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Avatar f tn Mi sister is 21yrs old and for the past 4-5yrs she has been having this constant boils around her back, chest and especially her underarms.It starts with a small round hard bump to a big lump which gets very painful and filled with pus over time.She has seen many doctors and received so many different kinds of antibiotics however this things keeps coming up.Please help...she is really losing hope of getting rid of it.What exactly could this be and how can we solve it.
702286 tn?1239015260 If you have an active marble sized abscess at your ankle from missing a vein with an unsterile solution you will want to see a real doctor...............this is not the time to self medicate...........
Avatar m tn I wanted to know if these symptoms were brain abscess symptoms. I am a bit of a hypacondriact and I always think the worst is happening when it's usually very normal issues. IE if i have slight chest pain, I will think I have heart issues. That sort of thing. I think maybe my anxiety is getting the better of me. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Thermal sensitivity and discomfortable biting are probably associated with occlusal interference. Occlusal adjustment can generally eliminate the symptoms. Gum abscess may result from periodontal or periapical infection. Seeing a periodontist to evaluate periodontal condition is advised.
Avatar f tn I lost a filling a few years back. Food woud get caught between the two teeth so I avoided chewing on that side since that's the only time it really hurt. Over a year ago I noticed a lump in my jaw, under where the tooth was. But I never really had a toothache, maybe just a couple times and very short lived, like a couple hours. Is that "normal"? I had the tooth pulled yesterday. The dentist said that now that the tooth is gone, the lump will go away too.
Avatar n tn The symptoms I am having every day are dizziness, fatigue, sensitivity to light, burning eyes, extremely dry lips, stiff neck, lumps on my hard palate, bad taste in mouth, tightness in my face(sides of jaw towards the back), one sided sore throat(same side as lumps), sinus infection symptoms sometimes, and every once and a while it feels like pus or some foul liquid draining through my teeth. I know it is hard to even guess without seeing a patient sorry.
Avatar f tn yes your abscess should go away you may need antibotics to clear it up
Avatar f tn We thought 19 (the PFM) was causing the galvanic shock symptoms so it was removed. But the symptoms continued for two days (and 6 dental visits!) until 18 (the Zirconia) was removed and then the shock symptoms stopped immediately. I know this makes absolutely no sense. I've researched it extensively and cannot find another single case of galvanic shock with Zirconia. I realize it is usually the other way around. When the permanents were eventually seated, they were both PFMS.
Avatar f tn he told me it is an abscess abscess is caused by bacterial or parastic infection thats why he gave me antibiotics but i am afraid that it may spread that's why i am asking if the surgery is important or no?
Avatar n tn When that happens too soon, the fluid can build back up and a new drainage hole generally has to happen. I've seen as many as 10 holes form for drainage for a pretty small abcess! If your cat is not showing any signs of discomfort and you don't continue to see cloudy water, then I'd say it's over and done with.
1657910 tn?1302375661 My doctor ordered cultures of the fluid to see what grows. Nothing every grows in my case. Yes it is a new abscess that delevoped in the same spot as the abscess that was surgically removed in Dec 2010. My surgeon did tell me it could happen again. So I wasn't to shock that it developed again just bummed out that it happen again. I was very happy when the surgeon did say I wouldn't have to have surgery again. I don't want to have to heal from a open wound again.
Avatar n tn I went back to the dr and he said this time it looks like a cyst. He put me back on antibiotics. It getting bigger by the hour. How do I stop this from happeneing.The dr said there is nothing you can do to prevent them. Am I going to have to deal with this forever? Is there any end??
Avatar f tn okay, I went to my general Dr. Because my lymph nodes on the left side of my neck were swollen, he ran tests they came back normal.. He did a CT of the node and it is just reactive. So he sent me to a ENT who scoped me and said everything is fine.. So then process of elimination I called my dentist and went into to see him.. He said a upper tooth on that side showed infection and it had already had a root canal and crown, so he retreated the tooth.
Avatar n tn I had an upper back molar extracted 2 days ago because it had an abscess. It was horribly painful and I made an emergency appointment with a dentist that I didn't entirely trust because I needed some immediate relief. The dentist's office was kind of dirty and a little seedy. The healing process seems to be going fine, however, I'm concerned because the dentist didn't prescribe me with any antibiotics.
Avatar f tn Hi! I am going thru something called chronic breast abscesses. It started back on 6/12 and as I write this question I have multiple abscesses on my left breast some about to break open other that look like a big bruise and some in my right breast. They're very painful & after 4 surgeries I am very sad to say it seems to get worst every time. My surgeon sent me to an infectious disease doctor, 3 weeks ago but still unable to see her bc of my insurance.
Avatar m tn i think from what you described i had that many years back. it hurt to walk sometime and whenever i wiped. i was working out alot and my doctor said it was from my sweat. i sweat alot. it was an enlarged cyst. he had to cut it open and drain it. IT HURT!!! He then had me sit in warm water with epson salt every day for about a week if i remember correctly. mine was probably the same size as yours.
Avatar m tn I have had a smallish (maybe 2 cm in diameter) skin abscess or infected cyst on my back next to my cervical spine for the last 2 weeks which doesn't seem to be getting bigger or coming to a head (I tried squeezing it thinking it was a pimple at first.) When I touch it, it feels soft/puffy as though there's some fluid under it (same as a gum boil) and it's no longer hot/painful, just itchy sometimes.
Avatar n tn Dental Abscess SYMPTOMS: Swelling on whole right side of face/gums Extreme pain/tenderness along with pressure On JUNE 1st I went to the ER because I woke up that morning with slight swelling that I watched grow throughout the day. The Dr. prescribed me 500mg penicillin vk. I take one ever six hours. I've been doing that since 9:15pm JUNE 1st and I noticed only a slight change in my swelling and none in my pain. If anything It looked like the swelling just shifted.
Avatar f tn i have had many blood tests which always come back clean(just general ones) and seen many gps that tell me 'its just one of those things people get' and prescribe me with antibiotics. Surely there is a reason for this. I am getting covered in scars mainly on my stomach and im sick of infections thatmake me feel sick all the time. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn Hi, I recently as in 5 days ago had a breast abscess surgically removed at the hospital. It was an emergency type situation and was done straight away. Two questions, one, i am a smoker between 8-10 a day and was given no relief from this while in hospital. Upon leaving the doctor came to see me and said i am not to smoke and i replied i havent since being in here. He responsed never again. Will this do me damage if i have a few a day..
Avatar f tn Hi! I had lower back pain and an MRI showed following findings: - Sacralisation of L5 vertebra - An altered marrow signals involving L5 and S1 vertebrae including left ala with an associated soft tissue representing granulation tissue / abscess in paracentral region (left > right) as well as an intra spinal anterior epidural soft tissue component compressing thecal sac and nerve roots of lumbo-sacral plexus s/o- An infective -inflammatory pathology like Koch's.
Avatar n tn Has anyone experiecned this issue. It is sometimes called a subareola abscess. This is a chronic condition- I have had 3 surgeries to removed the abscess because of the pain associated with it. It is back again and my last surgery was in November. I quit smoking because that is what my one doctor to me the was the ONLY cause and that is I quit smoking it will stop them from returning 100% of the time.
Avatar f tn Whatever you ask, is your command! Watch at least "The Secret" amongst others as you in a very difficult/lacks of TIME AND SPACE?? I have never heard about those symptoms lIking with each other? No being rude, obviously get the 'ABSCESS" checked and if all is good to would consider meditation, relaxation, etc. At best get a 2nd opnion! And maybe think of CBT or ant other modality, whatever works! good luck my dear and Namaste!
1657910 tn?1302375661 I just had an abscess open and it is draining red blood primarily. Is this normal? Should I put a call into my breast surgeon to be on the safe side? My regular abscesses are the regular pus with blood mixed in at times, but never just blood. Can anyone help?
1548207 tn?1303457780 She asked me to clean ot with Betadine (antiseptic solution) which I kept handy ever since this abscess series. And then do the gauze dressing just like you did. Basically you just have to try and keep it infection free untill you see your doctor. I went to see her the next day and she cleaned everything out by expressing it (I still remember the pain while she was pressing I almost drove out some of her patients waiting outside bcoz of my oooo aaaaaass and ouch :)).
Avatar f tn At the same time bottom gums swelled and I was told that one of my back molars needed extracted. Had 3 teeth pulled. My gums are still swollen on bottom which all doctors say they look pink and healthy. I feel pressure in my jaw. I feel like I'm being strangled in my throat. Now I feel like I'm in a tunnel when I speak. All these symptoms came one after the other and I don't know what to do. I have had a CT scan, a scan of my jaw, and an MRI of my jaw.
Avatar f tn Over the past couple days I developed an extremely painful abscess. In an attempt to clean my mouth using coconut oil the abscess burst. I believe I didn't swallow any of the liquid leaking out and throughly rinsed my mouth with salt water and then some hydrogen peroxide. I will be receiving insurance in about 2 weeks from my new job so I am hoping I can hold off going to the dentist till then.
Avatar f tn About a week ago I began having pain in the top back molars of my mouth (left side). I had inflammation, throbbing, pressure, and after a day or so I noticed a white little dot on the gums/cheek area. I applied pressure with a q-tip, a foul tasting pus came out. I have been cleaning it regularly with salt water and the pain is not in tooth, but mostly in the gum/cheek area above the back molar.
Avatar n tn A boil starts as a reddened, tender area which becomes firm and hard. Eventually, the center of the abscess softens and becomes filled with pus which can be surgically opened or spontaneously drain out through the surface of the skin. Apply warm compresses on the boil and keep the area clean. Please keep the area clean and apply some topical antiseptics. Also wear loose-fitting cotton clothing and use an antibacterial soap or mild soap like dove. Avoid any kind of cosmetics.
Avatar n tn last week i developed an abcsess in my tooth. my cheek became very swollen. the doctor said the infection from the abscess had passed from my tooth into my cheek. they put me on keeflex. within 24 hours about 60% of the swelling in my cheek had subsided. i am now on day 6 of a 10 days worth of the keeflex.