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Avatar f tn I have never had a tooth abscess until now. I called my dentist and they are trying to help me to keep cost down bc I have no insurance and xmas is right around corner so money is tight. I have a back molar that broke about 3 months ago ive been trying to save up for root canal but now I think I will need it pulled. The tooth stopped hurting and then I got the pus pocket under it that would flare up but then go down.
Avatar f tn I didn't have a dime to my name when i was 16 and i had my first abscess...i went to a low income facility and showed them i didn't have anything but i needed my tooth gone. They said it would cost me $50 and i sat in front of a gas station and bummed money until i had enough and went back and got it pulled. Also, if it hurts, take an aspirin and break it in pieces...put a small piece in your tooth. It kills the root but at this point, who cares. It will take away A LOT of the pain.
Avatar n tn I have had the same abscess over my bad tooth and pop it like a pimple 2 or 3 times a day. I went to the dentist 4 yrs ago and i needed a rootcanal back then. The cost is ridiculous. All my dental work was over $5,000. I can imagine how much it is now 4 yrs later. I don't have any medical insurance and can't even get approved for the monthly payment plan.. I have had this for almost a year now.
Avatar n tn He said that he's got a tooth abscess in a healthy tooth and that the tooth should be extracted. He said it is unusual in cats and that they don't know the cause. He also suggested some antibiotics for a few days before the surgery to help with the infection. Just wondering if it is worth trying to save the tooth. Go through the course of antibiotics and see if he gets better. My vet made me feel like I was just being cheap and that conventional wisdom is to just remove the tooth.
Avatar n tn in a perfect world a root canal and crown or an implant would be ideal depending on how badly damaged the tooth is but these procedures can cost around 1500 to 5000 depending on where you live. you need to see a dentist right now to evaluate your situation and go through your options. if you have a local dental school or low income clinic in your area you might want to check them out. good luck!
Avatar n tn When you say that the crowns didn't feel as if they were seated correctly do you mean that when you bit down it felt high, or like you were only biting on that tooth? That can definately cause trauma to the tooth. Sometimes just the process of getting a crown prep done is enough to cause a tooth to die. Some people are more prone to this happening, so maybe that's the case with you.
Avatar f tn I do not want to have it extracted until absolutely necessary. Plus the cost the periodontist charged me $1100 to extract that tooth that was twice rootcanaled/crowned and build up the bone so with the cost of dental care is SW FL I am in a quandary. Thank you.
Avatar f tn By my description she mentioned something about fissure and the implant could cause some small infection that come to the top in the form of a pimple on my gums but could also be an abscess from a near by tooth. She said that it will continue to drain because of the type of infection and the fact that it needs to "get out" someway. As depressing as it seems she did say that the implant may need to come out and we may have to start over.
Avatar f tn Did the dentist take an xray of the tooth? If the throbbing is coming from the tooth root there may be an abscess forming. As long as the filling is intact and the chip has no fracture where sugary foods and drink can penetrate through it to the inner tooth, there should be no problem. If it is around the outside of your tooth, it that would be a gum problem. Did the dentist say the gum looked healthy or not? Flossing in between the teeth to the gum line will help.
Avatar m tn Last week my teeth on the right upper side were hurting and my gums swelled up ceating a purple blister so I googled it and followed the instructions and now it's ok but the fact that I had to chew on my left side where I have an abscess now my left side is in excruciating pain, my teeth hurt and my face hurts because it is swollen and now I have a puffiness underneath my eye that feels like there's liquid in it. I have no insurance so what should I do?
Avatar m tn For 2 years now ive had a cracked wisdom tooth last may i was suppost to have it taken out but plans change and i ended up moving in the last 5 months iy looks like it may be rotting hard to see tho plus ive been spitting light blood out when i wake up i know it has to come out but am just nervous and its goin cost alot of money. Any tips till i get it out.
Avatar n tn HI, Repeated episodes raise the possibility of chronic infection and possibly a tooth abscess. You should consult a dentist for an evaluation. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents will help tide over the problem. Application of ice packs will also help. It is best to defer tooth extraction till after the delivery of the baby. Hope this helps. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations.
Avatar n tn He decided on root canal and called the endodontist (appt is for Thursday). The dentist showed me the film and although the tooth root looks okay (no black area of abscess), there is a "white ring shadow" above the tooth root. He said that is indicative of a sinus problem. He asked if I had a cold or sinus infection but I haven't had any cold or nasal drip for years.
Avatar n tn If you are considering putting him down because of an abscessed tooth I can tell you that most vets would sternly recommend against it, and it probably will not cost you a lot more to have the tooth taken care of than it would to have him euthanized. PLEASE consider having the tooth doctored. An abscessed tooth is so minor, don't consider putting your dog to sleep over something like this!
Avatar f tn The doctor did say he would start me on penicillan for 3 days before the root canal. Is it better to just pull the tooth? Is there less chance of the infection traveling? Thanks for any advice.
Avatar f tn That it is NORMAL that when a tooth is opened (for RT) that bacteria could get in there. DUH. But to me, it is NOT NORMAL that a Dentist would leave my teeth exposed for such a long time. He said that it had nothing to do with this. To him, it is all normal. I am worried to death that I will have to have my teeth pulled. I actually have 4 teeth that are bothering me after the work he has done. He says he will repair them for free. Of course he better! But that is not the point.
Avatar n tn Ok here's what happened i fell on ice and broke half of my front tooth. Went to the dentist he said that it looked fine just a little red, he filled it up and said that i might need a root canal if it gets infected. So within 6 months i got an abscess on the gum.
Avatar n tn I just want the tooth out at this point, has cost me over 2500.00 dollars and here I am sitting here in pain and completely swollen and hurting. Can you give me some insight as to what could be happening and I am wanting to know about extracting while still swollen since I am on medication, will the infection leak into my bloodstream once the tooth is removed?
14987752 tn?1437745303 Going back to your dentist to have a post op exam is advised. Your descriptions suggest presence of bacterial resistance to amoxicillin. Switching to other antibiotics may help sooner recovery.
Avatar f tn Prior to that I was getting up to take aspirin because my head and right tooth hurt. I do have a broken tooth on my left and right side, but for right now the pain is only in the right. This morning I woke up to my cheek even more swollen than the last. I don't have insurance and not enough money to see a dentist at the moment, can you tell me anything of use to stop the pain and or swelling?
Avatar n tn About a year ago, I had an apicoectomy to have the abscess removed (choosing it as an alternative to extraction with the aim of keeping the tooth at whatever cost). The surgeon showed me photos of the abscess and said it was a large one. The tooth was fine for about 6 months as well as the nasal pain. But now there is once again a swelling and the site of the swelling feels uncomfortable. Moreover, I have been feeling easy fatigue and little ability to concentrate or focus effort.
Avatar n tn Yes. Abscesses will often clear up on their own, but in the mouth region, there's a serious danger of tooth loss. You can call around and see if there's some sort of low/ no cost vet care in your area. Depending on what government programs you're on, you'd be eligible.
1619762 tn?1298871563 im 25 years old and i have a bump on my gumline in my mouth right in front of my tounge .. it has popd bfor but has not gone away ... its makin my tooth lose in front on lower gumline .. im very scared to loose it .. whats should i do .. i have no insurance to cover goin to get it checkd !!!
Avatar n tn I would consult with your dentist but I would recommend removing the tooth. I can't comment on cost cause each dentist charges differently for all procedures and different areas of the country may have different standards. Usually billing for a non-insurance (or cash) patient is determined by what is UCR (Usual, Customary and Reasonable fee guide).
Avatar f tn The ONLY treatment option was extraction with either a bridge, implants, or a removable partial. The bone loss in the tooth was too severe to hold the tooth in and the infection had spread to the other teeth. This happened in a very short period of time, too, and I have always taken good care of my teeth. If the infection is found early enough, antibiotics and a deep root scaling and planing can help, but only if done soon enough. Hope this helps.