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677420 tn?1226350833 It's been 7 months since i have been off accutane and just to keep my skin clear i am now on a very light gel i put on once a day and a pill i take once a day, hoping i don't have to go on a second cycle of accutane like some people do!
Avatar n tn i don't think the vitamin A is going to get the results that accutane will. but, do yourself a favor....get turmeric (an inexpensive indian spice) in capsule form from your local health food store. take four capsules a day with two extra glasses of water above what you drink now. after two weeks cut back to two capsules a day for two more weeks and see what happens. it's worth trying before going on accutane. trust me. i went through THREE courses and my acne came back.
Avatar n tn The NP recommended accutane. However i personally feel like she didn't fully assess my situation and there may be other options. are there? but on the other hand i don't want to be on antibiotics my whole life. My healthcare plan is kaiser and i don't feel like i'm getting that good of care. I talked to another nurse, not associated with kaiser who's worked in a derm office and she said my acne is not severe enough for accutane. I'm not sure what to do. Please help.
Avatar n tn I have been on Accutane 40mg twice a day for almost 3 months. I have seen no improvement in the acne. I have some patchy dryness but for the most part I am still shiny from all the oil. I have been cleaning my face with Cetaphil cleanser. The acne that I do get is large, inflammed, tender and almost blister-like. Sometimes my face actually hurts. Most things I have read on the internet have accutane working in less time than I have seen. Will it work for me?
Avatar n tn While on the drug i had the dryness issues but no joint pain, just weakness. About 4-5 months post accutane my joints became very noisy and soon enough painful. Since then the pain has gotten a lot worse. I have painful tmjs, shoulder, knees, wrists and hips. Plus stiffness and severe crepitus. However there is no sign of inflammation in my blood tests. auto-immune diseases, gout and thyroid disorders have been ruled out. My internist says accutane does not do this.
Avatar n tn Recently i took Accutane. So far i've experienced most of the side effects. I just wanted to know how long do these side effects last and how long does it take to see the good results of accutane. Also, do birth control pills help your acne?
Avatar n tn Your skin may be fragilised for up to 6 months after using Accutane. I used Dr. Murad products a month after finishing Accutane and had a bad reaction as my skin was still very sensitive. My advice is to wait, and then to test potentially irritating products on a small area of skin then wait 48 hours before treating a larger area. Eloise.
Avatar n tn Hi Again Dr. Rockoff, I have written before. Am getting ready to start Accutane and have a remaining question. As a reminder, I am 31, have had acne since adolescence, have laways had good luck with orthotricyclen and antiobiotics (although have moved through tetra, to mino, to doxy -- as one failed switched to another). Antiobiotics keep my skin pretty clear -- still the ocassional cystic acne due to pms or stress. (I also use metrol gel for rosacea, retinA and benzaclin).
630458 tn?1223263163 I haven't tried Zinc though and haven't tried vit 5 (panthotenic acid) which you can compare to accutane regarding its effect on the sebaceous glands. I have tried tea tree oil and oregano oil as topical antiseptic, anti bacterial, but didnt do much at all. My pimples are stubborn. So recently (3 weeks ago,) i went for the big pistols ACCUTANE, 20 mg. So far so breakouts are kinda gone....and skin looks clearer, less oilier....
630458 tn?1223263163 Hi. How are you? Remember not to use topical acne gel whilst you are on Accutane as your skin will become fragile and sensitized. Are you still experiencing acne despite taking Accutane? I think I remember you were only taking 20mg per day. The usual dose of Accutane is between 0.5 and 1mg X patients bodyweight in kg per day. 20mg would therefore be prescribed for a patient weighing 40kg. Is that your weight? (40kg is very light for an adult female).
Avatar n tn Female patients should also try a 3 month course of a combined oral contraceptive pill such as Diane35 or Yasmin before considering Accutane. Accutane has many potential side effectives but that must be balanced against the fact that it is your best hope of a long term remission from acne when standard treatments have resulted in failure or relapse. Most patients need only one course of Accutane, lasting 16 to 24 weeks. About 20% of patients, including myself, warrant a second or third course.
Avatar m tn I have just completed my third month on Accutane and am now moving up to 100 mg. I was on 40, 80,and 80 previously. My skin seems to be heading in the right direction and I am almost clear besides some dark red marks left over from the Inital Outbreak. Is there anything I can do to help these fade. I know "time" is the best solution, but just wondered if that was my only option.
Avatar m tn Have had melasma for the past couple of years. Just started accutane 40 mg and wondering if there's anything I can use to help treat a stubborn spot on my forehead. Seems like its getting darker since I have started the pills. Already use a physical spf50 cream everyday. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn I took accutane at one milligram per kilogram (90 mg) per day for four months for my treatment. I've been off of the drug for about four months now and I don't really have acne anymore however I have some enlarged pores on and around my nose that came since the cessation of my treatment. I currently am using Rosula Daily facial wash, Retin-A Micro 0.04 % gel once nightly and topical Duac (Benzoyl Peroxide 5% and Clindomycin Phosphate 1%) as spot treatment.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a 19 year old female who lives in Jamaica. I took accutane for about eight months, during my eight month course my skin was clear and always cool. However about 2 months after (this year August and Semtemper) accutane I started to get prolonged breakouts and my skin has been really oily.I have took a few antibiotics and gel, I am presently on Retin-A 0.05%unfortunatly I have not seen any progress with my skin clearing up. My opinion is that it has only got worse.
Avatar n tn A second course of accutane may be indicated. In the meantime use an anti-inflamatory gel on them such as Freederm.
Avatar n tn Hi, after suffering with acne for many years and trying everthing i finaly got on accutane its been about 3 months since my last and final visit to the derm(30mg for 19 weeks and my weight 58kg) my progress on accutane was grate and i was very worried about not being kept on for 24weeks.And since i have stoped the medication my skin has started to get oilyer and im having fequent breakouts.... although my skin isnt as bad as before im still very upset and am unsure of what to do ........
Avatar f tn My dermatologist has given me a prescription for Doxycycline as well as Epiduo Gel, which was not covered by my insurance and so i was not able to get that. It seems to me that there are some similarities between this antibiotic and Accutane. Maybe not as severe side effects but the overall impression I am getting is that Accutane is more effective and if closely monitored, safer. Is this true? My doctor didnt give me the impression that there was much I needed to be worried about.
Avatar n tn Well, when i will finish with accutane. It is called Brunnhause acne gel!!! Check it out you might like it! I am on accutane myself (2 months) so far so good, i have 4 more months to go. It's nice and no side effects. I am suppose to take blood test tomorrow. So far they are excellent. Hope you will find a solution!
Avatar n tn Changes to the hair and nails are potential side effects mentioned in the leaflet enclosed with accutane. I actually had increased hair growth while on accutane (I've taken it twice, as you say in your other post, one course is not always enough to result in long term remission) My hair growth returned to normal after treatment and i'm very sorry to hear yours has not yet done so. it is unusual for hair loss to start 4 months into treatment, side effects usually lesson after about 3 months.
Avatar m tn Can you see a dermatologist? I'll give you 2 options. 1) Differin gel. It's also a retinoid, like Accutane but it's applied on the skin, not taken internally. Side effects are bothersome but not serious and they go away after about a month. They include : redness, dryness and peeling. The gel is sparingly, once a day to acne-prone areas of the face. I've been using Differin for 10 months to control cystic acne on my chin and I never break out on my chin anymore. (www.differin.
Avatar m tn Hello, The use of Accutane in pediatric patients less than 12 years of age has not been studied. So accutane is mostly prescribed for patients who are older than 18 years as it is not without side effects. Antibiotics are the hallmark of treatment for acne and you should adhere to them after a dermatologist’s prescription. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn I am a 26 year old male who has suffered from mild to moderate acne for about 10 years. About 2 years ago my dermatologist decided (after many other treatments) to allow me to go on Accutane. The 4 months were unpleasant and during the treatment my acne didn't really seem to totally clear. About a month after treatment my skin cleared up an looked the best it ever did. I was basically blemish free. Then about 6-7 months later my skin seemed to feel oily again and breakouts reoccured.
Avatar n tn Hey im starting accutane in a month and i just wanna know how it helped you all out? i guess it is a 5 month program. Im gonna be getting the generic accutane too, i dont know if theres a difference. im a lil scared cuz of how dry he said everything would get on me and my internal organs and stuff, but i guess if it helps with my skin then i can deal with it. Let me know your experiences!
Avatar n tn Hey there- im a 17 year old male thanks for the forum, and i appreciate your help I have been suffering from acne, and cysts for around 2-3 years i have been using Minocin antibiotics for 2 years along with some topical gel- and sometimes with great results. infact when im on 2 pills a day of about 100 mg's my face is practically clear of any acne/cysts. My Derm tells me that after a month or so to wean me off the pills to only take 1 pill, and i do so.
Avatar m tn I have read that if you take an SSRI while being on accutane it can accutually help cause Accutane lowers your seritonion and the SSRI gives the serotonion, not sure if thats true. Please let me know If it is Safe to take this while on Lexapro, just want the Correct answer, thats why I came to this site. Thank you in advance for your help... Appreciate it!
Avatar f tn I am finishing my 6 month treatment and gonna ask my doctor if I should use the vitaman A gel on the cysts rather than more accutane. Do you know if this works good too?
Avatar n tn i have just started to take accutane and i am on my 9th day. i work out alot by doing weightlifting and running. i am feeling joint pain in the lower back area. A year ago i injured my lower back and it took months to heal. i am wondering if there is somthing that i can take to help my pain and if these symptoms are only temporary.