad, that I have to take off work. Sometimes afterwards, I am completely worn out from it all. I would appreciate any help on this topic. Thanks.
Avatar n tn she had been having trouble with pain and nausea for 18 months..had just about every test imaginable. Aciphex is on of the meds she made her worse! reflux so bad it was coming all the way into her mouth... You should do some research on finding a good gastroenterologist. Obviously something happened to your system after the mono. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Her general doctor said she had acid reflux, and prescribed Aciphex. The medicine worked for about a year, but the nausea returned, along with heartburn. She did not have heartburn before she started taking Aciphex. Next she was sent to a GI specialist, who did a sonagram of her gallbladder. Everything was considered normal, so she was given several new medications to try. Prilosec seemed to work the best.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 30 years old and for the past year have had symptoms on and off that include Nausea,bloating, gas pain, excessive burping and occasional Diarrhea. My primary Dr. has given me aciphex which did not work and now Protonix which I have been taking 1 and 1/2 weeks and has yet to work. I made an appt. with a GI Doctor but can't get in for another month. I am getting fed up with this. I get alot of my symptoms at night and lose alot of sleep becuase I am to nauseous to sleep.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with GERD about a year ago however I was still getting nausea and dizziness after being on Meds (Protonix then Aciphex) and went back to have another Endoscopy. The Doc took samples of my duodinum and found that it had abnormially large amounts of immune reactions on it. Like a build up of antibodies to the point where it was lining the walls but that isn't the exact terminology I should use however I can't think of the technical stuff he used.
Avatar m tn I've had constant nausea for about 8 months now. It doesn't change for different foods. I've had multiple blood tests, stool tests, an upper GI, endoscopy exam, and an ultrasound of my gallbladder and kidneys. At first they thought it was acid reflux as it showed up on the edoscopy exam. They put me on aciphex, and i saw a brief change but nothing to really fret over. about 6 months later it just randomly stopped, so i stopped taking my medicine. About 7-8 weeks after that it sprung up again...
Avatar m tn I visited the walk-in clinic again, and was prescribed the proton pump inhibitor, Aciphex (once a day). I took the Aciphex for 11 days, and although the nightime nausea was slightly reduced, the other GI symptoms continued. Taking Maalox, helps somewhat. An ER doctor felt no abdominal abnormalities; I tested neg for H. Pylori via blood test; tested normal liver and pancreas function (bilirubin, ALP, AST, ALT, lipase). Was put on omeprazole.
Avatar f tn For over four weeks now, I have been having almost constant nausea. It's an odd feeling because it's in my stomach, but I can also feel it in my chest and throat. If I cough, my gag reflex goes crazy. I've only thrown up twice, and both times it was from coughing. When I first eat, I feel good for a while, but then the feeling comes again. About 3 1/2 years ago, I was having problems with anemia (from heavy menstrual flow due to fibroids) and acid reflux. I had all the usual tests.
Avatar n tn More recently - My problem has been with acid reflux I have been on a proton pump inhibitor(aciphex and then prevacid) My symptoms seem to be coming back! I wake up in the middle of the night with nausea and a rapid heart beat of 130 to 140 BPM!(my BP becomes elevated about 148\88, My BP usually is 120\70 or lower. 1) Could this be a side effect of the new medication? 2) Or could feeling of nausea and acid reflux be the cause (by affecting or irritating the vagal nerve??
Avatar n tn At the end of October I woke up with nausea and dry heaves on the second day I went to the ER and they ran bloodwork and did an US and said I had gastrities. 4 days later I was back in the ER with they same thing, I had and Edoscopy which was negitive and that night I had another eposoide, they put me on Aciphex twice a day, 8 days later I had the same thing, they did a gastric emptying scan which was negitive and a CT scan and that was negitive to.
Avatar m tn I have had stomache problems for 8 years and i keep getting sicker I have a constant nausea and additional cramping I have had a GI doctor who can't figure out what is wrong im loosing hope am I krazy I keep going to the ER with pain and nausea and a few times I had a UTI which was the cause of the nausea other times i had the flu but they have put my on so much medicine( aciphex, nexium, belladonna alkaloids, phenergan, etc) and now the Doctors are saying that it is self induced i know its real
Avatar n tn the question he posted on 05/17/04 relates exactly to my symptoms which have started a week ago and consist bad heartburn(ive had now for two months) that i take nexium for but does not always work, the diarrhea that has me going to the toilet 10 times a day at least for a week now, nausea where i thew up more the first three days, cramps constantly, and now on the sixth day i am having upper abdominal chest pains(on scale 1-10 the pains are a 2) where my gallbladder is located i seen a doctor
Avatar n tn Last year I suddenly developed chronic nausea and constant belching. Prior to this, I virtually had never belched before. I saw a doctor and he thought it was due to GERD and put me on Prilosec, which had no effect on it. Then I was referred to a gastroenterologist and tried Aciphex, also no effect. Then I got put on Reglan which helped a small amount with the belching but far from stopping it.
Avatar n tn The surgery was laperscopic and I had no problems at first. For the past month I had have nausea and sickness after eating. (No matter what I eat)Often I vomit a yellowish/greenish fluid. I am frequently sick to my stomach. I have no idea what to do. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Please help!
Avatar n tn I have had this problem for 2 years. I always feel nausea 24 hours of the day, to a greater or lesser extent. Some days I can get by without taking any Motilium which is a anti sickness tablet, which appear to work (I cant realy tell!), while other days I take the maximum dose allowed. I have never been physically sick (it has come very, very close on many occations though!).
221913 tn?1372280261 I had nausea the first several weeks. My dr. gave me aciphex. I thought it strange, as it is for acid reflux, but it worked! I also used Prilosec otc...quicker to get. You can buy it today!
Avatar n tn The only thing that works for the nausea is Zofran, which is given to Chemo patients for their nausea. I have an appointment with a GI specialist, but it isn't until November (soonest any of them could see me.) I don't know what to do, or who could be right. I wish it was that I was pregnant, my husband would be thrilled. But for now, he is dealing with my sickness and inability to do anything.
Avatar n tn I'm a 42 year old woman, and until lately have been very healthy. I'm not overweight, and I live a healthy lifestyle. For the past six months or so, most of my bowel movements (which always occur in the morning) are very loose, or when not, are black and tarry. In the last two months, I've started to have stomach pains (acid right in the middle of my stomach, but not resulting in reflux into my esophagitis) and nausea (but not vomiting). This occurs about an hour or so after eating.
Avatar n tn Tried prilosec, Protonix and aciphex. Now on dexilant 30 mg. Incredible nausea and headache. Am trying once every other day. So take in evening and next day very sick. Day after when don't take the pill feel much better but acid taste starts to come back. Why do these drugs cause nausea. Tried pepcid and Zantac and got very bad headaches. Any suggestions? Don't know where to turn.
Avatar m tn I had persistent nausea mild nausea for about a month ended taking aciphex which subsided the symptoms but not eliminate them. After having some burning sensation in my stomach it was recommended I have all GI tests done endoscopy, upper GI, barium, abdominal CT scan which all turned up negative. The only thing then that came out of the tests was acid reflux. Well after 10 months the mild nausea is there still.
Avatar n tn In early June I had a stomach virus consisting of intense nausea and diarrhea as well as aches and general malaise. Since then (now mid October) I have experience recurring nausea which is worse at night. It keeps me awake and I can hear and feel my stomach churning. I have seen two gastroenterologists. The first performed an upper endoscopy (normal accept for mild chronic inflammation in stomach and esophagus) and ordered as HIDA scan. The scan came back "borderline" (33% ef).
Avatar n tn For the past ten months, I have been suffering from chronic abdominal pain and nausea. The pain is a sort of dull ache in my stomach, not sharp or crampy. I get intensely nauseated but do not vomit. The intense episodes come in spells, but I operate with a low level of nausea and general "squishiness," for lack of a better term, almost all the time. Sometimes I get intestinal cramps, but this is not nearly as common as the other two symptoms.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm a 25 year old male currently suffering with month long post-nasal drip, aswell as indigestion (usually belching after eating, and intermittent nausea which is sometimes worse at night). At first, i had a dry cough for about one week that slowly began to produce yellow phlegm in my throat after eating.
Avatar n tn Could a cervical disc be the source of these numerous symptoms? Nausea(very bad in AM-continues thru day),leg weakness(esp steps),hand/arm strength diminished,neck pain,abdominal pain,also some off balance especially on turning or with eyes closed,and also constant burping-from everything even water(This is something I did not have before the nausea started).I also get a burning in the stomach when it is empty.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with GERD because I have heartburn and I often regurgitate. However, for the past month I have felt like something is stuck in my throat and I am getting nausea every single night. It is so incredibly frustrating. I'm good for most of the day, and then 6-7pm hits and I get nausea. I have to lay down. The only thing that helps is going to sleep. I am on Nexium and it has done nothing. I still feel the same. Doc just told me to try Prilosec OTC so I started that today.