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Avatar f tn the tooth broke off only some left close to the gums. My cheek is swollen near right side of nose and mouth and up under my right eye; very bad pain. Dentist put me on penicillin. My question is can they pull the tooth out while I am swollen? and how bad will it feel when they pull it? I have a fear of dentist and I will get it pulled out because I am more worried about the infection spreading to my brain ect..
1399266 tn?1280640704 My 8 year old cat, Kupid was diagnosed with a dental abscess about a week ago and put on clindamycin 1 ml twice a day. When she started she had a pink drainage coming from her right eye and right nostril. Her eye has gotten better and her nose has slightly improved. She is still sneezing and looks terrible but she is eating on her own. This cat has failed the pre anesthesia test twice after having complications during her spay surgery so we are reluctant to put her under to pull her tooth.
Avatar n tn This morning I was petting him and found crustiness under his chin. It was a dried scab sort of thing. I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and salt water. It's a hole like a pimple. It's a lump too. Only blood was on the qtip, nothing yellow. I checked his teeth, they all look ok. I can't see under his tongue. He's been acting normally, eating hard and soft food, going to the bathroom, etc.
Avatar n tn ) After feeling the scalple slicing open my abscess, then the doctor found a previous abscess under that one and had to slice it open as well. After all of this, it was time to begin packing the wound with this stringgy gauze filled with antibiotic by using a small pair of sissors to do it. I felt everything! It felt like he was poking the abscess with the sharp sissor and then dragging it around the inside edges of the wound. Another very painful and tramatic experience!
Avatar n tn It went away in a few days. She said its an abscess. I got another one now and its really small comapared to the one I had before but its on the right side this time she prescribed me dicloxacillin again and said it should go away soon. This time it didn't need to be popped because its really small and donts hurt at all like the first one. Hope this helps but I do suggest to anyone to not rely on a fourm / website for info to go to a doctor or emergency room to get it taken care of.
Avatar n tn o Antibiotics o Surgical drainage of abscess If the symptoms still persist, consult your skin specialist or dermatologist. Let us know about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts. Regards.
Avatar m tn My dog has a gooey bloody bump under his eye. When pressed with warm wet towel the blood shows on the towel. He scratches it every one in a while and when tried to clean it with a Cotton swab he cries a little. Could it be a stye or a bug bite that got infected?He rarely goes outside though.. If anyone knows of anything i can do to help this heal please reply.
Avatar n tn I woke up this moring and found a huge purple blotch right under my eye on my skin. It does not hurt and my eye itself is not red and my vision is fine. I did not bump it. How did this get here and will it go away. It is so dark that make up won't even conceal it.
Avatar n tn Hi I have a few questions first thing I have an abscess that is caused by my k9 or eye tooth and the abscess is all along the side of my nose and under my eye I went to urgent care and was given doxycycline hyclate 100mg twice a day along with pain meds but about two days after starting the meds my swelling became really bad my eye was even swollen.
Avatar f tn Anyways, It has been about 3 days and it seems like the abscess is constantly leaking pus down my throat. My throat is sore and raw, I constantly taste the foul pus, especially when i talk or put any type of pressure on the area. I can't take it being that i am a germ freak. I have tried to pop it but it just slowly comes out (no blood) and It seems like its a small, hard, white ball that kind of moves around under the gum. I don't know what to do??? Please help?
Avatar f tn I had a root canal done on tooth #29 about ten years ago after an injury to the tooth. All seemed well until I noticed a swelling under this tooth a few weeks ago that hurt when pressed. I called the dentist and was told I had an abscess. She prescribed me 150mg Clindamycin over ten days for the infection and referred me to an endodontist. The endodontist retreated the root canal a couple weeks later. A few hours after the retreated root canal became horribly painful and I noticed some swelling.
Avatar n tn I just felt something under my eye, thinking it was an eyelash, I went into the bathroom to investigate... What I found scared me. Rightfully so I think, it's not an eyelash. It looks a bit like an infection my body has isolated and is taking care of, though a chronic sufferer of eyelashes in the eyes I get a a lot of time looking at my eyes. Never seen a growth before. Anyone have any thoughts? Please, tell me what you think...
Avatar n tn I started on Saturday Night and today (Monday) i've woken up with the swelling right up to under my eye. Am I expecting the antibiotics to work too fast and will it go away over the ten days? I feel fine otherwise- just very concerned and a little scared...
Avatar n tn i just noticed , my dog suddenly had a swollen ball under his eye. what could this be from?? he is eating and drinking and acting normal except the ball under his eye stands out very much and it only occurred minutes ago.. does anyone knowwhat it could be from?? and what i can do???
Avatar m tn It is difficult to comment without examination. Lump under the ear could also be an abscess, folliculitis (hair follicle infection), lipoma (localized collection of fat), a cyst, an inflamed lymph node or a neurofibroma (localized harmless swelling in of nerve and connective tissue). It could also be TMJ. Please consult your PCP for a preliminary examination. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn I have a small lump right on the bottom of my left nostril, half inside half outside. It's completely under the skin, not red or anything, and hurts when I touch it. I just found it today. Should I be worried about it?
Avatar n tn Today, still no pain, but late this afternoon I started to feel tenderness by my nose and for the last several hours I have swelling in my face causing my right under eye to be puffy. I feel afraid. Is it safe to fall asleep? Thank you so much.
Avatar n tn Three weeks ago i had 9 cavities filled (under IV sedation) and had no problem until a few days after it had been done. I noticed a little bit of sensitivity in a few teeth which i thought as normal. I then started getting jaw pain (when i eat, if something cold hits certain teeth, and even for no reason). It's so bad that i will wake up in the middle of the night crying. The pain seems to be on my lower jaw/at the place where the top and bottom of my jaw meet.
Avatar n tn Three weeks ago i had 9 cavities filled (under IV sedation) and had no problem until a few days after it had been done. I noticed a little bit of sensitivity in a few teeth which i thought as normal. I then started getting jaw pain (when i eat, if something cold hits certain teeth, and even for no reason). It's so bad that i will wake up in the middle of the night crying. The pain seems to be on my lower jaw/at the place where the top and bottom of my jaw meet.
Avatar n tn My 5 month old feline has a large (.5 inch diameter) open wound under her tail, near her anus. She was in quite a bit of pain. She would not let me even touch her tail. It looked like a mosquito bite yesterday. I gave her a bath, poured hydrogen peroxide on the wound and gave her the recomended dosage of benadryl. She was very appreciative afterwards. I looked at it again and it was an open, deep wound. The original bite must have been fluid-filled.
Avatar n tn I am 34 and have an extremely painful large protruding lump under my armpit. I have never had anything like this every before. It is growing rapidly and now changing to a pinkish tone. I went to a doctor and he said it is an infected gland and put me on some antibiotics. He said it should work. It isn't. I work at a job where I am irritating it constanly. It seems to grow more then. Should I get it drained or wait for it to burst on its own? I am worried about the pain of the draining.
Avatar n tn I am military and must move to England next month. I have no idea of dental care over there, and I feel like I'm under pressure to get this done before I leave. In the past year I have had some strange health problems with gluten intolerance, so I don't know how my body will react to this invasion. What is your opinion? Thank you!
Avatar n tn Can anyone help me to understand why my five year old daughters eyes are so puffy. It's eye lids and under eye are baggy. This has been since Tuesday. fever started on Thursday. Fluctuating as high as 102.7 . No pain either. So concerned.
459853 tn?1283144114 It is also possible it could be an abscess caused perhaps by some cut or puncture wound. Can you see anything on her skin under the fur? If she is fighting something like that she will not feel 100% My feeling is that you should take her for the vet to look at her, to be on the safe side. Especially as it does seem to be affecting her breathing.
Avatar m tn The cold did seem to be gone, but then swelling started in the cheek under the eye, the third eye lid was swollen and the white goop was back. We then tried Cephalexin orally, Gentamicin Sulfate eye drops and an anti inflammatory/pain pills. The swelling in her cheek went down and the white goop from her eye got better but her third eye was still showing. Within a few days off the meds, it was getting worse, a really swollen third eyelid and cheek and white goop.
Avatar n tn The doctor told me it was most likely an abscess and wrote me a prescription for 250 mg of Amoxicillin (3x a day) and told me to get to a dentist the next day because she assumed they were going to want to lance/drain the infection. I was able to see a dentist today and after an x-ray he determined extraction would be the best option for me since the decay extends under the bone.
326297 tn?1194453506 my question is the my eye has been itcy and has a sticky yellow substance when i wake up. i was wondering what is it,.... and about two days later i got this little bump on my right side of my head ..just below the ear, behind the jaw line and it hurts when i do touch it...thenin two weeks i got a bump size of alemon or a bit smaller under my chin and that one hurts on its own 24/7 i was thinking its an infection but the cancer idea is in the air...