Abscess under toenail

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1415174 tn?1453246703 If you have had this how long did it take for your toe nail bed to heal (without surgery) and what antibiotic were you on? p.s. my culture was negative but I have no pus or abscess so he couldn't get any fluid out of it.
Avatar n tn The yellow-green color, indicates that a collection of pus has formed under the skin (called an abscess). If this is the case it may require an incision and drainage. Warm soaks in a mixture of 50% warm water and 50% liquid antibacterial soap 3-4 times daily for about 15 minutes. In extreme cases, infection can move under the fingernail and need partial or complete nail removal. In your case there there does seem to be some cellulitis, involved and probably requires antibiotics.
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Avatar n tn i hope i'm not offending u but what if there is no discharge. i have absolutely none.my problem is the itching, especially on my right side of my "lip". it feels as if bugs are scurrying under my skin.