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Avatar n tn I believe I have an abcess tooth. I lost part of a filling on Tuesday and contacted the dentist, but they cannot see me for two weeks. Over the past two days, my cheek has swollen and my gum above the tooth is the size of a ping pong. I have amoxicillin at home so I bagan taking that and rinsing with salt water per stuff i read on the web, but the swelling has not gone down and i can't get a hold of my dentist until monday.
Avatar m tn I am a little worried because the botched filling (meant to be a crown) has signs on the tooth that this was the cause of the abscess and my cheek is still very large ( a little more embarassing presenting in public than anything) as there is no pain. The cheek has changed shape but is still large and moved down towards my jaw instead of up near my eye. How long does the abscess take to drain? as the dentist was looking for drainage that never came.
Avatar n tn It had originally had a white filling which had loosened, and my dentist replaced it with an amalgam filling. Since then, this tooth has been hurting me, causing pain to radiate from my tooth to my jaw. It is sensitive - but not overly so - to cold and heat. I went to my dentist and he took an x-ray this week and saw no sign of decay or abscess. What could the problem be?
Avatar f tn i too had an abscess,my tooth had to be extracted(it was the tooth that already had root canal treatment,i had cracked it) and was on 3 different antibiotics.it took me just over 2weeks to heal.
Avatar m tn Keeping in mind, I have a tooth on the other side that is chipped and filling came out ( no pain or issues) and after cancer treatments that one will be fixed since the chip is above the gumline.
Avatar m tn not however my upper lip and face has begun to swell up and become quite sensitive to touch. after doing some research online I think that I have abscess in my front tooth, but I'm starting to get worried at the fact that my tooth is no longer in pain. Could that mean my tooth is already dead? Also the swelling is getting a little worse every day, I'm not sure how serious all of this is.
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Avatar f tn I lost a filling a few years back. Food woud get caught between the two teeth so I avoided chewing on that side since that's the only time it really hurt. Over a year ago I noticed a lump in my jaw, under where the tooth was. But I never really had a toothache, maybe just a couple times and very short lived, like a couple hours. Is that "normal"? I had the tooth pulled yesterday. The dentist said that now that the tooth is gone, the lump will go away too.
1704045 tn?1307461779 Hello- I have a abscess tooth in my back molar that I will be getting a root canal on but I have to be on antibiotics for a week... My question is does the infection swell up and down while it is being cleared? It is the size of a baseball in my right jawline underneath my chin and it keeps going up and down and the pain is unbearable. Thank you in advance for your response.
Avatar n tn Two years ago I had a filling fall out of my very back upper right tooth but didn't feel any pain or any problems with it, so I sort of just forgot about it. Recently, however, it was causing me pain and I ended up in the ER. I was given antibiotics and a pain killer. I didn't take the antibiotics right away, like I should have, because I went to the dentist the day after and figured he would tell me what to do. I am guessing my tooth was abscessed, though neither places came out and told me.
Avatar n tn The filling on one of my molars has broken, and the tooth is in serious trouble. It hurts, and the area is very swollen. I suspect there's an abscess, though I can't be sure. I have been on antibiotics for two days, of a ten-day treatment, and am on painkillers. I was given these medications by an urgent care facility, because the problem arose on a Sunday.
Avatar f tn ) Afterwards, pressure sensitivity improved but gum swelled on the linqual side. Dentist treated with Cavitron and said tooth would need to be extracted if swelling continued. Four days ago, had tooth 14 prepped for crown. All okay first day, then cheek and jaw started swelling and have not improved. No pain in tooth 14. Made an independent appt with Oral Surgeon but can't get in for three weeks. Any ideas/suggestions? And, why would tooth 14 exacerbate 29? Or, is it a separate problem?
Avatar m tn I had an LVI princess crown on my tooth behind the extracted tooth which was pulled off during my extraction. Dentist put my crown back on then said due to the abscess the tooth should drain. My question is twofold after 2 weeks i(btw the 'clot' is in place over the hole') should my lips and jaw be swollen and should my LVI crown be missisfitting? LVI uses light to bond crowns - this dentist used a glue to re-bond my crown I am concerned that I may have an infection with the glue they used.
Avatar m tn The location of the abscess is right over my upper front tooth. This tooth has been previously broken when I was in second grade and had a filling. I just found out today what it actually is and the descriptions online terrifies me! But I never had any symptoms of pain or any other symptoms except the sight that it is there. Am I gonna have to get the tooth pulled out?!!? Or root canal?!!??! or something worse?!??! I'm currently a college student and does not have dental insurance.
Avatar n tn I believe one of my bottom molars is infected severely. I used to have a filling there that fell out some time ago. I am currently using an old prescription of amoxicillin to try and clear out the infection. What can I do to relieve the pain. I have tried everything from ibuprofen, to cloves, to onions.
Avatar n tn I lost a filling about two years ago and just recently it has been starting to ache . This morning i woke up and the left bottom side of my face, where the tooth is, is HUGE. It feels like a hard ball on my jaw below the tooth. What is it? How can it be fixed? When will the swelling go down? Is there something I can do? Thanks ahead of time.
Avatar f tn Hello, A dental examination is necessary for correct diagnosis and management of your condition. A tooth abscess is usually a complication of tooth decay. Prompt treatment can save the tooth and a root canal may be recommended in an attempt to save the tooth. Untreated abscesses may get worse and can lead to life-threatening complications.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have tight feeling round one tooth & its throbing, my dentist said today could be where im grinding my teeth at night. Im concerned its more !
Avatar m tn it makes my tooth feel pain where i once had a filling done.sometimes it pusses and then goes away for about a month,then it is back again.at the moment it has like a small white pimple.could this be the lack of something in my body or do i need a root canal.how may i get rid of the swelling?it is a sweeling like abscess about the size of a pea and is red.makes my gums and teeth feel uncomfortable..ps:my densist did say i may need a root canal.
Avatar f tn However a month ago I had a mercury filling removed in an upper right hand molar and replaced. I also had filling placed in the tooth next to it. Over the next week I developed a tooth ache in the tooth below that one in the lower right jaw. I was due for more work at the dentist anyway so I went back and she replaced a filling on that tooth which had cracked and did another filling next to that one too. I have not been able to eat on that side of mouth since that day.
Avatar f tn I had a 2 fillings performed on an upper tooth on about a little over a month ago. Before I went in for the filling, I'd been having terrible tooth pain and had developed an abscess on the gum above that tooth. At the same time, I was experiencing a pressure/pulling sensation down my jaw, around my ear and down my neck. I was first given a round of antibiotics, and the pain, abscess and pressure/pulling sensation all went away.
Avatar f tn My dentist took an x-ray of my mouth and found no sign of a tooth abscess, even though when she drilled the infected tooth (which had a filling), there was a foul smell, indicating an abscessed tooth. There is also a swelling below my left jaw, and it is difficult to swallow and open my mouth. The dentist didn't explain much regarding why the x-Ray didn't reflect the tooth abscess. When we asked about the swelling in my jaw, she answered (rather uncertainly) maybe, it was because of trauma?
Avatar n tn I have an abscess on tooth number 32 most likely due to trauma. I had an amalgam filling replaced about two years ago and now, an abscess and the root is dead. I have two quesetions, I have been on penecillin for 7 days and the bad taste in my mouth has increased. Is that a cause for concern? Also, if I have a root canal, do I also have to have a crown?
Avatar m tn Something similar occurred several years ago and was found by my dentist's assistant. When the dentist examined it, he told her that it couldn't be an abscess because it was a virgin tooth. My question is, can an abscess develop at a virgin tooth? Or, could this be inflammation caused by something else, maybe too vigorous brushing? This is the last molar on the top left side (is that a wisdom tooth?)? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I Had a big filling from a cavity on a back bottom tooth and a small piece of my tooth chipped off a about 6 months ago.. Nothing seemed to be different but i was feeling sensitivity again from cold water. I didnt even think about it getting infected.. So about a month ago i started getting head aches every night which was unusual .. then it felt like i had an ear ache which i had never experienced before...
Avatar n tn Pain could relate to a dental abscess, grinding habit, cracked tooth, etc. There are a bunch of things that could be causing it.