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Avatar n tn last week i developed an abcsess in my tooth. my cheek became very swollen. the doctor said the infection from the abscess had passed from my tooth into my cheek. they put me on keeflex. within 24 hours about 60% of the swelling in my cheek had subsided. i am now on day 6 of a 10 days worth of the keeflex.
Avatar f tn I have an abscess in a broken tooth on the upper right side, 2nd tooth from the back. I feel a lump on the upper portion of the gum line, near where the jaw connects. My cheek is swollen and I have a bitter taste in my mouth. I am afraid that it has spread into my cheek cavity. How serious is this? What is the worst thing that can happen if I am unable to go to a dentist? I don't have any insurance. Should I go to the emergency room?
744115 tn?1232714417 Absolutely, get to an ER now! The other option would be find your local dental school, they also have emergency facilities. When you start getting swelling and warmth in the area, the infection has invaded the tissues outside of the mouth. It is highly possible for that infection to spread very quickly, and this can become life threatening.
Avatar f tn I have an abscess; upper right; the tooth broke off only some left close to the gums. My cheek is swollen near right side of nose and mouth and up under my right eye; very bad pain. Dentist put me on penicillin. My question is can they pull the tooth out while I am swollen? and how bad will it feel when they pull it? I have a fear of dentist and I will get it pulled out because I am more worried about the infection spreading to my brain ect..
Avatar f tn i am having a rear upper tooth extracted tomorrow - the pain will be slightly less than I have had over the last two weeks - this has been flaring up and down since February, but the last episode meant that I looked like I had a golf ball tucked in my cheek - my left nostril was numb, my head was too sore to brush my hair or touch, my neck hurt when I moved my head, my ear was crackling - the nhs dentist refused to drain the abscess but gave me antibiotics, these didnt work and I had another cou
Avatar n tn About a week ago I started taking Erythromycin and have been taking it as told. Now today my gums and cheek is swollen. The Dentist switched my antibiotic to Clindamycin and I just started taking that because he doesn't think the other one was working....no kidding. My question is do you think this antibiotic will kill the infection and when will the swelling go down. The appointment to have my tooth removed isn't until the 10th of april.
Avatar n tn I lost part of a filling on Tuesday and contacted the dentist, but they cannot see me for two weeks. Over the past two days, my cheek has swollen and my gum above the tooth is the size of a ping pong. I have amoxicillin at home so I bagan taking that and rinsing with salt water per stuff i read on the web, but the swelling has not gone down and i can't get a hold of my dentist until monday. Should I go to the emergency room or would they tell me the same thing?
Avatar m tn I have a large swollen/painful abscess in my lower right facial cheek area. i have received antitbiotics for the infection. Do i need to have it drained? If so what type of Doctor/Dentist do you recommend?
Avatar m tn Check with a dentist to make sure there are no infected teeth causing the swelling. If not, I would go see your physician.
Avatar n tn Tooth decay if left untreated can result in tooth abscess. Prompt treatment can save the tooth and a root canal may be recommended in an attempt to save the tooth. Untreated abscesses may get worse and can lead to life-threatening complications. She may need antibiotics for a prolonged duration and anti-inflammatory drugs if there is pain associated with it. Consult and get treated as soon as possible. For more queries and assistance visit a doctor. I sincerely hope it helps.
Avatar m tn Hi. I woke up this morning and my right cheek was really swollen. It looks like I received cosmetic surgery there. The swollen cheek is tender and a bit pain full. It is more painful and swollen near my top side teeth (near the 2nd or 3rd molar) -which I recently broke, about three months ago. I noticed my tongue was a bit yellow too. Never seen that. I have a dental appointment tomorrow. Caan the swollen cheek be from the broken molar?
Avatar f tn I went to an Urgent Care clinic due to an abscess in my cheek due to a tooth. My whole left side of my cheek was swollen and sore. The DR. Gave me antibiotics to take for 10 days she said I shouldn't have to have it drained. It has been 24 hours and the swelling has gone down a tad and I feel minimal pain ( mostly when I try to smile). My question is was it necessary for the abscess to be drained or will the antibiotics help it to start draining on its own?
Avatar n tn i have bad teeth and my left moller broke about a yr ago,, 3 days ago ym cheek became swollen right where that tooth is it hurts when i push on it and the tooth hurts when i bite on it. i cant afford to go to a dentist,, will ibuprofin put the swellign down? i dont know what to do and am pretty depressed about it and dont know what to do.. please help..
Avatar n tn I have an absessed with a swollen cheek, because I get state medicaid and medicare I am unable to call a dentist until November 26, to make an appointment to see a dentist in December. I am on pain medications, but I am worried that time maybe of the essence. How long can this go before it because a serious life situation?
Avatar n tn It could also be due to tooth extraction, caries in tooth, pus in tooth or gums or any foreign body impacted in tooth or gums. You would need to see an ENT specialist or a dentist for this. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn The only possible reason for this abscess that I can think of is that about a year ago, my front tooth got the corner chipped off. Please respond asap... I am a worrier!! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/652619'>dental abscess</a>.
Avatar m tn I have a tooth and it has a cavity on it. Since yesterday, my cheek is swollen and it is just above the teeth which has cavity and I have difficulty chewing food with that tooth. Is this the symptom of tooth abscess ? I cannot fully open my mouth due to this. Please give me suggestions on what I can do about this. Thank you so much.
Avatar f tn So sorry your going through that, i had an abscess(everything from eye to cheek was very swollen) and went to the er, i got a shot of clindamycin and a prescription, its cleared, and i had the root canal retreated, and so far, no complications, good luck! i know its scary 2 think you have 2 wait 3 weeks to have it worked on.
Avatar f tn Now it is Sunday morning and I woke to find my cheek and jaw line severely swollen. The tooth doesn't really hurt anymore but now it is the whole lower right side of my face. From under my ear (at the joint) all the way to my chin is tender, tight and swollen. Instead of having a curved jaw line, it's almost completely square on the right side. The right side of my lower lip is noticably raised. Also when I run my tongue between my teeth and cheek I can feel a lump. What's wrong with me?
Avatar f tn At the time the dentist thought the tooth beside where the wisdom tooth was extracted was the problem until I made him xray the wisdom tooth area because I could feel the chip next to the other tooth & the gum kept swelling up. That same area he cut open to remove the tooth chip healed nicely until it swelled up again 2 months ago to form a very tiny insignificant abscess on the gum which I popped & thought nothing more of until now.
Avatar m tn If it turns out that it is a tooth responsible for the abscess, it needs to be taken out as as the abscess is completely gone. Don't wait or the abscess could come back worse.
Avatar n tn The next day her cheek swelling is reduced, but her eye is swollen shut, a little worse than yesterday. That side of her face is also red.The antibiotics will be 24 hours of doses tonight. Does it take a while for the swelling to recede? Is this a normal recovery?
Avatar f tn I have been cleaning it regularly with salt water and the pain is not in tooth, but mostly in the gum/cheek area above the back molar. I went to see the dentist (I am staying in Bahrain to visit my dad who works here, and went to a dentist here). The dentist, in my opinion, wasn't very good, and told me that I needed a root canal (Duh), and to take an anti-inflammatory, (duh again). He said i didn't need antibiotics as the infection wasn't that big and my body would fight it off.
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