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Avatar n tn I was recently prescribed accutane and short course dose of prednisone for acne. I have had cortisone injections three months ago, and it resulted in atrophy. These indentations are just now filling in slowly; I have one large swollen cyst (never had a large one until I started accutane -- I am on my third week), and the predisone is to help that and stop further flaring. My concern is while I am taking predisone, will it hinder the healing of the atrophy on my face.
Avatar n tn I have been on it for 3 months now and my face is so sensitive and sore and still popping up with pimples everyday and they take forever to heal after I pop them. (Okay this sound sick but I can’t leave a white head on my face. That is even sicker). I only weigh 100 pounds and I am taking one pill at night and one in the morning. My dermatologist put me on ‘Prednisone 10 mgs’ a tab to help clear it up temporally.
Avatar f tn Hi. I was on birth control and accutane for about 3 months and quit taking both 3 weeks ago. I had unprotected sex a week ago. Could there be a chance im pregnant right now?
Avatar n tn Do you prescribe antibiotics if the Accutane doesn't perform well? Accutane essentially always performs well. If the acne recurs later and the topical treatment doesn't work, I consider using oral antibiotics. It has been difficult to get rationale for Accutane treatment. I don't know what you mean by rationale. The rationale of using Accutane is to get the acne better. It sounds as though you've already done that. Now you need to wait a while to see how much better things will get.
Avatar n tn My main question is if this dose is right for me (40mg), i barely suffer from acne vulgaris its just deeps cysts all around my neck and back that are leaving serious scars and this isnt genetic and it is very hard to deal with since they are on the turning parts of my neck so its almost constant irratation when they are inflamed. Do you think this dose of accutane will solve my problem?
Avatar f tn still breaking out. My dose has been raised and im lost. I mean does Accutane just not work on some people? Im breaking out like as if I was on Differin. Im starting to get scared that this is going to be forever for me....For people in the US, Will they keep you on longer than 6 months? Will being on longer make my break outs stop?
Avatar n tn I have heard and read so much about patience and perserverance and then also read that when on accutane a person will experience good periods and not so good periods along the course of treatment and this is really scary--the face will get better and then get worse again? I can see where so many have been feeling good about what is happening to then just be thrown into a reversal. I'm still concerned about increasing the dosage and if my face will again be ravaged.
Avatar m tn Hello, Unfortunately I am unaware of any relationship between eczema and Accutane. Eczema is a form of chronic dermatitis (rash).Allergic reaction is one of the important causes of eczema. Allergic reaction can occur to strong soaps, Solvents, chemicals, certain foods, food additives, plants, metals, cosmetics, even urine and faeces of some animals (dust mites). The treatment of eczema basically involves topical steroids and plenty of good emollients.
Avatar n tn I never heard of using Accutane for seborrhea, and the idea makes no sense, at any dose. Nothing cures seborrhea, period. However, topical antifungals and weak hydrocortisones do a fine job of suppressing it in just about every patient I can ever remember treating for this condition. I suggest you stay with those, limitations and all. Best. Dr.
Avatar m tn Previously i started out with 10mg/day and worked my up to 60mg/day. So I took low dose accutane for a year and now I have been off of it for a little over a month. Sadly I am started to get more and more little bumps everyday and don't know what to do anymore. Any ideas?...because I am going off to college soon and its very hard to get an appointment with my doctor because he is never in!! And the college I am going to is on the other side of the U.S. , Arizona.
Avatar n tn Treatment with topical or systemic retinoids may be helpful even if the steroids are continued, whereas topical antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide may provide less benefit. there fore accutane is more likely to benefit you more. Hope this helped.
1227049 tn?1267240985 For approximately a year and a half I have had recurring eczema due to a previous course of accutane coupled with my already sensitive skin, and the harsh climate I live in. It is quite widespread accross my body including the face, chest, arms, and pubic region. I have tried a wide variety of things to control it. Doing nothing and natural treatments (oatmeal, honey lotion, etc.etc.) have had no affect and have caused the condition to become worse.
Avatar n tn Then a couple weeks ago one morning while drinking my coffe and taking my daily pills i started sneezing and then i started gasping for breath again so bad hubby called 911 and my breathing was 98% but yet i couldn't breath so i went to er had chest x rays all came back normal,Now they said i had bronchitis and that i need an inhaler and gave me steroids for a couple days and antibotics.
Avatar m tn This skin disease commonly affects adolescents and young adults, especially in warm and humid climates and is aggravated by sweating and humidity. Topical antifungals and mild steroids are the usual treatment and combination of the two can be used to treat stubborn patches. Oral antifungal drugs and immunomodulators such as tacrolimus and pimecrolimus are used in very severe cases. The other possibilities are of eczema, lupus erythematosus or dermatitis.
Avatar n tn If I do any physical activity my hands and feet will turn very red and be very hot and I can feel the heat radiating off my hands and feet. If I am outside and the weather is hot and I am wearing flipflops my feet will get beat red and so will my hands. I dont feel any pain but it is uncomfortable because i can feel something happening in my feet and even my legs. If i take a hot shower my feet and legs become beat red and my legs get blue even and I dont know why.
Avatar n tn Hi I did IUI on Saturday and am now doing the dreadful 2WW and I am already feeling discouraged but not defeated. I have PMS signs and it sucks cuz IF and WHEN AF shows up I'm gonna feel like burying my self under my sheets and never waking up. Don't mean to seem negative but today I am feeling prety down. Anyhow good luck to both of us.
Avatar n tn If you weren't on Accutane, oral doxycycline might be useful, but you can't take that while taking Accutane (which may itself help if you finish off the course and don't use steroids any more.) This rash may take some time to heal, but it should in the end go away completely. Milk and food have nothing to do with it that I can think of. Best. Dr.
Avatar m tn Only past meds Accutane for 6 months 7 years ago and Adderall (Generic) 20mg x 2 a day I drove in my car yesterday and it was sunny and nice outside for the first time in a while..I drove about 1 hr and this morning I noticed that my left arm (arm that was in the window / in sunlight) is about 2-3 shades darker than my right (not in direct sunlight). There is also a bad tan line where my shirt skin is a little dry but does not appear overly dry.
Avatar f tn I took accutane in 1997 and since then I have had severe chronic problems with my lips which I have never had before. My lips became raw and peeling constantly and every once in a while I would get red blisters. I saw a derm. when this first occured and tried many different lip products,steroids, aquaphor, lip balms, chapsticks, vaseline, carmex. I quit seeing the derm. for quite some time because it was becoming very costly and nothing seemed to be helping.
Avatar n tn Some doctors do, but I ma not sufficiently familiar with hormone therapy to be able to answer your questions about different formulations. Antibiotics and if necessary Accutane can almost certainly clear your acne, whether you have a measurable hormone imbalance or not. Hair loss in women is very difficult to treat. Topical minoxidil, especially the 5% stength (OTC) is likely to help.
Avatar n tn The hormones can be controlled by not drinking cow's milk which contains hormones, and not using steroids.
Avatar m tn I have spent the past 25 years putting Prednisolone Acetate in my eyes (Steroid) to calm the scleritis down and keep it under controll when it flares up. Steroids can cause cataracts and so can Accutane. To keep this simple and not go into anymore detail, (I knew I had the cataracs forming over the years) I was told I was legally blind in the fall of 2010. If an eye doctor knows this they have to report it to DMV.
Avatar m tn I strictly recommend u to undergo chemical peels for 6 mnths(monthly once)(salysilic and glycolic peels alternatively) and apply hydrocortisone(for 5days after peel) as post-peel cream.... After 6 mnths don't apply any creams for 3 to 4 mnths(even if u get acne)..don't even apply moisturisers.... follow this regimen for 1 year... believe me u will have clear skin....
Avatar m tn Apart from that you need topical and oral antibiotics, antihistamines, oral steroids and topical tretinoin. My sincere advice is to get it examined from a dermatologist if the condition pesists. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 15 years old and last year I had a bit of acne at the start of the year and then went to a derm. and got rid of it after taking minocycline and benz, and differin, and my skin was completley clear.
Avatar n tn Hello and thanks for answering my question. I have been diagnosed by several dermatologists as having seborrheic dermatitis so I use TGEL shampoo and cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. Recently I stopped using moisturizers because my skin seemed too oily and voila my skin looks very good (my blepharitis also cleared up as soon as I stopped using treatments). However my extremely flaky/seemingly dry lips remain.
Avatar f tn Ever since then i sometimes (about once every few months) experience this odd sensation and it can become a bit worrying and strange. The whole room seems to have a new feeling to it- everything im doing whether it be walking or typing seems to intensify and become louder yet the actions are very exaggerated and almost speed up (only perceived this way). I find it very difficult to explain fully but i'm worried it's some early signs of a neurological condition or something?
Avatar f tn Because of all the medications I have been on (including accutane), and my consistent wearing of makeup, I feel my skin is thinning out, and I am just damaging it further. Currently i am using the skin Id acne system from neutrogena, It works decent, but It hardly keeps up with my during the day breakouts. It also dries out my skin too much. After I wash my skin at night my skin is left tight, dry and uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn Antidandruff shampoos containing antifungal agents such as ketoconazole or ciclopirox are sometimes helpful. Apart from that he may need topical and oral antibiotics, antihistamines, oral steroids and topical tretinoin. My sincere advice is to get it examined from a dermatologist and discuss this possibility with him. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.