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Avatar f tn Yes, the symptoms are connected. What you have is probably a groin lymphnode. Swollen lymph nodes in the groin could be due to STDs (e.g., gonococcal infection, herpes simplex virus, syphilis, chancroid, granuloma inguinale, lymphogranuloma venereum etc), infection in foot, dermatitis in pelvic area, boils in pelvic area etc.
Avatar n tn It went away in a few days. She said its an abscess. I got another one now and its really small comapared to the one I had before but its on the right side this time she prescribed me dicloxacillin again and said it should go away soon. This time it didn't need to be popped because its really small and donts hurt at all like the first one. Hope this helps but I do suggest to anyone to not rely on a fourm / website for info to go to a doctor or emergency room to get it taken care of.
Avatar m tn I was travelling for a month and was having problem in my groin area. My scortum was too sweaty and itchy all the time. Further, on itching , powder like flakes will fall from my scortum and later whole scortum will burn for hours. Cleaning it with cold water and putting some oil would help for few hours only. I couldn't do cleaning every two hours because I was travelling. Coming back home , I read online about ii and symptoms look similar to eczema.
Avatar m tn This has been going on for about a 2 years. Sometimes it happens every few weeks, sometimes a month, or sometimes I'll get 2 within a few days of each other. I can always tell when there is going to be a breakout, because it will feel like my pubic hair is sore, probably near the base of it. The breakouts always consist of a small cluster of about 6 different sized white pimple like blisters, with red irritated areas around them. The breakout site usually is about a half inch in diameter.
Avatar f tn My previous partner advised me he tested positive for chlamydia and that I should get tested, neither of us experienced any symptoms. I’m pretty sure he contracted it from receiving oral sex bc he said he used a condom with the other person(a prostiute nonetheless). It had been 2 months since we had sex. I was tested by my gyno but the culture came back negative and the blood work only showed existing chlamydia antibodies. I had it once 12 years prior and was successfully treated for it.
Avatar m tn The hair follicles swell and eventually harden and the skin around the hair peels back leaving an abscess which heals in about a week or so. The swelling reduces dramatically but for the affected follicles, which remain raised and swollen. They are not painful, and produce no visible discharge, blood or pus. Occasionally I'll see what look like tiny whiteheads, but vanish after a few hours leaving flaking skin.
Avatar f tn Hello, From the symptoms it looks like a boil or an abscess. Apply warm compresses on the lump and keep the area clean. Drainage of the boil/abscess is done only when it becomes soft and forms a head. Take some over the counter pain reliever and consult a doctor for examination and antibiotics prescription as you need to take oral antibiotics for this. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn For the past 6 or 7 months I have been having anal symptoms. The anus/rectum has a constant burning sensation and a slight pain to the left of the rectum also. I frequently have loose,moist stools but theres never any sign of blood or mucous. I have been given numerous anti-fungal/hemmorhoid creams to try and alleviate the symptoms but to no avail. On one of my visits I also got my doctor to check my groin lymph nodes as I felt one on the left side bigger than all the rest.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, for 5 years I've been haunted by this abscess in my groin/labia. It comes and goes, sometimes it's gigantic (REALLY) and sometimes just a painful, red, inflamed, deep seated "nodule" (so it doesn't disfigure me completely, but still makes it awfully painful to walk). I had the abscess drained at the hospital once (never again, the anestesia hurt like hell and did not numb the area at all... urgh!) and the material (the pus) was sent for culture....
Avatar f tn chronic involvement of appendix (many a times ultrasound misses this as the appendix in such cases is hidden behind loops of intestine and typical symptoms of appendicitis are absent), involvement of kidney and inflammation of your intestine.
Avatar f tn Hi Dr. My husband has pain in his left groin area that started last night. He then noticed a grape sized lump in the same general area. He said that it hurts when pressure is applied and it seems to cause pain that radiates down his left leg. He broke his left ankle over a year ago so he has had pain in that side of his body occasionally, but that doesn't explain the sudden lump. Any ideas of what it could be? Do you think its necessary for him to go to his Dr?
Avatar m tn Hello, It can be a boil, abscess or due to infected cyst. Do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. Also wear cotton undergarments. Application of topical antibiotic like Neosporin cream and oral antiinflammatories like ibuprofen/acetaminophen are also helpful. If the symptoms are severe then it will be best to consult a dermatologist It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn One consideration would be the prostate. Any type of prostate infection can lead to some of the symptoms you describe. I would consider a prostatic massage, and sending the fluid out for analysis and culture. A transrectal ultrasound to image the prostate for abscess can be considered. Some cases of prostatitis require an extended course of antibiotics - sometimes 4-12 weeks. These options can be discussed with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar n tn You have had a pretty comprehensive evaluation for your symptoms. The abdominal/pelvic CT scan would rule out many of the major causes. Prostatitis can still be considered. Further evaluation with a prostatic massage and subsequent analysis of the prostatic fluid can be considered. A transrectal ultrasound can be considered as well to rule out a prostate abscess. There are cases of prostatitis that may require several months of antibiotic therapy.
Avatar m tn 1 week after having unprotected vaginal sex (drunken one night stand) lymph node in right side of neck swelled up for no reason with no sign of infection, no cold, no sore throat, no abscess, nothing. For the last 6 weeks since then, I have been experiencing all of the following symptoms, all of which are still persisting to this moment. Pain/burning from nodes in right arm pit and inner elbow and mildy in left pit as well as intermittent pain from nodes in groin.
Avatar f tn ) and just discovered a swollen gland on left side of my groin too. I'm freaking out bc all these symptoms are also all the the same symptoms of anal or rectal cancer. Pls do let me know and thanks for posting-- helps to know someone else has experienced this kinda baffling thing too.
186166 tn?1385262982 Body (anxiety symptoms commonly associated with the body in general): Allergy problems, increase in allergies (number, sensitivity, reactions, lengthier reactions) Back pain, stiffness, tension, pressure, soreness, spasms, immobility in the back or back muscles Blanching (looking pale, loss of color in the face or skin) Blushing, turning red, flushed face, flushed skin, blushing, red face or skin Body aches, parts of or your entire body feels sore and achy, feels like your body and muscle
Avatar n tn Other causes include crohn's disease, abscess (like from a ruptured appendix) and tumors. Not all fistulas can be seen when looking into or xraying the colon. Sometimes it's necessary to look inside the bladder. If the connection is above the bladder, in the ureter (rare)it may be even harder to confirm. Having pain in the right lower abdomen suggests a process that ought to be identifiable if there is indeed a fistula: some sort of mass or inflammation ought to be visible on a CAT scan.
Avatar n tn There is marked fever and continuing symptoms suggestive of a persistent infection. If a bacterial cause of the sore throat isn't treated appropriately, it can spread, leading to more serious infection. Imaging of the head can be considered to evaluate for any abscess. A referral to an ENT physician can be considered to further look at the sore throat and to determine if it has spread. If so, IV antibiotics and hospitalization may be needed.
Avatar f tn Not sure whats going on bu I had a crop of boils approx two weeks ago in groin area and back of thighs. My Gp gave me antibiotics which I finished a week ago. The bolis had subsided dramatically and wernt red or causing trouble. Anyway over the last few days I have come out in another crop in a differnt area , my glands are very swollen , red and painful, Ive got quite bad stabbing pain in my left lower back radiating to the abdomen on the left side and blood in my urine.
Avatar n tn Hi I have been sick for 6months after being admitted with severe left sided abdominal pain and vomiting 6 months ago.
Avatar n tn The growth has grown and now I have other symptoms that have been happening , ringing in ear, chest ache all the time, pain sometimes with hard lump, problems swallowing,night sweats,sweating all the time, tired, irritable,moles are starting to grow, skin on arms feels rashy. When the ENT checked he tilted my head forward and I felt the lump and when he rolled his fingers over it, I felt sick to my stomach and it was very painful.
Avatar m tn Were my duos at 31 and 56 days proof something else is causing my health problems.  The symptoms are very upsetting. I scared. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I had a condom break during vaginal sex with an unknown woman. Since then i have tested negative for everything except herpes and HIV My symptoms are as follows Confirmed (by a MD) swollen lymph nodes in the neck and groin Approx 3 weeks after the event i had a sinus infection that took a while to clear even on antibiotics About 3 days ago I went to the Dr. due to the lymph nodes. He said i had slight weezes and an upper respitory infection.
Avatar n tn I was only out of work for 2 weeks and during that time was somewhat out and about. Symptoms of a new illness presented in March, starting with a canker sore, and progressing to flu like symptoms. I noticed greenish/brown mucus and tooth pain and went to doctor for an anti-biotic (I think Bactrim). I took the antibiotic which seemed to clear up what I thought was a sinus infection but I still wasn't feeling better and my glands were very swollen (they still are too a degree).
Avatar n tn I have had reoccurant uti like symptoms for a few months..all my cultures show no infection just white blood cells..I've seen a urologist who did a bladder ultrasound and cystoscopy both normal..I saw my gyn who did a pelvic ovaries were normal..he did not give me a ultrasound though..should I persue further testing since this could be a symptom of ovarian cancer? I am 30yr..also I did have a pelvic ultrasound 6 moths ago for something else and my ovaries were normal size.
Avatar m tn Its been a year and 5 months from by risky exposure, unprotected oral sex, i encounter a lot of symptoms like sore throat, swollen sebaceous gland, foliculities, dermatitis, stomach ache, excessive perspiration, fatigue, tingling of hands and feet, some rash that looks like prickly heat, scaling of skin in my eyebrow area and nose looks like dandruff, i also had fever on 9 months, i testes non reactive for 4, 8, 1 and 2 months...
Avatar m tn I've had a dull pain in my lower back that has come and gone for the past 10 months or so. Recently I've had a bit of similar dull pain in my groin that's been accompanied with an on-again-off-again rash on my arms, legs and chest. I had an abscess removed from my tailbone late last May and have been researching a bit on my symptoms. I had a regular physical last month and my doctor didn't notice anything wrong. Should I be concerned about swollen lymph nodes due to my back/groin dullness?
Avatar n tn The discharge went away immediately after starting the drugs, but the pain during urination has not gotten better, and now I am feeling pressure in my testicles (not pain, but they feel swollen and heavy), and general pressure in my groin area. 3 days ago I went to a urologist, who examined my groin visually and said it looked ok. He did a urinalysis, and said it looked pretty good but sent it in for a culture (the results will come early this week).