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Avatar m tn When I have a BM I experience a sharp pain in the rectal area, and bright red blood. The bleeding has been getting progressively worse over the past year to the point where tonight, after passing stool, a few drops of blood dripped into the toilet, and there was a substantial amount of blood on the toilet paper. Also at first Also, recently i have been able to feel a small bump near the anus. It is fairly small and hard.
Avatar m tn When I have a BM I experience a sharp pain in the rectal area, and bright red blood. The bleeding has been getting progressively worse over the past year to the point where tonight, after passing stool, a few drops of blood dripped into the toilet, and there was a substantial amount of blood on the toilet paper. At first I thought hemorrhoids, but the symptoms only occur when having a BM. No pain, itching, or anything at any other time.
Avatar f tn Is anyone aware of a linkage between isotretonoin (Accutane), used for treating cystic acne, and Sjogren's, which is linked to the epithelial cells? At 21, when Accutane first appeared, doses were higher than current (I remember my skin bleeding when scratching lightly with a fingernail). I am now 51, and have had Reynaud's for a number of years, and was just diagnosed with Sjogren's. Just curious if anyone has seen this?
Avatar n tn As a start, type rectal bleeding into google and click onto one of the many sites. The Medicinenet site is particularly informative. This will give you more information for when you visit your doctor - which I suggest you should do urgently. Rectal bleeding is never normal.
Avatar n tn If you do not get a definite answer then anxiety will always be at the back of your mind because, as I mentioned above, rectal bleeding is never normal. OK - you are young and much less susceptible to the more sinister causes but you owe it to yourself and your family to put this to rest or obtain the necessary treatment at the earliest opportunity. I would urge you not to procrastinate unduly...
Avatar n tn About a year after taking accutane when I go to the sun my face does not tan evenily im left with whiter patches on each side of my face and I no have excema arounf the eyes and on my cheeks in which I never had before taking accutane and last but not least I have terrible boughts of anxiety that started mabey a year after Accutane are all of these health problems related to Accutane if they are I do not want to go back on Accutane in case these health problems get worst Thank you
Avatar f tn Every menstural cycle I have bleeding there. I checked so many times making sure it wasn't from the front. Nope. It is definately rectal bleeding. I've always gotten diarrhea/loose stools during my cycle. Constipation was one of the immediate signs I was (suprisingly) pregnant when it was cycle time.
Avatar n tn My daughter is 10 years old and she has been suffering from rectal bleeding and diarrhea for around 4 months now. We have done a blood test for her which turned out normal (haemoglobin: 125 gm/l, count of wbc: 5.900 x10^9/L and count of platelets: 298 x10^9/L. Her doctors advised doing a lower GI endoscopy for her, which we did, and the results said: At 8.0 cm, 2.0 cm raised lesion bleed easily on touch.
Avatar f tn I have sensitive skin and whilst on Accutane I used bland cleansing and moisturising products by La Roche-Posay. When deciding whether you warrant Accutane your dermatologist will consider both the severity of your acne and the psychological effect it has on your life. Accutane is the most effective known acne treatment, with 80% of patients achieving a long term remission from acne after just one course lasting 16 to 24 weeks. 20% of patients, including myself, need a second or third course.
Avatar n tn Rectal bleeding is never normal and should always be medically investigated by a G.I. specialist. For possible causes, google rectal bleeding and click onto one of the many sites - the Medicinenet site is particularly informative. You do not say how old you are but the more serious causes of rectal bleeding (colon cancer etc) are unlikely to arise before you are age ~40/50 plus. Unless your G.I. specialist can positively prove that the cause of your bleeding is minor (e.g.
Avatar n tn I've only been on Accutane (actually, a generic brand of it) for ten days, and I experienced my first migraine on day 9. I am unsure if the migraine could be connected to Accutane, but I did a little research and some instances of migraines have been reported by Accutane users. I am just uncertain because I haven't been on it very long, but I am already experiencing dry lips, so I suppose I could be experiencing other side effects already, too.
Avatar m tn hi! i've just stumbled across your post. i hope you did find answers to your questions eventually. i'm on my 3rd week of accutane and am experiencing the same ibs issues and am freaked out that i'm really messing up my body by taking the accutane. my doctor took down my dosage to every other day, but i'm leaning towards getting off of it completely. because i'm still having the symptoms.
Avatar f tn If you are having rectal bleeding, during your period or not, you should see your health care practioner as soon as possible to investigate the reason it may be happening.
Avatar n tn I am currently on accutane and am depressed... i was depressed before taking accutane but was too scared to tell someone. I cannot bear it any longer and want to tell someone. If I do, will I be taken off of accutane? I know this is a serious "side-effect", but it really isnt a side-effect because i feat this way before i even considered taking accutane. Will my doctor take me off of accutane?
Avatar n tn My son took Accutane at 16 and at 18 was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer (a lump was found on his Thyroid). After two inconclusive fine needle aspirations he had his thyroid removed along with several nodes (all showed cancer). I don't know if this was related to the Accutane.
Avatar n tn It won't make any difference if you stop the Accutane for a week. Accutane has a long half life and stays in your body for up to 5 weeks after your last dose. Therefore associated risks will not lessen until this time has passed. Eloise.
Avatar m tn The only side effects that I have are gum irritation and bleeding gums and minor cracked glans penis. Here is my question: I had a casual encounter with another man of unknown HIV status. There were only kissing, mutual masturbation and oral sex (I was the recipient). My gums were not bleeding at the moment we were kissing, but an hour later, when I got home and flossed my teeth, they bled. Could I have been exposed to HIV if my partner was HIV+?
546892 tn?1214525401 Isotretinoin is a type of medication used to treat severe acne (nodlo cystic or nodular acne) which have failed to respond to other treatments including any type of oral antibiotics and topical application creams. Accutane is strong medicine for acne cure but can have serious side effects.
Avatar n tn I have a very supporful husband and people at my church but I am tired of feeling sick and tired and the RSD keeps waking me up at night and the quality of life is the pits. Any Ideas from anone-I sound like a science experiement.please give me any answers I have seen so many doctors and nothing. All incurable and nothing to take because the don't want me adicted.
Avatar m tn Oh, I think it was from a hemorrhoid bleeding. This is because when you have some constipation and your waste gets hard and even enlarged, it will go past those delicate tissues and make them bleed, and it'll show up on toilet paper just as you described. Hemorrhoids come from straining because of constipation, the tissues swell up and will bleed and hurt when hard waste is pushed past them. The three fixes for constipation are: Enough water, enough fiber foods, and regular exercise.
Avatar f tn For the past 9 years (yes, I know...) I have been experiencing rectal bleeding off and on. Streaks on the stool but not IN the stool, bright red, and occurring probably weekly. No mucus, however sometimes the urge to have a bowel movement comes on so suddenly that I literally have to ask my husband to pull the car over in the next 5 minutes or I may not be able to make it. That only has happened a couple of times.
Avatar f tn I've had rectal bleeding for years. I always attributed it to hemorrhoids due to the fact that I have pain and itching quite frequently during and after a hard bowel movement or explosive diarrhea. I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago. Today I had explosive diarrhea with a fair amount of blood. The doctor did a digital rectal exam and found multiple hemorrhoids.
1086334 tn?1272575756 I am having heavy rectal bleeding during my bowel movements and it is not just a streak of blood, but it is bright red and plenty of it. It literally turns the toilet bowl water red to where you can't see through it. It is also very painful to go, because i am always constipated and it makes the bleeding worse. I have been taking metamucil, but all it is doing is making my bowels softer, but I still bleed just as heavy during a BM.
Avatar n tn thanks a lot for your opinion, and sorry for your friend..:( wil tel him about all this ..
Avatar n tn I agree with butterscotch23. Rectal bleeding is never normal and should always be investigated. If the bleeding is torrential or if you are expelling frequent significant volumes of blood this can be life threatening and you will require emergency hospital treatment and blood transfusions. Five years ago I suffered massive diverticular bleeding and, over a period of several days, I required about 16 pints of blood plus other I.V. solutions etc.
897400 tn?1303329148 I just saw a GI Monday. I had been having severe contraction in my GI tract from my esophagus to my rectum. I had experienced tiny spots of blood a couple of times in the last 2 months, but couldn't tell if it was vaginal or rectal. I have the test kit to check for occult bleeding, but was unable to use it because I had a period that just ended yesterday. Anyway....this morning I had a BM and I am definitely bleeding from my rectum. It's bright red.
Avatar f tn I suggest that you type in rectal bleeding to google/yahoo and click on to one of the sites that will provide more information. The Medicinenet site is particularly informative. With this information you will be much better informed when you visit a G.I. specialist (which I strongly suggest). Unless the doctor can positively confirm that the cause of your bleeding is one of the minor causes (such as anal fissure or haemorrhoids) I suggest that you insist on a colonoscopy.