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Avatar n tn I am considering an ultra low dose accutane treatment for cystic acne. I have been unable to find a dermatologist in southern CA that will prescribe (and is experienced in prescribing) the ultra low dose for cystic acne (10mg or less). Does anyone know of such a dermatologist in southern California? Also, if anyone knows of other forums where posters wrote about success with low dose Accutane? Any names/screen names of members that you know had experience with low dose Accutane?
Avatar m tn Is there a particular reason your dermatologist is prescribing you such a low dose? (Liver function/high cholesterol/kidney problems?) Taking too small a dose will result in a longer treatment time and a greater risk of relapse. The usual starting dose for Roaccutane is 0.5 x patients bodyweight in kg/per day. So 20mg a day would only be appropriate for a very small patient weighing 40kg.
Avatar n tn 2) I will most likely be going on a low dose course of accutane. Does this make it less likely that I will have a severe flare up of acne during the treatment? On my previous course, it flared up at 50mg but was non-existent when I took 20mg. This time around, my derm won't be putting me on a dosage higher than 30mg. I would be interested in your opinion on this. Is a lower dose=less side effects? Thanks a lot, I appreciate your help.
Avatar f tn I've been using them 2 months, but I'd like to do a low dose (10-20mg/day) of accutane to finally kick this in this butt. Since I am cyst free and would like to do a very low dose will my side effects be reduced? Especially the initial breakout? Also, do you think any doctor would consider putting me on a low dose? Thank you so much for your time.
Avatar f tn Hi, is the accutane dosage based on wieght or on how severve ur acne is......because im on 30mg a day since last month going into second and i have been disapointed my derm didnt increase my dosage (i dont have any side effects and im wondering if its working on a deeper level since i dont even have dry lips constantly or skin etc) ....
Avatar n tn Hi. Your dermatologist will tailor your Accutane dose according to your weight and severity of acne. The usual starting dose is 0.5mg per day X kg bodyweight, increased if necessary to a maximum of 1mg per day X kg bodyweight. So I weigh 40kg and started on 20mg increased after one month to 40mg per day. This is taken for 16-24 weeks. If you cannot tolerate your recommended dose (due to side effects or if you have liver or kidney problems) a lower dose such as 10mg per day may be prescribed.
Avatar n tn Hi i started taking accutane 10mg which is a low dose accutane i have completed 1 month course but i m just 15 years old and not completed my skeletal growth is my growth plate fused plz tell me how much time does low accutane take to stop height growth??
Avatar n tn I did a 6-month course of Accutane several years ago with a different doctor -- in that case, the doctor started me on a low dose to minimize side effects and then eventually took me up to 40 mg. Side effects were tolerable, and my skin remained clear for a few years afterward. Given my weight, I'm a little worried about side effects at this dose.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the response. You write, "However, topical antifungals and weak hydrocortisones do a fine job of suppressing it in just about every patient I can ever remember." Unfortunately, they don't work for addition, hydrocortisone has be shown to display some undesirable side-effects (mostly anecdotal I admit, but some harder evidence too)'s not a therapy that I want to use for the long-term, which in my case is measured in years, not months.
Avatar m tn Hi Doc! Can I undergo fractional laser surgery while on low dose of accutane ie 20mg fortnightly in the last 6 months?
Avatar n tn The larger question is why your doctor is using such a low dose--the risk of recurrence of acne after low dose therapy is higher. Maybe you should wait till after the filming and take a higher dose. It's worth discussing with your doctor. Take care. Dr.
Avatar n tn I am a 28 year old male who has been on a low dose accutane regimine for the past 8 weeks. I take 20mg per day and weigh approximately 80kgs. I recently found out that my wife is 6 weeks pregnant. Is there an increased risk for birth defects or other malformations due to me being on the low dose accutane. Is there any other issues I should consider due to my accuntane regimine. Have you had any patients that have been in a similar situation and what were their results.
Avatar n tn i've been on 2 rounds of accutane and am very afraid my acne will return... i wish i could just go on a low dose for a while after, but my doctor doesn't recomend it. what should i do?
Avatar n tn My current dermatologist has me on low dose accutane treatment because I have very persistent I take 20mg twice a week to keep oil production down..I have taken accutane only clears me up when I'm on far I have been on 20mg for a month and I breakout mildly here and there...for the most part I'm happy..I do get my blood checked monthly and everything is ok...but here is where my problem make it short I got into a car accident recently...
630458 tn?1223263163 Then again, i am ONLY taking 20 mg!!! It is a very low dose, so maybe that is the reason why i am NOT getting any side effects. Maybe if i double dose and take 40mg, then i might have dried lips!!! Does it make sense?
Avatar n tn I am currently on a low dose of accutane (40 mg twice a week). Can I use Differin as a topical once a day or does it interfere with the effectiveness of the accutane?
Avatar m tn Well, the advisable dose is largely related to the weight of the patient and the duration of the treatment i.e. cumulative dose. Initially one should begin with low dose treatments (10–20 mg/day). High dose treatment (0.5 mg/kg/day to 2 mg/kg/day) should be reserved when this is ineffective. The total treatment should not be continued beyond 6-9 months (Ideally a maximum of 4-6 months). Discontinue if any side effects occur.
Avatar n tn One of them thought I should do low dose therapy (20mg a day) but the dermatogloist my insurance covers think I should do a normal course (120mg/kg total dose). I have been on accutane for a week (at 20mg/day)and my face is almost completely clear..occasional white heads here and there but my skin looks good. However, I don't really like being on this drug and want to get off of it as soon as possible. I don't have any major side effects but don't like the dry lips and feel a little achy.
Avatar f tn Make sure your dermatologist knows if you have anorexia as some mental illnesses may preclude the patient from Accutane treatment. Acne causes low self-esteem, a major factor in anorexia. Please get in touch if you would like to talk, I have experience of both. Good luck, Eloise.
Avatar n tn I had no side effects, except for dry lips, from 12 weeks onwards and took Accutane for 24 weeks. Side effects are generally dose related. Taking Accutane at the recommended dose for 16 to 24 weeks is your son's best hope of a long term remission from acne. The recommended dose is between 0.5 and 1mg x kg bodyweight per day. So your son should take between 30mg and 60mg per day because he weighs about 60kg.
601813 tn?1219802335 Hi, I took Accutane for 6 months from a low dose to higher, up to 120 mg, I had pretty moderate acne that could not be cleared up by any other methods. It didn't clear off right away, it was much more slow going, however, by the 5th month my skin was looking much better, and by the last month it was great. I was using Kiehl's Ultra Cleanser, as well as, Ultra Moisturizer over Bare Escentuals Skin Revver Upper.
Avatar n tn Many doctors have found lower dose course of accutane to be successful as long as at the end of the treatment, the patient receives a total dose of 120-150mg/kg. Do you agree with this? I also proceeded with accutane because cortisone injections are not an option (I get atrophy). How soon can I expect the indentations to fill in? Also, if I get cysts during accutane, are there alternative solutions to cortisone injections? Thank you for your time and this website.
Avatar n tn I've recently been prescribed RoAccutane for Body Acne, and am only 6 days in to an initial dose of 20mg daily (which will be increased to 40mg in a month.) I'm low dosing to reduce any side effects. This morning I woke to find some rather odd hair growth on the lower half of my neck, underneath my usual shave area. This certainly wasn't there yesterday as I was inspecting the area for spots only last night. This is worrying me rather a lot.
Avatar f tn My 16 year old son completed one full course of accutane (he had acne conglobata on his shoulders, back and chest). Became oily after, so went on a low dose for about 4 months. After being off of the drug for less than two months, he is again getting very oily on his face. What else can he do?
Avatar n tn Hi. Taking Accutane at too low a dose or for too short a time is the major reason for relapse. To achieve a long term remission from acne you must take 0.5mg / kg bodyweight / per day for 16 to 24 weeks. Going back on Accutane is your best hope of a long term remission. You must not use N-Lite (or similar) for at least 6 months after finishing Accutane due to the increased risk of irritation and scarring. Eloise.
Avatar f tn Hi, I currently have very bad acne and am considering taking accutane in order to treat it...but I would like to know how it long do you have to take it for? & after you stop taking it how long before you may have to take it again? I have heard that some people have to take it a second time or a third time...Also, doesn't it make your skin REALLY dry for a while? how long does that usually last? If anyone here has used accutane would you please share with me your experience?
Avatar m tn The strange thing is doesn't go red everytime I drink, I probably don't flush 1 in 3 times of drinking but it is becoming a major problem. I was only on a low dose (10mg) so I cannot understand why the flushing is so bad, I've read up on people suffering this on 80mg not 10mg.... What can I do to reduce the sensitivity or is it permanent?