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Avatar m tn I had a cracked tooth,I waited and put off something being done about it,and it became abscess,a pocket formed underneath it and also my jaw swelled up an I believe became infected, I went to the doctor, they numbed and drained the pocket,and gave me 2 antibiotics and a pain med, I'm no longer in pain (the cracked tooth is a little loose) but its been going on 3 days of antis and no change has occurred, is that normal? should I go back to the doctor?
Avatar n tn Will I still be able to get a root canal, or will the tooth have to be extracted? Currently, it's loose. I can touch it and see it move a little relative to the other teeth. But I assume that has something to do with the swollen gums/cheek? The swelling has finally started to go down now that it's been about 24 hours since starting the z-pak, but I'm worried as I would really prefer a root canal to extraction. Thoughts?
Avatar m tn My tooth seems to becoming loose and the area above the tooth in the gums has become inflammed possibly turning in to an abscess, no pain at the moment. Has the treatment failed or something, my dental surgeon said it will be extracted if it fails as there was a 50% chance of the tooth actually being saved (the other 50% chance that it would fail). Does it look like my tooth will be extracted?
Avatar f tn It is only a bit of plastic between two teeth. It is also loose and everytime I eat it feels loose. It is my front tooth. When I go to the dentist he says don't put pressure on it. I have to eat with my teeth. It is very uncomfortable. I want to change my dentist but I don't know what to do. Any suggestions will be welcome. Can you help?
Avatar m tn Now my tooth seems to be loose and it also seems to be moving behind my left front tooth. but i'm not forsure it just seems that way. Could you possible tell me hat may be the issue and/or tell me what can i do to stop this pain and what could I do to prevent from getting this tooth pulled?
Avatar f tn If your tooth is loose, it will probably fall out on its own. If this is your first milk tooth, when it is loose, it means that another tooth is pushing through. If it is your adult tooth, it will fall out because being lose means that you have gum disease. With gum disease the tooth is likely to fall out so there is no point in having anything done to the tooth.
Avatar f tn I have a bad tooth and I think it is becoming abcessed. I have no dental insurance.
500230 tn?1210050556 I have a healthy mouth except a troublesome area between two teeth which had root canal treatment. Assuming the problem was a recurring abscess it was treated with antibiotics on 4 occasions. Then I found that orally administered wild oregano oil cleared the swelling and acute pain just as effectively - although I had to take an awful lot of the stuff. After a recent xray it was found that the bone between the teeth is decaying.
645390 tn?1338558977 Upper tooth, on the other side where I tend to have all my TN problems. I went to dentist today, tooth looks fine, xray normal, no abscess. He said if it still hurts tomorrow to call the endodontist and let him know. But doesn't know what he can do, because it all looks good. SO, think this could be a cracked tooth, or TN related or what? I am frustrated and sick and tired of pain already. I am ready to just get this tooth pulled to get rid of the pain. Anyone have this? or have had this?
Avatar f tn Today, I'm not really feeling any more pain in my tooth unless I put a lot of pressure on it. The abscess is still there and swelled up to an even larger size. However, my tooth is slightly loose and you can definitely see it visibly move if you wiggle it. I went to the dentist today and took several x-rays. However, no signs of an infection showed up on any of these x-rays. The dentist went ahead and still wanted me to have a root canal done.
Avatar m tn since last 2 month am having a problem in my tooth,the left front tooth is paining slightly if pressed a bit towards right side,n the gum just in between the gait n back side of front teeth becomes slightly swollen then it goes off,rest all teeth are fine n there is no gum problem,neither the front left tooth is loose or shaking,but when i touch the tooth with my finger or slide my finger on top of the tooth there is a different feeling from rest of the teeth.the tooth is not sensitive either.
Avatar f tn the roof of my mouth were also getting swollen and sore (on the same side only) .. very similar to the feeling i have had before when i had an abscessed tooth that needed to be pulled, however in that case, i KNEW where the pain was originating from .....the pain got so bad last night i was literally shaking....a couple days ago, i started pressing different areas on my cheek and nose on that side & realized the MOST PAINFUL spot of all was the crease between my left nostril....
Avatar n tn The number reading is the depth of periodontal probing,if these numbers are correct, you have healthy periodontium, which is not consistent with root fracture.You ned to differentiate whether the crown is loose or the tooth is mobile.Sometimes it's difficult to differentiate between the two.If the crown is loose, bacteria tends to enter inside of ctown and results in decay. In thies condition, meticulous probing generally can detect decay around the margin of crown.
Avatar n tn If so, could it be infected even with the root canals? Will I likely loose the tooth? I don't want to get too far ahead of myself but also want to get prepared if this might be the case. Thank you for being there.
Avatar n tn An old root canal had developed an abscess. The tooth was very difficult to extract and the dentist had to focibly rock the tooth back and forth to get it loose enough to remove. The tooth came out fully in tact. However, I now have a very painful, sharp bony protrusion on the outside of the gum area of the extraction. Is this some kind of broken or crushed socket?
Avatar m tn I went to the dentist yesterday and she said the tooth which i had root canal done around 10 years ago has got reinfected and caused abscess. I also need another root canal on another tooth along with 2 fillings. I can either get the 2 teeth that require root canal extracted or get root canal on them. I am beginning to think the absessed tooth at the top has been the cause of my throat problem all along. Could i be right in thinking this????
Avatar m tn I recently had a gum abscess on my second to last molar on the right, bottom side of my mouth. I went to the dentist, who cleaned out the infection and put me on antibiotics for a week. He took xrays, which looked like the tooth and roots were spared any infection/decay. He said it felt solid to him as well when he touched it. But he said I have recedeing gums and a "pocket" which has formed under the gums next to this particular molar that I should pay attention to.
Avatar f tn Lumps are kinda like having a loose tooth. Once you find it...You are feeling it all the time. I get the lumps checked right away. I have only had a few. She found fluid in them (via ultrasound) and drained them under ultrasound guidance.
Avatar m tn But I have a slipper that connects to the tooth that is hurting and that tooth is loose a little. I don't have insurance or money to go to the dentist. And I don't want it abstracted because there wont be a tooth there to hold my slipper on. What to do?
Avatar m tn My front tooth #9 was extracted after an apico was done 7 weeks due to an abscess that wouldn't clear. The old root canal was done over 30 years ago due to damage to the nerve from a bike accident. Anyway, the oral surgeon attempted an apico and removal of the debris. Then he went back in less than two weeks later and cleaned the area again and put me back on clindomycin (?sp). The infection returned so I was put back on it two weeks ago. No go.
1255969 tn?1269379506 Two days after the veneer was fitted it became loose. It holds in place if I eat but I still need to be careful. There is also some pain in the tooth, and the neighbouring one a little where the veneer might be rubbing/pushing it. I can live with it until my next appointment, but is the pain normal for something like a root canal treatment and will it subside?
Avatar f tn It became badly infected and would drain all the time. It wasn't that sore, but my tooth seemed a bit loose with it. So I finally went to the dentist. The infection had been there for some time (sensitive tooth) and had melted away the bone holding it. That's why it stayed infected and finally found by way of a fissure to the gum. PLEASE go to your dentist. As it is now, I am going to have to have all four of my front teeth pulled from the bone melting away and getting implants.
Avatar f tn The old dentist put in a filler in the canal that was too large and now it caused the filler to break the tooth and caused an abscess in my gum by the tooth. He said nothing can be done for my tooth and that it has to be removed. Now I will loose my tooth because the old dentist didn't put in the right filler in the canal. It is the last back lower tooth on the right.
Avatar f tn I had been to the doctor last May and my b.p. was 118/68. I had a crown that was loose in July that had to be put back on using posts. I had severe pain for 3-4 weeks and after that. In early July, I ended up in the emergency room due to a severe headache and my b.p. was 198/106! I have been on meds since. I recently had the tooth removed because the root was damaged and infected and am in the process of having an implant placed. Could my high b.p. have been caused by my tooth problems?
1619762 tn?1298871563 im 25 years old and i have a bump on my gumline in my mouth right in front of my tounge .. it has popd bfor but has not gone away ... its makin my tooth lose in front on lower gumline .. im very scared to loose it .. whats should i do .. i have no insurance to cover goin to get it checkd !!!
Avatar m tn What do you mean by shrinking? As in the bone around the teeth is shrinking away and the teeth are getting looser? You should get a dental checkup and find out what's causing the bone loss and to remove the broken tooth which could be a potential abscess site. The continued bone loss is worrisome and can accelerate and be more difficult to keep under control the longer its neglected.
Avatar m tn He said there was some softening of the tooth around the filling, and possbily the filling was loose and bacteria got in there. I have had a lot of dental work, almost all crowns, and many root canals. I'm just hesitant to do a root canal on an otherwise ok tooth. Won't I know if I get decay or an abscess? Also, my dentist said the root canal wouldn't be easy, but he could probably do it, because he's very persistent.