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Avatar f tn “only need anticoagulant if having surgery in the future” 2009-2010- worsening headaches, partial loss of vision in right eye for approximately 3-4 hours, eye exam normal(“it’s migraine-related”), weakness on right side, paresthesias, occasional brief episodes of word finding difficulty and expressive aphasia, some short term memory loss, paresthesias left arm, mixed urinary incontinence, urethral sphincter weakness Sept 2010- lung nodule in lingual which was monitored had TB test and Flu shot
Avatar f tn Now lips and chin number. On 2 antiobiotics since original opening of abscess--Flagyl and Clindomycin. Area of abscess better but pain in face and numbers lingers on. Have felt very sick. WBC was normal but this was after many days on antibiotic. Sed rate high. Went to dentist first who thought it was salivary gland infection-def not a tooth. Went to ENT and she said not salivary gland. They could see infected area.
203342 tn?1328740807 Hello sweetie - oh, how my heart aches for you. Not sure if I know enough to help you, but here goes..... I have never had an "ulcer or crypt abscess" removed. When I have had a flare, the inflammation that causes the ulcers and abscesses (which burst with terrible bleeding from the anus) has always been treated with IV steroids (prednisone).
Avatar n tn The X-ray didn't reveal anything, but the CT scan showed an abscess. The doctor called it a retro-tracheal abscess, which isn't even a thing because these things don't usually happen in this spot. More common is a retropharyngeal abscess which can usually be traced back to some sort of trauma (food getting stuck in the throat or something). In my husband's case, we have no idea what caused it.
Avatar f tn It gets so bad that his pads ulcer and bleed. We have spent $2000 on vet bills trying to treat the problem. He was getting steroid shots. They worked but his pads would swell and bleed the next week. He has also tried doxycycline with no help. He will be trying atopica after he finished up these other medications next week. He Is such a happy beautiful cat and I fear this disease will kill him. I am really praying atopica works.
Avatar n tn what meds is this person on..have they been ill recently - is there pain vs no pain ..male or female...past medical history...trauma...are there any other symptoms....this is why we can't give advice over the phone..it's almost impossible...we don't have x-ray vision nor can we see what cells are doing if there is an xray...it's just ridiculous.
Avatar n tn I really don't know but I think it might be too early for you to test. I think the a day 3 vs a day 5 might make a difference. I know it will be hell until Monday but stay hopeful. I hope it all works out for you.
551343 tn?1506834118 So a couple of days ago I developed what we think is an anal abscess. I think my body is giving up the ghost and this is due to poor nutrition. So it's off to GP today. As you can see I'm not embarrassed to talk about anything. I've had bladder incontinence, bowel incontinence a few times. Pride becomes a thing of the past. I've always said I would help anyone in limbo as I hope nobody has to go through the hoops I've gone through.