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Avatar f tn I'm afraid I'm about to have my first abscess rupture and I am terrified. My doctor told me to just call the office if it happens but what do I do in the meantime? It is so painful and red, it hurts with just the movement of walking. I've read some horrifying stories about abscesses and what happens when they rupture.
Avatar n tn I won't go into all of the details but basically after almost a month of stomach pain, nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, etc. it was discovered by way of CT scan and transvaginal ultrasound that I have an abscess on my right ovary due to a ruptured ovarian cyst. They put me on a seven day cycle of two strong antibiotics and said I should be feeling better within a few days. The thing is tomorrow will be my last day of being on the antibiotics and I'm still not feeling great.
Avatar n tn Has anyone experiecned this issue. It is sometimes called a subareola abscess. This is a chronic condition- I have had 3 surgeries to removed the abscess because of the pain associated with it. It is back again and my last surgery was in November. I quit smoking because that is what my one doctor to me the was the ONLY cause and that is I quit smoking it will stop them from returning 100% of the time.
579258 tn?1250652943 Woke up at 4 am and noticed an area on my abdomen, below the lowest of the four previous abscesses, that is the size of a pencil eraser. Not too big yet, but definitely abscess .. and hurts. Since I have been on antibiotics since the first week in May, this really should not be happening. Decided to go to the ER, where they know what this is, and beat the 8 am rush. The doctor who was the one who made the correct diagnosis, nocardiosis, is the one I was fortunate enough to see.
Avatar f tn In the ER they told us that he had an abscess but now the surgeon is not so sure. My husband continues to be blotted, a low fever of 99.6 up to 103, and the pain has now returned to his abdomen. He was diagnosed Thursday this is now Monday, I told the nurse that he looks worse but she only comments that this is her first day with him. I am his wife and I am saying he is worse! We are wondering if we should ask to be moved someplace else. My husband says he just wants to get out of here.
Avatar f tn It's useless to give antibiotics to prevent 'secondary infection' as there is no infective agents in that area. Only saline water wash is good enough. During my three latest abscesses, I was nt given antibiotics due to health reasons, and it didn't make any difference. Only one difference: I was better off without them, lol.
Avatar f tn Have just been diagonsed with GM with abscess after almost 6 mths. It actually started as Fibrodenomas in April 10'.. That settled down with Evening Primrose and Vit E.         In Sept 10' one day I got to see this horrifying looking lump above the areola which was tender, sore and dark in colour. I visited a General Surgeon after 8 days (thinking it would disappear on its on in between).
1839466 tn?1432596684 Last week, i ended up having my first encounter with a abscess tooth. It was and has been horrible. Since then, I have been put on Advil, Hydrocodon-acetanino, and Clindamycin. I've also seen my dentist who started a root canal on the tooth but just drilled a whole, did some drainage, not all, and left a sponge in it so it can fully drain. I'm supposed to go back next week to complete the full root canal.
Avatar n tn I have filled my additional 7 days of prescription but still feel slight pain on the same spots, with additional pains on my ribs (but not on other parts of my stomach like what the doctor precautioned may happen should the abscess rupture). The recurrent fever hasn't stopped. It happens daily, followed by a lot of perspiration after I take meds for the fever (paracetamol).
Avatar f tn Findings are most consistent with a large hemorrhagic left ovarian cyst with evidence for recent cyst partial cyst rupture/hemorrhage with complex fluid surrounding the uterus and left ovary with small amount in the cul-de-sac. Findings similar to preceding CT study. 2. Other differential considerations include tubo-ovarian abscess or large endometrioma/fibroma.
Avatar f tn My question is I've had pain in my ear jaw area before the rupture. Could my teeth being sore be a possible absess. I have a dentist appointment in a couple of weeks to have them checked. And also if it is an absess was the antibiotics I've taken last long enough to keep the absess at bay until I see the dentist.
Avatar n tn What sort of trauma can cause Thornwaldt cysts to rupture? I hurt my should and had surgery on my rotator cuff & cysts removed from my bicep 6 mos later and have terrible neck pain, drainage, fluid in my ears, nausea, etc. since my injury which is only getting worse.
242942 tn?1287020289 When I wasn't getting a period it ended up being from a cyst and I had a friend that had a cyst rupture and she couldn't hardly walk from the pain. I would get checked out this weekend if the pain gets bad, or call your doctors office and schedule an ultrasound on Monday. Good luck, I hope you feel better.
Avatar f tn Hi, Penile fracture is the traumatic rupture of the corpus cavernosum of the penis. This is considered a urologic emergency. Potential complications of penile fracture include erectile dysfunction, abnormal penile curvature, painful erections, formation of fibrotic plaques, penile abscess, urethrocutaneous fistula, corporourethral fistula, and painful nodules along the site of injury. It would be best to see your husband's urologist immediately for proper evaluation and management.
Avatar f tn I have read recently that prednisone can hinder wound healing, my question is then, why do they prescribe it when the disease causes abscesses and open wounds? I have had an abscess rupture this week and it it very deep and ugly but I am on 40mg of prednisone a day so now I'm worried that it won't heal.
Avatar m tn Complications of conservative management included missed urethral injury, penile abscess, nodule formation at the site of rupture, permanent penile curvature, painful erection, painful coitus, erectile dysfunction, corporourethral fistula, arteriovenous fistula, and fibrotic plaque formation.
Avatar n tn I'm 41yrs old, in reasonable fitness and health but have been diagnosed with a ruptured appendix and have had a drain/antibiotic therapy to clear up the infection and abscess. The appendix will be taken out in 4 weeks' time. What range of physical activity should I carry out in the interval? Would there be a risk of causing damage by lifting, bending, moderate gym exercise etc ? Thanks..
Avatar n tn Is cancer still a possibility even though the markers were negative? This wait seems very long. Would a tubal ovarian abscess or a hemorrhagic cyst be serious as well? I would not want these things to rupture. This is what the radiology report says: Within the pelvis, the uterus is noted to enhance quite prominently. In the left adnexa a low density structure approximately 3.3 by 1.4 cm in diameter is noted - this may be the left ovary.
Avatar f tn and prepare myself mentally incase I have through go thru this ordeal all over again. My fistula was created by the 6 perianal abscess I had cut & drained. The regular doctors would just cut & drain, every single time, at 2 of them I just let rupture at home. The abscess was always in the same spot. Just that area... Just looking for opinions..
Avatar n tn severe LLQ pain, to ER after US and CTscan found colon rupture due to diverticulitis. had colon resection and temporary colostomy. 3/06: colostomy reversed but anastomosis did not take and had to be redone 6 days later. At this time a suprapubic partial hysterectomy was done for severe uterine fibroids. both ovaries, cervix left. Since March 06, have had problems with bowels and LLQ pain intermittmently. No mention of any cysts on ovaries ever made.
Avatar f tn They can range from just being full, to infected. They may abscess and suddenly rupture through the skin. The glands can become neoplastic (cancerous). It is difficult to predict if the tissue is just inflammed and this is causing a firm swelling in the area or is it something more serious. If medication and antiinflammatory medication has not caused resolution of the signs, a second opinion from a specialist is not inappropriate.
Avatar f tn If a little capillary keeps leaking due to the dog shaking his head, these things can get quite large and eventually rupture. You don't want to let them get to that point because the repair is a bit difficult on the tin skin of the ear flaps. Have your vet take a look at it as it may eventually need to be opened and drained. If it's not a hematoma, other possibilities are insect bites or an abscess.
6669309 tn?1462651742 He needs his Anal Sacs/Glands expressed......Your Vet or groomer can do it....Left untreated, if they are full & cannot empty on their own, they will rupture.....Infection sets in quickly in this area, so your Vet will examine the fluid (After expression) to see if any infection is present.....If so, antibiotics are needed but normally not! This is very common in small dogs...... It's a simple procedure and only takes a minute.....My groomer charges $5 to have them done, my Vet charges $12.
Avatar n tn you are right it does sound like he may have a ruptured abscess on his face. Sometimes dogs with toothroot abscesses have the abscess open up on the face below the eye, can you tell if there is an old fractured molar tooth on that side? I have to recommend that he be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible; if there is an abscess then he needs antibiotics +/- tooth removal.
980967 tn?1253067795 Then bathe the area with antiseptic. Make sure you get the whole tick out. If the head is left in it can cause an abscess to develop. If it's not a tick, then it could be a small boil or abscess. But that would normally be quite painful to touch, and he would definitely wince if you did. Another possibility is that it is a small cyst. If it is rounded with distinct 'edges' it may well be one. Some dogs are prone to these. My dog is.
Avatar f tn A small head appears and they burst expelling a dark murkey liquid followed by blood. She says they are extremely tender before they rupture and after they do they look like a darkly bruised patch of skin. The bruising will go away, but it leaves a scar behind resembling a burn. Doctors have treated with different antibiotics and creams but nothing is working. The blisters come right back and sometimes in the same exact location as before.
Avatar f tn If the cyst gets infected it can result in development of a Bartholin's abscess. This is only a possibility. The other few possibilities that may need to be considered include folliculitis, cysts, ingrown hair, abscess etc. I would suggest getting this evaluated by a gynecologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn Overdose is possible with complications known as priapism (sustained erection with pain and ischemia) and one case study has reported priapism for 18 hrs, with multiple cavernosal drainages (blood drainage from penile muscles) penile infection with abscess formation, subsequent penile cavernosal rupture and end result in permanent impotence. So do not overdose the medication. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Hi Kinison...I think our doctors are going to need a little more information than what you provided here. Can you tell us...1) Where were the "tumors" located and how long had they been there? What did they look like? 2) You say now that "a large part of the tumors" are gone...did the masses shrink, disappear or rupture open?