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Avatar n tn Potential side effects include fragile and sensitized skin, dry lips and eyes, temporary hair loss or increased hair growth, nail dystrophy, muscle or joint pain and changes in mood. You will have to have regular liver function tests whilst on this drug as it can raise your cholesterol. Eloise.
Avatar f tn Common side effects include fragilised skin, dry lips and eyes, muscle and joint pain and temporary hair loss or an increase in hair growth. Although no causal link has been established, 1% of Accutane patients report psychological problems including depression and suicidal thoughts. These potential side effects must be balance against the fact that Accutane is a very effective treatment for severe cystic acne which has not responded to standard treatments.
Avatar n tn Hi. Accutane can cause temporary hair loss (alopecia) or an increase in hair growth (hirsutism). These and other side effects should reverse about 5 weeks after you stop your medicine. Accutane has a long half-life so traces will be in your body for up to 5 weeks after completing the course. Eloise.
Avatar n tn Yes i read both your post and your message to another member. Your doctor was mistaken in thinking there was no possible link between accutane and hair growth. The wording in the accutane leaflet is "there may be a loss (or rarely an increase) of hair". As for learning to deal with your acne, good for you, and i hope you out-grow it soon.
Avatar n tn I'm not familiar with extra hair growth caused by Accutane--I certainly haven't seen it. I can't explain your observation, except to speculate that you looked at yourself more carefully than before because you were concerned about side-effects. I'd shave the hair and forget about it--just ask your doctor next time you go. Best. Dr.
Avatar n tn I have very thick long hair and after 5 months I started lossing my hair. I mean clumps of hair falling out. I have been off Accutane for 5 weeks now and its still falling out.
Avatar n tn and I'm about to start my third trial of accutane. I've been reading a lot about hair loss online and the drug recently... and i was wondering, if i didn't experience hair loss with my first two trials, should I not be worried about experiencing it this time? My dermatologist says chances are I won't lose my hair, and if I do, it'll be temporary.. but still, after all the complaints I've read, i'm seriously horrified. Can anyone offer an opinion?
Avatar n tn About two and half months after ending the treatment I noticed lots of shedding/hair loss when I wash my hair and brush my hair. I have been of the medication for 5 months now and I feel my hair is thinner than before and the shedding continues and it feels very dry. I saw my dermatologist last week for a follow check and mentioned this to her. she told my to use rogaine 2 times a day and recommended a 10% glycolic acid shampoo.
1091136 tn?1256873677 Im 17, almost 18, i've been on accutane fro about 3 months now and noticed for the past while that the hair at my temples on the sides is thinning, and didn't realize that it could be caused by accutane. Will it grow back? Right now its not bald, but its thinning and short and im worried that it won't come back thicker. Will it come back thicker? I don't really have really thick hair, its about medium. Will it come back at all? I really hope so!
Avatar n tn it looks like a circle on on side of my chin with not alot of hair growth and it is whiter and will not tan. then there is small spots where hair doesnt seem to be growing anymore also. Can you give me an idea of what is wrong and will I probably get my tan color back.
651194 tn?1224038519 Accutane has many potential side effects including dry lips, fragile and sensitized skin, temporary hair loss or an increase in hair growth, muscle or joint pain and mood change. However, this must be balanced against the fact that it is your best hope of a long term remission from acne. As with some other treatments, accutane can induce a temporary worsening of acne (initial outbreak) during the first few weeks of treatment, as unseen pimples come to the surface.
Avatar n tn I am a 27 y/o female and have had abnormal hair growth on my stomach and chin area the past few years. Also I have suffered from many pimples/acne on my face and other areas Are these related to some hormonal imbalance and what can be done about them?? One other thing is that for around 5 or so years now I have had large pimple like growths under my arms that eventually burst containing a puss like substance and blood. After they have healed they leave scarring.
Avatar m tn Your hair needs vitamins and minerals to grow that it can only get from the bloodstream. So if you want to speed up your hair growth and thickness you should limit the intake of fat and salts. Selenium, zinc and magnesium are some of the minerals that your hair needs and also amino acids will help in growing hairs. You can regularly massage scalp with oil, use protein conditioner to avoid loss and help growing, prevent exposure in hot sun etc.
Avatar n tn i have started accutane 4 days ago u lot a getting me scared but my face it terrible let u know how i get on
Avatar n tn Also, I noticed an increase in hair growth on my chin. And, this suggested to myself that i may have a hormonal problem (as testosterone does induce acne and hair growth). I requested Diane 35 from my doctor. He perscribed me the medication and after one month my face is so clear that people can't help to ask me how my skin went from being completely broken out to a perfect complexion. I've never been so happy with my skin - finally my battle with acne is over!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Accutane is known to cause problems in skeletal system of growing teens. I took it around the same age as your son and had severe pain. I called "Rosche" the company that makes Accutane and they said it can stunt growth in teens by closing the epiphyseal plates prematurely. I'm 21 now and my height of 5'7'' hasn't increased since my last cycle of Accutane. I also remember having severe joint and muscle pain after HS tennis practices. - 21 male.
Avatar n tn I'd say I've lost approximately half my hair and what remains has become very fine (I'm part African American and before accutane I had moderately coarse and very thick hair). Is my hair loss really temporary and is the change in texture normal? Will it go away with time? Has additional time helped anyone with their hair loss? Any information you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at the address below.
Avatar n tn Hair loss (alopecia) has been reported and more rarely a temporary increase in hair growth (hirsutism) can occur. I have taken Accutane twice if anyone would like further information, please visit the acne forum. Eloise.
Avatar n tn The problem i have is that i am east indian and both of my brothers have alot of facial hair. Im 18 and i have not that much facial hair where all the guys in my family especially cousins, uncles etc have a ton of facial hair. I know people are going to say i regret wishing for more facial hair but i am wondering why i have little facial hair compared to my peers?
Avatar m tn Hi. Accutane shrinks the sebacous glands and sometimes the hairs which grow from them are affected. Temporary hair loss (alopecia) or an increase of hair growth (hirsutsim) may occur. Such side effects usually reverse 5 weeks after stopping the medicine. Accutane has many potential side effects but this must be balanced against the fact that it can result in a long term remission from severe acne, where other treatments have resulted in failure or relapse.
Avatar n tn I took doxycycline about 5 years ago and my hair still hasn't grown back. Hair loss was not even listed as a possible side effect. I ended up taking accutane and felt no negative side effects so clearly doxycycline has an inherent flaw.
Avatar n tn Stick with and don't give up yet! I finished my Accutane course in May '09. I had breakouts almost up to the very end. As soon as I stopped taking the Accutane my skin had a chance to heal and now it's completely clear. I haven't had a breakout since. I know it's frustrating but it will pay off!
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Avatar f tn I used to have very bad acne and cysts at a very young age. Then around 14 I started getting abnormal hair growth.. it's very severe. I do a good job at hidding it so no one really understands the severity of it. I have to shave every day; my face, stomach, breasts, feet, everything. Even the hair on my legs grows back in one day. I just can't seem to get rid of it.
Avatar n tn I don't know why there is hair inside the cysts. It's not somehting I've seen. But it does point to the advisability of removing the hair permanently (electrolysis, laser.) Dr.
Avatar f tn But then I went on accutane for my severe acne...and guess oily hair went away too (granted because accutane prevents glands from producing sebum)! It was great, i could wash my hair every second day and not have to worry about the oil getting all over my face! After accutane the oily hair seemed to be under control still, but then a few years later my acne came back, as well as the oily hair. So i went back on accutane at 17 for a second round, and once again, great hair came back.
Avatar n tn After taking the accutane, i noticed i started growing alot of facial hair, and now i have extremely thick facial hair all over my face and neck. I've had laser hair removal done on my neck (about 12 sessions), and even though some of the hair in my neck areas has been removed, i still need to shave the area and I still get razor bumps/ingrown hairs.
Avatar n tn Cyproterone acetate is a progestogen with anti-androgen effects that blocks the action of male hormones that are believed to contribute to acne and the growth of unwanted facial and body hair. Other drugs with anti-androgen effects include flutamide and spironolactone, both of which can give some improvement in hirsutism. ref:http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn I have never had any problems with oily skin or oily hair ever. I wash my hair daily and condition. I have not changed my daily regimen in 2 years One thing I have tried was applied Shower to Shower powder to my hair before going to bed and washed out in the morning (not the sexiest looking thing at night but it helps). It drastically reduced the oil, but came back 2 days later. The only thing I worry about is clogging the glands that are producing the oil, so I don't do it daily...