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Avatar f tn Most x-rays will not provide excellent clarity of a crowned tooth, thus missing the decay. If you are having pain, the tooth under the crown is inflamed, infected and bacteria are usually the cause. Antibiotics may provide some temporary partial relief but will likely not cure the problem. A root canal is most likely needed, and a dentist can do this, but the best is to see an Endodontics, which is a specialist for doing root canals.
Avatar n tn Doxycyclin may not be the antibiotic of choice if the tooth under the crown has now become infected. It would at least warrant a call. Please don't wait out the two weeks. Infections can become incredibly nasty in a short period of time where a phone call may solve the problem. Please don't put this off. GOOD LUCK.
Avatar f tn But, to answer your question, most of the cheek swelling was toward the lower jaw and there is a knot along the jawline that has been present since the 18/19 crown work and it became enlarged after the #14 crown prep. That's why I felt the #14 crown prep exacerbated the #18 and #19 infection. But, the gum itself did not swell anymore than it already is. Given what I've told you so far, do you have an opinion about an apicoectomy for #18 and 19?
Avatar n tn I have an abscess that developed at the root underneath the crown. My options another root canal, pull tooth, c how infection clears depending how severe or a little bit more drilling if tooth is decayed. I hope this puts your thoughts at ease. My apt is today. I'll let know how it turned out.
Avatar f tn He said a upper tooth on that side showed infection and it had already had a root canal and crown, so he retreated the tooth. He said the tooth smelled horrible while he was cleaning it out. He wasn't going to put me on antibiotics but I kind of insisted. It has been several weeks and the nodes in my neck are still swollen and now the ones under my jaw are swelling up and I have stiffness at the base of the back of my head and neck..
Avatar f tn Having no idea what was wrong I went to the doctors and was put on amoxcillin (they weren't sure what was wrong as the abscess isn't visible, it is really high up under my lip and quite large). Some of my swelling has gone down since and the pain has completely stopped, although obviously the abscess still causes discomfort because of the pressure, does this mean my front tooth has died? It has changed in colour, it's now slightly greyish.
Avatar n tn The initial dentist took an x-ray, placed the crown back on, and proceeded to inform me that the bump was a sign of infection under the molar in between the two root areas you typically see on a molar x-ray, though the infection did not show up in an x-ray. Since he wasn't my primary dentist, and was rushing very fast that day, I decided to consult with my primary dentist for a second opinion. Again, I received an x-ray, and then he examined me.
Avatar m tn I had a crown fitted several years ago on my lower left molar 2nd to last, I have no wisdom teeth, and now, several years later, I experience moments of pain and discomfort lasting a week to 3 weeks. I am begining to think the tooth under my crown has become infected as even the tooth where the crown meets is beginning to turn black. I also get a bubble of pus on my gums under the crowned tooth that fills and fills until it bursts on its own.
Avatar f tn Had abscessed tooth on top under gold crown. At the same time bottom gums swelled and I was told that one of my back molars needed extracted. Had 3 teeth pulled. My gums are still swollen on bottom which all doctors say they look pink and healthy. I feel pressure in my jaw. I feel like I'm being strangled in my throat. Now I feel like I'm in a tunnel when I speak. All these symptoms came one after the other and I don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn Since I was not in pain and there was nothing evident on the x-ray, she said she would put temp crown on and when perm crown came in she would put it on with temp cement for a few months to see if there was a problem. The temp crown was fine for a few days, except the bite was too high. After a few days a bit broke off and after that there was a swishy feeling whenever I bit down but no pain. I explained this to the dentist when I went for the perm crown.
Avatar m tn After a few days I noticed swollen lump on gum under crown but still no pain. Went to dentist to file it down, she had a quick look and said I had an abscess, may need RCT and gave me antibiotics. She said that even though she had suggested temp cement because I was in no pain she had actually used perm cement so would have to drill through. Gum still swollen and felt wobbly, so saw dentist again.
Avatar n tn I kept getting ear infections and tooth pain, so I've been placed on pain meds and amoxicillin/z-pak for the past month to keep things under control (not continuously mind you.) Also, my endodontist informed me that there is a small hole trying to work its way towards the outside of that tooth, and this needs to be taken care of immediately as well, but it's something he can do while we're doing the root canal (I forget the term he used for it).
Avatar n tn Now he says the abscess will need to be dealt with. Root canal and cerec crown. I don't have $990 for a root canal and no job and dental insurance. I feel his improper cerec job caused this bacteria and now I have a bigger problem and they get $1400 for the onlay and $990 for 2390? I don't have faith in his work now. I'm going to try to heal the abscess and not bite on that side. It was never right from the moment he gave me a shot in the gum for that tooth. He gave me 3 shots to that tooth.
Avatar f tn I still have an ulcer and quite a bit of pain on the gum under the crown. The novacaine injection hurt terribly, like never before. Could there have been some damage that I still have pain. The office told me to keep gargling with salt water. But after 10 days, the ulcer from what I think was trauma from the instruments is still here. Can this trauma cause an abscess?
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a crown in my front teeth(#8). A root canal was performed and then the crown was fitted. Recently I noticed bad breath. After a while I figured out that the source of the bad breath was the gum area right above the crown. If I rub my finger in the gum area just above the crown, it smells really bad. I can even smell it in the floss after I have flossed the crown tooth. My dentist did the ususl once-every 6 months cleaning but the smell persists.
20847907 tn?1534543344 can tooth abscess cause a lymph node to rise i had it removed and the dentist said that there was an infection inside the tooth under the crown ( he said the tooth was split via xray ) but as he took the tooth out he said it had infection of it and gave me antibiotics
Avatar n tn He stated he couldn't determine if decay was present under the crown without venturing in, possibly damaging the crown. He then went back into his speel about retreating the root canal as a possibility and asked if I wanted him to perform the retreatment there and now. I decided to wait. I believe another opinion would do me more good than an unnecessary root canal retreatment.
Avatar n tn Hi, Since last year my crown cracked on my left side (3rd to last) and started cracking away until there was a hole in place of the crown. Starting early last week on 9/8 when I woke up in the morning, there was a sudden pain in the 2nd to the last teeth on my last side (teeth after my cracked crown). The pain lasted till today 9/16. Everytime I chew, it hurts and sometimes when I brush my teeth it hurts as well and it bleeds a little.
Avatar f tn I just returned from a check-up. I was concerned about pain and sensitivity that has been developing under a crown I had put in about 3 years ago. I noticed the discomfort probably a year ago, but when I would get X-rays at my old dental office, I was reassured it was fine, I'm assuming because it was not bad enough for a root canal? But it always felt like it would get worse.
Avatar n tn Not sure how to word this. I have developed and abscess under a crown with a root canal on my lower right molar second from the end. I am now seeing an endodonist to treat the abscess and he has warned me about a possible "crack", or fracture that would require removal of the tooth. I am experiencing high levels of anxety after reading other forums on the possiblity of "jaw infection" as the xray did show a clearly deifned area of swelling where the abscess located..
Avatar f tn red, the tooth side all purpleish-red with something like pus..blood was seeping out from under the entire crown. Blood smelled foul. my neck has a swollen lymph node on that side, fever of over 99, went to dentist yesterday and she said I "must be still grinding my teeth." She tried to make me feel it's my fault for not wearing my nightguard. However, she is the one who told me to stop wearing the nightguard, after my last root canal.
Avatar n tn i just noticed , my dog suddenly had a swollen ball under his eye. what could this be from?? he is eating and drinking and acting normal except the ball under his eye stands out very much and it only occurred minutes ago.. does anyone knowwhat it could be from?? and what i can do???
Avatar n tn I had a root canal and porcelain crown work done in 2007 3 days ago I woke up with a swollen cheek. I live in Toronto and it was a mandatory long weekend so I ended up going to ER where I was prescribed Tramadol HCL XR (Tridural) once a day for the pain and Amoxicilin 500mg (3 times a day for 14 days) for the infection. Doc thought it to be a gum or tooth abscess.
Avatar m tn Since I was not in pain and there was nothing evident on the x-ray, she said she would put temp crown on and when perm crown came in she would put it on with temp cement for a few months to see if there was a problem. The temp crown was fine for a few days, except the bite was too high. After a few days a bit broke off and after that there was a swishy feeling whenever I bit down but no pain. I explained this to the dentist when I went for the perm crown.
Avatar f tn Infections spread rapidly in the mouth!!! Do you mean an abscess or a tumor. Abscess if you don't know is usually an infection under the tooth in the roots. I know it can be expensive but you shouldn't be in this discomfort! They use different antibiotics for different infections. I do wonder why you didn't go back before this! Dental pain can be so bad. Take care.
Avatar f tn I have a pea-sized hard lump in my jaw right under the area that I have a broken molar where a crown once was. The remaining tooth is brownish/black. Any thoughts when the lump might be? Would Cipro help if I have a full course available? Is is really freaking me out and I won't be able to go to the Dentist for at least 8 days...
Avatar f tn He then replaced the bad crown as my temporary crown. My dentist said he had no choice but to use the old crown in the mean time because if not, my teeth would shift and the molds for my new crown would not work for my new crown. I agreed and he re-cemented the crown with temporary cement. When my dentist pushed the crown back onto my tooth for a good temp. seal, I could feel pain from the crown almost as if the margins were DIGGING into my tender gums! SO PAINFUL.
Avatar n tn Right after the root canal, I changed jobs and no longer had dental insurance. I never went back and got the crown that I needed. Now a new dentist is telling me that the tooth needs to be re-treated because there is a cotton ball still in there and the temporary filling is no longer completely sealing the tooth. He said that this has caused an infection due to saliva leaking soaking in to the cotton ball (which I had no idea was in there!!