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Avatar f tn Omg, I have no idea, but the sooner your cousin gets this bunny to a Vet, the better! I will be honest and say, I've never seen an abscess before, so *maybe*. Please forgive me, but I am having a hard time telling what part of the bunny I am looking at???
1657910 tn?1302375661 Hi Ladies, I remember reading (I think from Jo) that there is a 2 day time window to get an abscess drained from your doctor. Why is this? When is this? Etc, etc, etc???? My docs have never mentioned this and I have just always had mine burst on their own. I usually take care of the wounds myself, though I did just find out that one of them I should of had packed. My hubby and friend really thought I should go to the doctor but I said it was ok.
Avatar n tn It went away in a few days. She said its an abscess. I got another one now and its really small comapared to the one I had before but its on the right side this time she prescribed me dicloxacillin again and said it should go away soon. This time it didn't need to be popped because its really small and donts hurt at all like the first one. Hope this helps but I do suggest to anyone to not rely on a fourm / website for info to go to a doctor or emergency room to get it taken care of.
Avatar f tn On Jan. 16 I woke up with this awful pimple/abscess on my chin. I left it alone all day, and it got worse. When I came home I cleaned it. (I've posted picture of the progression on my profile/album). Since then, I still have a lump on my face that won't go away. It hasn't changed in size at all and I don't know what to do about it. Any ideas on what may be going on and/or what I can do about it? I've tried pimple cream but it didn't work. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I'm 35eks,6 days n I went to the hospital and the doctor said I had a abscess n they had to drain it and put a small catheter in. I didn't know what was about to happen, it hurt like crazy is all I can say. If anyone has something like this get it check right away because it will only get worse.
Avatar n tn It sounds as if your sore is an abscess, and without medical care it won't heal properly...and it may continue to get worse. Lots of air is key to the healing process. Keeping your leg elevated as much as possible may help as well. If the sore has been there for a year, and the santyl isn't helping...I would suggest it's time to see the doctor.
1548207 tn?1303457780 She asked me to clean ot with Betadine (antiseptic solution) which I kept handy ever since this abscess series. And then do the gauze dressing just like you did. Basically you just have to try and keep it infection free untill you see your doctor. I went to see her the next day and she cleaned everything out by expressing it (I still remember the pain while she was pressing I almost drove out some of her patients waiting outside bcoz of my oooo aaaaaass and ouch :)).
Avatar n tn Keep hot compresses in mind if you should ever have a problem with an abscess or a wound that won't heal.
Avatar n tn I have used antibiotic to help heal it before, but it does not seem to be doing anything to heal it completely. What should I do?
Avatar f tn I plan on getting dental care once I get done with antibiotics. Just worried the abscess won't drain and I will be swollen the whole time I heal. Just want to make sure I am ok.
Avatar n tn Ever since, it was hurting whenever I tried to bite something hard with that tooth but didn't seek for more treatment because my dentist said it could take longer to heal. Last week, I started having this dull ache on the tooth and few days later my face started getting swollen. I went to see my dentist and he said it was infected because he must've missed a canal. My question starts here... He cut through the gum and removed pus inside and put a rubber like stuff in there.
1551642 tn?1294355534 This is such an interesting question and one that I have obsessed over. My experince may not be the same as others, of course. Toward the beginning of my disease, before I was being seen by a rheumatologist, I had an open wound that had been created by the breast surgeon's puncturing a boil and draining it to get a sample. Later, another boil joined with the first one, burst and this created an even bigger hole (probably 3/4 in. long) which continually drained.
127596 tn?1210926222 The pain will go away usually in a matter of hours after the abscess is drained but sometimes lasts a day or so. It will take a couple of weeks to fully heal and there will be some scarring. This is a small price to pay, however, considering that an abscess can be immensely painful.
Avatar f tn ) who performed second fistulotomy in November 08 and had to cauterize with silver nitrate in March 09 to get the last small opening to finally heal over. After about a month of being healed, my abcess recurred in almost the exact same spot!!! Went to the ER near home last Sunday and on-call surgeon drained in the ER (WON'T allow that again if it's necessary since that area doesn't respond to lidocaine and the whole event was VERY painful...).
Avatar f tn i have 6 setons in right now, but my holes won't heal even with medication...how are you coping?
Avatar n tn Some people are saying it might be a caker sore or an abscess. The bump became bigger and I noticed a white substance inside of the bump. It grew bigger than with the help of hot water and salt it began to drain. First question what is this on my gum? How long does it take to heal? and Should I go to the dentist after it fully heals?
Avatar n tn Hello, This persistent abscess that does not get cleared with antibiotics is called Parulis as this elevated nodule is actually an opening of fistulous tract from some chronic abscess either in association with tooth (periapical abscess) or gum abscess or could be sinus in your case. As I can not do physical exam hence can not say for sure about the origin of the abscess. It needs x-ray and second opinion of a dentist who can examine.
Avatar f tn Hi was on prednisone for 20 weeks. It does slow your healing but does not stop your healing. It slowed the progression of the abcesses, which was nice. For a stretch of time I did have reluef, but I did get a few abcesses when I was down to 10mg. The prednisone did stop the inflammation. I think it was the right path for my recovery.
Avatar f tn I have no idea what it is. It won't heal. It's right below my armpit. It's very red, itches, and hurts to touch. It bleeds a lot too and I end up using a lot of band-aids and no one knows why they disappear, but I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone. I know I should, please don't tell me that, just give me ideas of what it is. It's quite large, and very leaky. It's always oozing something.
Avatar f tn Well this does rather sound like an abscess. The important thing is to bathe it frequently with warm water and antiseptic, and try to keep the wound open, so that it will keep draining out all the gunk and pus. Gently squeeze it each time, to see if any more needs to come out. But don't let it heal over until you are 100% sure the abscess is clear. It might be wise to take her in to be checked by the vet.
Avatar n tn I thought it was an abscess forming so I called my dentist and got an emergency appointment. My gum had swollen between two teeth, not considerably but enough to see something wasn't right. My dentist flossed, took an x ray and then did a scale and polish. He said more than likely some food got trapped down there and caused inflammation and the pain will subside.
Avatar f tn As Margot said, it may be a cyst or abscess. I don't know where you live, or what diseases are present in your area, but if it is a cyst or abscess, then it isn't contagious. But do be careful to wash your hands with hot water and soap after handling it ir bathing the wound, etc, as sometimes infections like this can cause stomach upsets, if the bacteria are transferred to your mouth or food etc. At one month, he is really young and tough in his little way...yet also very vulnerable.
Avatar n tn I just felt I had trauma and needed time to heal and didn't need a root canal. Had one scheduled however office called and cancelled my root canal due to schedule problem. The tooth doesn't bother me anymore can chew on it hot/cold doesn't bother it. However I have a hard small lump on lower gum that was sore but getting not as sore. What is it? Did my root go through bottom of jaw?
579258 tn?1250652943 Fearing I had an abdominal abscess that was nearing the bursting point, I went to a third physician at the local county Emergency Room. Following an ultrasound and bloodwork, an iv with morphine and anti-nausea medication, the ER physician felt it was necessary to call in a surgical consult. Two young interns came and assessed the situation and felt the mass was above and not through the abdominal muscles and completely ruled out the hernia scenario.
168348 tn?1379360675 It is blending into the skin nicely but the area where there was a stitch abscess it just won't heal and there is a scab where it keeps reopening and oozing .. it is a nice round area with red around it ... I go back in about 10 days I think .. it is more pesky than harmful. I know that waiting feeilng ... then I realized even if mine was Melanoma as long as it was superficial I had nothing more to worry about bcz it is gone ..