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Avatar f tn On Sunday, I sought medical treatment at a local clinic as my doctors office was closed. They lanced, drained, and packed the abscess. The PA did things much differently than I've ever had done before. Firstly, he used no lidocaine or numbing medication, as he said it doesn't help. Let me tell you-this was much more excruciating than the other lances I've had done. Also, he didn't squeeze the pus out, he just let it drain on its own.
Avatar f tn I currently have been dealng with a recurrent subareolar breast abscess. I was first treated with ten days of keflex two times a day, in which it got better but then came back. Next I went to a breast surgeon and she performed incision and drainage and another ten days of keflex. The abscess still would not heal so I had surgery a few days ago in which the surgeon removed the abscess and I thnk some of the infected ducts.
Avatar m tn My 4 year old hound mix has been having anal sac problems (only within the past year) requiring monthly visits to the vet for draining, flushing, packing with ointment. She was put on a high fiber diet which has shown some improvement over a month, but then, she was starting on a "clean slate". We had hoped that the treatment would have been sufficient. I've noticed, though, that she has a very dark colored stools on the outside only (normal contents and firm).
Avatar f tn I appreciate the feedback on what they did about the abscess that was found when she came back to the hospital post-appendectomy. Now, the removal of the abscess and wound bandage changing is not enough. When they dealt with the abscess, they also needed to DRAIN the for-sure fluids that have collected in her abdomen AND they needed to DISINFECT the abdominal cavity, and then they should have put her in the ICU for 24-hr monitoring of her temperature, swelling, and signs of sepsis.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I went to the surgeon about the abscess on my bum (I prefer lower back, but realistically speaking I suppose it is my bum), he said I had to be admitted into hospital immediately to have the abscess opened up and drained. I got the abscess from an intra-muscular injection while I was in hospital. Being back in hospital was no joke, I felt a bit hysterical, but luckily I was in theatre before I knew it.
Avatar f tn at the beginning,in last March I felt pain on my right breast, then I found a lump, went to a breast specialist, they said its an abscess and started taking biopsies, and ultrasounds, everything was sent to the lab and tested. The results were benign but no bacteria! So it was an infection with no bacteria..
Avatar f tn yes 13. Were you treated for abscess? Were you lanced/packed? treated yes, lanced yes, no packing 14. Were you diagnosed with cysts? yes 15. Did your labs return with “sterile” or “negative for bacteria” results? yes 16. Was the fluid draining diagnosed as serous fluid (healing protein fluid)? yes 17. Did your doctor test prolactin levels? yes 18. Was your prolactin level…low, normal, high? normal 19. What medication have you taken?
Avatar f tn Also I was wondering if anyone's breasts have returned to normal after any form of treatment? After having the abscess drained my left breast is a little more than half the size of my right and still is lumpy and flat on one side. I know I shouldnt be vein but I am only 23 and wonder if this could stay this way forever. Once again, thank you all for stories and responses. I always look forward to reading these posts and hearing how everyone is doing.
Avatar n tn Any cyst should prompt you to see your primary doctor, because oral antibiotics are simply not effective without drainage of the cyst/abscess. Sometimes this kind of thing will go away on its own, but can require hospitalization and IV antibiotics in extreme situations. Bottom line - see your primary physician for any non-healing lesion, wound, or persistent hot/swollen/red area.
Avatar n tn When I say no one I mean no DR!!! First I was told it was a bartholin's gland and went through a removal surgery. Now, I am told they are sebaccous glands that get clogged. Oh, and every new DR that sees the scar from the bartholin's gland removal says that there is no way someone removed my bartholins gland based on where the scar is. OH, the scar is terrible. It is an elongated scar that is hard to the touch in some spots and still soft in others.
Avatar n tn boils are often caused by infected hair folicals. Bacteria from infection form an abscess or pocket of pus. The abscess can become larger than a ping pong ball. Boils occur in areas where there is hair chafting. the face, neck, armpit, breast, groin, and buttocks are common sites.....then it goes on to treatment with cloth. doesn't mention any serious outcomes like surgery.
Avatar f tn My appointment is May 18th in Rochester Minnesota. I live in Wisconsin so it will be a road trip. I am packing my bags, I really hope they admit me. I would hate to have to drive back and forth. I am going to bring those exams that you talked with me about. So is your surgery scheduled? I am wishing you only the best.
Avatar n tn I also shave regularly in that area too so it could be either a swollen gland or ingrown hair (I really hope you can't get an abscess in that region) :S
299940 tn?1192322967 Hello, I hope all is well. I am currently on day 4 of a 10-day recovery from the removal of a sinus polyp the size of a LEMON. The polyp has been growing for years and during the entire timeI was suffering. I have read all of the post and I experienced the same symptoms. I was suffering so bad that I couldn't walk a flight of stairs without feeling like I was going to pass out.
Avatar n tn For the very first question here concerning gall bladder removal then pancreatitus... I had the same thing happen. They actually messed up my bile duct when they removed my gall bladder and i had to get an ercp done and had a 10% chance of getting pancreatitus and guess what I got it. That was back in August of 05 and a few months into 06. But I have been having the pain in my right side again for the past 1 1/2 mo. so I am wondering if my liver enzyme count i up.