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Avatar m tn Due to a tooth abscess, my cheek swelled out. An endodontist drained it and put my on a course of anti-biotics telling me it had reached a dangerous stage. (Prior to this the other side of my mouth had a gum abscess - and left untreated. My face and neck blew up and then went down without a problem) A week later after the drainage, the swelling is down by about 90% but there remains a hard lump in my cheek, and the surface area of my cheek over it is numb, also affecting my mouth on that side.
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Avatar n tn I am worried I have a dental infection spreading from neglected dental work, that was complicated by a mis-diagnosis. Sorry for dragging this on, and on. Does a tooth abscess ever not show up on a X-ray?
Avatar n tn I am worried I have a dental infection spreading from neglected dental work, that was complicated by a mis-diagnosis. Sorry for dragging this on, and on. Does a tooth abscess ever not show up on a X-ray? Possibly draining out before X-ray is taken? draining into roof of mouth or sinus?
Avatar f tn I have had an abscess tooth for over a year. I haven't gotten the recommended root canal due to lack of funds. Twice in the past year, my cheek became very swollen, I went to the dentist and got a prescription, which eliminated the infection but never got a follow-up root canal. Since then I developed a small swollen mass on the inside of my gum which was there for about two months, but haven't had any pain in the tooth since then.
Avatar f tn I had numbness at my cheekbone and pain when I smiled but not at any tooth, and my dentist found an abscess so I had a root canal and crown. It has been about 3 weeks since the root canal and although the cheek pain is gone the numbness remains. How long should i wait before I get concerned about this not going away? Other than pain, the numbness feels about the same as before the root canal.
Avatar n tn The dentist saw i still had some swelling but proceeded to adminster anescetic and had to do this three times as i could still feel the pain and then removed my tooth! but a week later i still have numbness on left corner of lower lip and chin! she told me originally that this was because abscess was resting on a nerve! when should i expect the numbness to go and normal feeling come back?
Avatar f tn Tooth numbness can be caused due to a number of reasons like apical abscess, pulpitis, impacted tooth, dental abscess, dental cavities. It would be better if you consult a good dentist for the purpose at the earliest.
Avatar f tn and this is exactly how i began i started with cavaties didnt take care of them my teeth started decaying didnt do much either financially it was impossible then i got an abscess tooth and it took about a year to get it pulled and with alot of google (never google) i began this fear like yourself of dying of the infection spreading to my heart and or brain i have had every test done available and im still not convinced i am healthy i have started the process of my teeth getting fixed and im stil
Avatar f tn Hi , after an abscess and a course of antibiotics , I finally had infected tooth removed the other day , everything is back to normal apart from my bottom lip and chin on the left side , I was wondering how long this took to clear up and feel normal .
Avatar n tn I have a cracked tooth that assume caused the tooth abscess that I am now dealing with. I've been on antibiotics for 4 days which took away the horrible pain. I've used OTC tooth cement to cover the crack in the tooth as well. But now instead of pain my jaw is swollen and numb. I don't have dental insurance & even if I could find a inexpensive dentist I just started new job that requires mandatory attendance during training period.
Avatar f tn In the last few days I have developed constant aching in that part of my jaw and and it is very tender near one tooth in particular. This tooth also moves slightly when I push it. I have a dentist appointment coming up and I want to get some answers and help. Should I worry about jaw cancer, or is it likely to be a simple tooth abcess that he can treat easily? Please help. Thank you in advance.
Avatar m tn I sincerely hope that my numbness goes away, although my surgeon did mention before the surgery that my tooth was on the verge of touching my nerve, although he also assured me that "they were growing in such a way that removing them should have minimal risk." I guess I'll keep y'all updated. Thanks again!
Avatar m tn I began IV antibiotics, the first of many bags. The next night I finally had my surgery. They removed 2 teeth, my lower right wisdom tooth, and the molar in front of it, and drained my cheek. When I awoke I was on a breathing tube due o my swelling and had 2 penrose drains sewn into my mouth. I remained on the tube another day and a half, and in the ICU another 3 days total.
Avatar m tn Sharp pain in the side of face could be due to injury to a nerve or pinched nerve, an infection or a trauma. Hence it could be Trigeminal neuralgia, abscess in tooth, exposed root canal, internal ear infection, maxillary sinusitis, TMJ, migraine, herpes (recurrent) without rash or fibromyalgia localized to face.
Avatar n tn I'm surprised the endodontist missed the abscess on #29. Call your oral surgeon for some home care instructions as well. Once the abscess is taken care of, it should feel much better. No antibiotics?
Avatar f tn I have been dealing with an abscessed tooth for a week now. Started with penicillin vk 500mg and was switched to clindamycin 300mg 4x day. Abscess surfaced and drained on its own two days ago and I am still in a lot of pain and have swelling and numbness in my face/nerve. I cannot get in for removal until the 28th of July. Areas under my jaw and along my bottom right side of my face from chin to ear has shooting pain. Is the infection spreading? What should I do?
660300 tn?1224793961 I'm not sure if it's from the novacaine injections or the actual removal of the tooth. I've had the jaw stiffness before from fillings but never experienced the numbness in my chin & lower lip. Is there anyway to help the numbess reside? As of now I'm not having any tingling/burning, just numbness. I just pray to god this isn't permanent!
Avatar f tn Hi! I realize this post is a whopping EIGHT years old...but it always comes up among the top 5 Googles for "sinus congestion, numb lips and nose." I want to post my similar experience and share the astonishing surprise "relief" I involuntarily found... I'm 56 with a long history of sinus nuisances. .I have acute hay fever reactions and extreme dust mite allergies. I take nasal steroids and regularly use Neti pots (nasal irrigation.
Avatar f tn I went into the dentist last week after experiencing pain where I had previously had a root canal to find I have a large abscess under my root the size of a peanut M&M (according to Doctor). The bone is forcing the abscess to grow down toward my nerve and causing the pain. I am scheduled to have the tooth extracted Wednesday along with the bone grafting. I am extremely nervous.
1748247 tn?1311803202 It sounds like there is an infection somewhere, whether it be a tooth abscess or somewhere else, but with the swelling, numbness and being hot to the touch, it definitley signals something - and you shouldn't take any chances. If you can't see your own physician in the next couple of hours, most definitely head to the nearest ER. Best of luck and please keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I hurt my neck about four weeks ago exercising and believe that I may have torn a ligament in the back of my neck- since then I have had swelling at the site of the injury, numbness in the jaw and face, roof of the mouth, numbness on my left side, fingers and foot, difficulty focusing, headaches, trouble with my balance, etc.
Avatar f tn Just had a root canal this morning on my front tooth #9. Even before the numbness from the procedure went away I couldn't bite down. I got some Antibiotics (penicillin vk 500) and I am also taking Motrin but it doesn't seem to be helping. The tooth doesn't hurt at all when left alone but as soon as I touch it, it hurt immensely. There is also still some throbbing? Anyone know what I can do?
Avatar n tn I still have these symptoms and not knowing what causes them is a horrible feeling. I had a filling in my tooth 1 week before this all started and also got a abscess on this particular tooth last month and wonder if this may have anything to do with the symptoms. I would be very greatful if anybody could help.
Avatar f tn Did you have a trauma hurting the tooth long back? An abscess could be a result of that. A normal CT scan rules out a brain pathology. Another possibility could be a spinal nerve impingement in the neck. Please go for an MRI of the spine and consult a neurologist to check for nerve impingement. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar f tn sounds like you are feeling effects of Paresthesia ... if they pulled teeth from the bottom, your mandubular teeth are very close to the nerve, it is possible that he could have caused some nerve damage.... the numb feeling should go away in a few weeks....
Avatar m tn I'm guessing it may either be some trauma to the area, gingivitis if you haven't had a cleaning in awhile, or possibly an abscess on the tooth. Since you had a filling, there's always a chance that the tooth may have gotten infected inside.
Avatar m tn In case of underfilling the tooth, bacteria can grow, and the resulting inflammation or abscess can put pressure on the nerve which can further cause pain, numbness, or tingling. Any improper placement of posts or filing instruments can penetrate the root side can cause nerve-compressing infections and abscesses. If it is overfilled, you will need decompression surgery to take out the extra material and relieve pressure on the sensory nerve.