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Avatar n tn So we brought her in again and the doctor found an abscess in her mouth and the tooth that hurt her in August was a bit grey. We went right to the dentist and he said the nerve was dead, she needed a root canal. Her jaw pain is almost gone but she is still extremely fatigued,and has shortness of breath even when doing stairs. She had bloodwork done and her c-reactive protein is elevated. She had an EKG and it showed left atrium enlarged. We are waiting to get in to see the cardiologist.
Avatar n tn My 2-year-old had a front tooth extracted after an injury (1/3 of tooth chipped) led to an abscess. The gum above the extraction is still purple and swollen a week and a half later. She was given antibiotics prior to the extraction, but none afterward. When should I worry that the infection still exists?
Avatar m tn I have had a tooth abscess twice..same problem each time and have only used ibuprofen for pain relief and it works as well as any opiate.Just take prilosec to help the stomach and don't go over 2400mg/24 hrs. I mean to go to the dentist but each time after 3 or 4 days the abscess breaks and everything gets better. I know I have to go sometime.
685173 tn?1340220597 Needless to say, Snoop went to the vet and they gave us some anti-biotics and told us if it didn't work, it was probably a problem with his tooth. So much earlier today, I saw him at the door wagging his tail and looked at his face. his eye was swollen.. I had never actually seen it swollen like that before today. Didn't really worry about it all day because daddy's been giving him his anti-biotics and I felt like I have to give it more than a couple of days to work.
Avatar m tn About 6 months after it was completed i noticed a little pain that went in a couple of days, this has repeated every few months, I thought at first this was a result of inflaming the area where the work had been done, as i am a habitual tooth grinder in my sleep, rather than it being any kind of infection. (i thought you paid for root canal so you didn't get infected!!) However last time it happened (4 months ago) i noticed a little bit of facial swelling before the pain finally went away.
198506 tn?1251160515 So, consequently, I am ashamed to say that I have not been to the dentist (except once for an abscess) in over 20 years. I am now 40. I brush maybe 4 times a day, floss 2x/day,and rinse with Listerine 2x/day. I have very large teeth, I still have my wisdom teeth.
293157 tn?1285877039 The bone recedes, letting go of the tooth, thus causing the tooth to be loose. The tooth then can allow bacteria and plaque to enter below the gum line, causing abscesses, pain, sensitivity, etc... I was just guessing on why you could be loosing teeth, but I would ask your dentist, straight up for answers as to why.
Avatar f tn Hi just got back from Neurology and they said he has Aspergers-no great shock as i have done a lot of research and apparently when you reach puberty these things tend to become more noticable, they said it is possibly migraines causing his fuzzy head but he also has a reoccurring tooth abscess and that because he is so sensitive that could be making him feel very unwell, he has a needle phobia so has to go to hospital to have the tooth out oh what fun!
1742220 tn?1331360327 I was like ok you got me and then I was LOL all over the place she's funny she let a tooth rot in her mouth and now she got abscess can you say Vicodin ... yeah.
Avatar f tn In order to have energy to take my kids to their practices and games after school I have to lay around the house all day. I am only 25 years old and before I got hit with this illness I ran 3-5 miles every day, taught first grade, and coached my kids soccer teams. I am barely a ghost of my former self. I've had 3 blood counts and a lymph node biopsy which turned up nothing malignant. I've had "shotty" lymph nodes in my underarms, neck, and groin for at least 6 months.
Avatar f tn Well you have made me think...he does have a reoccurring tooth abscess we are waiting to have the tooth removed i don`t know if that would cause all the other ailments but i do know no other child with Aspergers seems to be as unwell as mine...
Avatar m tn Are you taking an antibiotic for the abscess or is it viral.I took Ibuprofen 800mg every 4 hours max 2400 mg for my tooth abscess and it helped the pain.I also has an antibiotic here that i took.It was cipro that I had left over from a bladder infection.
620923 tn?1452919248 Im glad to read that you are recovering well. Did the Chiari cause your heart problems?
Avatar n tn When a woman is aroused that has had kids which this woman did breast milk can frequently come out when the nipple is sucked on - therefore possible breastmilk exposure. I'm know its a long shot but I have been having major symptoms from about the third week on and cant stop thinking about it and my family.
Avatar m tn They may be able to determine if the tooth is the source of the problem. Again, I'm assuming its a tooth issue only because of the timing of your discomfort. Yes, routine x-rays may miss an osteomyelitis. Unfortunately x-rays are 2-D images of a 3-D object (your mouth). It can't see from all angles.
Avatar f tn I at first thought maybe it was due to his high bp, or the fact that he gets no excercise (he is 12) and it is like pulling a bad tooth to get him to even go on a walk. Trying to get him in to workout sessions at the Family Y soon. Anyway, then my other thought was he wears these big heavy headphones to play Xbox Live all the time and thinking that was giving him a headache(s).
572651 tn?1531002957 still don't feel like eating. See how pain goes; if abscess doesn't clear up, must get refill of antibiotics in a couple days. Thursday, take Fluffy in to my apartment so my friend can cat-sit. Pick up some prescriptions. Friday, fly to Sacramento, watch WNBA game, Sacramento Monarchs vs. Seattle Storm. Saturday, find something fun to do. Sunday, WNBA, Sacramento Monarchs vs. Detroit Shock. Hope and pray that trigeminal neuralgia doesn't flare up, so I can have a decent week.
Avatar f tn injury or trauma to the face; malnutrition or obesity and even tooth abscess. If cold compress do not work, raise the head of the bed or use extra pillows to reduce facial swelling.Further evaluation should also be done to rule out the differentials mentioned. Take care and regards.
228015 tn?1223696978 About 8 yrs ago when my son was an infant and had serious reflux we had to see a Neurologist for my 7yr old daughter who had terrible reactive arthritis and under the care of a Ped Rheumatologist for 2yrs but she had a low-grade temperature for two weeks and was becoming more and more lethargic daily with bad leg pain that 2 rheumy's could not explain.
Avatar f tn I'm finding it hard to keep myself busy. I really picked the wrong week ha! I have an abscess on my tooth. Grim! And serious pms! But I'm doing it. Hope you are all ok!
Avatar n tn She is now 6 and everyone in her class has lost at least one tooth, many have lost several. I know you shoudln't compare, but she doesn't even have one loose tooth in her head!!! I have mentioned it to her pedi who seems unconcerned. But come on, 6 with no loose teeth? Anyone dealt with this?
Avatar f tn I had gotten down to still the 40mg of oxy and 2 percs per day but still having a hard time going any lower than that and constantly counting pills and wondering if I'd make it to my next appt. Well this last week I had a tooth abscess and was in extreme pain and I took a lot of the pills I had left. Leaving me a week short today at my appt with him. He almost left me as a doctor!!! I was terrified...I had already started feeling withdrawels as only had 1 perc left for today.
393685 tn?1425816122 Went in to see my GI doctor after having an abscess in the left buttock (not fun). Doctor: Any other issues going on" Me: Yes, I apparently have an abscess in my left buttock that I am pretty sure I developed in your hospital when you did the colonoscopy. Doctor: No, you can't get it from that procedue.
Avatar f tn thank you, i made it through last night without using, my friend is here and we watched slumdog millionaire now i am off to a field trip with my kids, going to press through this worry and anxiety, my husband sent me a little money this morning but i have to use it for other bills, so i guess i am just done with this doctor, i tell you this, i just watched a documentary called "sicko" about u.s. health care vs.
660300 tn?1224793961 well here I am, almost a year later, an MRI done, to find out that severe nerve damage was done when they took out my right wisdom tooth. I was awake for the entire procedure, I know there were things that could have been done differently. It is a very difficlut thing to deal with... they told me that if you do not have feeling back within 6 months the likelihood that you will ever get it back is pretty slim. Please contact me if you have any questions...
Avatar f tn Initially you will feel a lot of pain relief as this happens - anyone who has ever had a tooth abcess will understand the relief once the pressure built up by the inflammation is relieved. However, to me this is just a symptom of the inflammatory process going on, so not sure why it is seen as positive. But I am not a doctor. The sinusing can become quite involved and really take over the breast.
250084 tn?1303311035 3 weeks post, abscess tooth, sick, 8 weeks post got pneumonia, very sick. Muscle pain still bad, tho much better. Dr. insist it can be 6-12 mths, before ‘back to normal’ and to stop trying to go back to my normal pace, which was quite busy, hyper, non-stop. (A friend went with me last week, ‘told’ on me,lol! He said ‘knock it off’!) For any coming off of tx….don’t expect to just jump back into routine. Some can, but if you can’t, go with it and heal up!
945764 tn?1245699789 Hi, I just found this site today while googling Crohn's disease and looking up some information. I finally feel like everything has come together enough that the doctors are ready to listen to me. I feel like I've been passed around, time and time again... and now my symptoms have gotten worse enough that they're not ignoring it! I've always been extremely gassy -- had times where no matter what I ate, I'd have to head right to the restroom.
Avatar f tn Except for that first week, I am still able to have fun and be active with my kids on the weekends. I am completely fine by Monday morning when I head off to work. Overall, methotrexate is much easier than I thought it would be . . . so far.