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209987 tn?1451939065 UGH!!! So much for emergency hours. Shaved the hair back to reveal a large abscess...black in center ( about half an inch long ) red around that for about an inch. This is on his side...so odd place for another cat to have bit him, but not ruling it out. Have applied peroxide...also a hot compress to see if it would start to drain...nothing. Any ideas? Try popping with a needle? The black area, imho, looks either like a scab, dead, or blood poisoning.
Avatar f tn Its originating in a crown that Ive had for more than 10 years and now its causing me earache and tender/swollen glands under my left jaw. Im in agony and Im popping pills like mad! This only numbs the pain slightly and wears off quite quickly. Ive also got a swollen left side of my face and a lump on my gum.
Avatar n tn Will popping zits, abscess, or hair follicles on my scrotum increase the risk or be a risk factor in getting testicular cancer?
Avatar m tn I have a hole in a molar that got infected and now have an abscess. I have just finished my antibiotics. Tonight within ten minutes I went from normal everyday no pain to oh my God I feel like someone is slowly ripping my tooth out. It lasted for about an hour then the tooth had a rather prominent pop and then throbbing and pulsing inside the tooth for roughly ten seconds, then the pain eased.
Avatar f tn By my description she mentioned something about fissure and the implant could cause some small infection that come to the top in the form of a pimple on my gums but could also be an abscess from a near by tooth. She said that it will continue to drain because of the type of infection and the fact that it needs to "get out" someway. As depressing as it seems she did say that the implant may need to come out and we may have to start over.
Avatar f tn It's an abscess and the popping is the abscess leaking the pus into your mouth. Unfortunately, this pus is full of bacteria and it is now coursing around your system. You must get antibiotics ASAP in order to ensure you don't have complications. You can go to ER for this I believe.
Avatar n tn have my methods of cleaning the abscess' out after popping them the best approach.I also rinse with salt water and mouthwash aside from regular brushing. I am very pain tolerant so it's no trouble in do this. I just wanted to make sure I am not causing further problem.
Avatar m tn I went on antibiotics first and then after popping the abscess on several occasions only to have the abscess come back. I know it isn't recommended. The pain went away but the abscess remained. It would calm down / deflate after a good cleaning (waterpik, brushing session and then Listerine for 5 minutes) but the next day when I would eat food especially spicy foods or heavy flavored drinks, the abscess would start to swell up again.
Avatar f tn Have just been diagonsed with GM with abscess after almost 6 mths. It actually started as Fibrodenomas in April 10'.. That settled down with Evening Primrose and Vit E.         In Sept 10' one day I got to see this horrifying looking lump above the areola which was tender, sore and dark in colour. I visited a General Surgeon after 8 days (thinking it would disappear on its on in between).
Avatar f tn She has developed gum abscesses on all three fillings, resulting in two extraction, with the three abscess just popping up today. I know that the cavities were not that deep. Is there any explaination for this occurance?
Avatar f tn Hi, I wouldn't try any self treatment. It's possibly an abscess and popping it can matters much worse. You may only need antibiotics, but whatever, you do need to seek a dentist's help. Please make an appt. ASAP.
Avatar m tn popping sound and pressure in ear, 15 days ear drum test normal 1 week lavata D and snoz nasal spray no effect 90/130 pand shiver without fevers since 1 year {two to three days in month} recurrent tonsil and lead to fever
Avatar m tn Although I had a std test for all std's they came back negative, when I was tested for herepes that came back negative aswell. I am just wondering what they could be, new ones keep popping up everyday and I am really worried. I went to my doctor and he gave me some cream to put on it, but it isn't working at all. PLEASE HELP!!!!
Avatar n tn Since you were using IV drugs.....you could be having an abscess. When you were using the IV drugs, did you muscle your drugs. They call it skin popping. It's when the user injects the drugs into a muscle instead of the vein. When people do this they really run a very high risk of getting an abscess. You need to seek medical help. You could end up with Staff infection or worse. You will probably need some antibiotics.
Avatar f tn If a localized area of the breast is involved, an acute abscess of the breast should be ruled-out. Popping or pricking the pimple-like lesion will produce breaks in the skin and secondary infection may result, producing more harm than good. It would be best to consult your doctor for proper evaluation and management.
Avatar m tn Hello and hope you are doing well. The ‘bump’ could be an abscess, which is a collection of pus. Please don't venture to meddle as this could promote the infection. The abscess may need to be drained and you may need antibiotic coverage to tackle the infection. You may need to consult your primary care physician who will examine you and initiate appropriate therapy. In the meantime you can take OTC pain medication Ibuprofen. Ensure to take this medication after food to avoid gastritis.
Avatar f tn I thought maybe it was just a pimple so I popped it and at first green smelly puss came out then now all of a sudden black oily stuff is coming out ... Do you think I need to get it checked or just keep popping it and draining it?? I've been popping this thing for 2 weeks now!!
Avatar f tn If your dog is still licking and scooting after 3 or 4 days, have your vet check for an anal abscess. Some dogs need their glands expressed very frequently, and if they aren't an abscess can develop either visible from the outside or just inside the rectum. In that case, your dog will need some antibiotics.
Avatar n tn I have tried keeping it dry and using certain powders to aid moistness, which helps a little bit but they are still always popping up. I have at least 1 raised one all the time.
Avatar m tn It so hard that I first thought it was my bone popping outwards. It really doesn't feel like its on my skin but almost like its attached to bone? It doesn't hurt by itself, but if i do press on it I experience some pain. I tried to get the best look at it that I could, and it seemed to be a little red, but I have been poking and pressing it. Im making a doctor's appointment for thursday, and am very worried. Any ideas or similar experiences?
Avatar f tn Kinda like popping a huge zit. I know it can't be an ingrown hair because there is no hair there. I have no insurance and no money or else I would go the doctor right away. Can anyone help me? I am scared.
Avatar f tn She was swimming today, running around, playing, rolling the grass and she is eating, urinating, and pooping just fine. Did we do the right thing by popping and cleaning whatever this is? we plan on taking her to the vet if the swelling gets worse or if its not better within a few days. Is there anything we should do to help the healing?
Avatar m tn Hello! I'm an almost 57yo active male and just recently a small (silver dollar size) lump or protrusion, bony in appearance, has developed along the outside of my right leg located approximately 1" to 1-1/2" below the midline of my kneecap. In addition, I began to experience some "popping or clicking" sounds in this knee starting in my early 30's which have come and gone over the years without any noticeable pain or swelling.
Avatar n tn Two years ago I actually cracked my left molar causing an abscess, so I needed to have it removed. I didn't get an implant because I didn't, and still don't, have insurance and procrastinated ever since. About 4 months ago, I noticed popping in my ears. A bit later on, an intermittent tautness in my throat - minor symptoms but I think they're connected. (Also, the right side of my jaw has clicked for years.) About 3 weeks ago I awoke with a painful sensation in my jaw.
579258 tn?1250652943 Fearing I had an abdominal abscess that was nearing the bursting point, I went to a third physician at the local county Emergency Room. Following an ultrasound and bloodwork, an iv with morphine and anti-nausea medication, the ER physician felt it was necessary to call in a surgical consult. Two young interns came and assessed the situation and felt the mass was above and not through the abdominal muscles and completely ruled out the hernia scenario.
Avatar f tn So all of the horrible red blister's and bumps look the same to me and I was wondering how you can tell the difference between ingrown hairs, pimples, and herpes? If you get a single red bump within a week or so of shaving that produces a white discharge a day or two after appearing then goes away after a week or so with no itchyness and only hurt after "popping" it, that probably not herpes right?
Avatar f tn Sounds like some kind of abscess that should be drained. You may be tempted to do it yourself, like popping a zit. But remember, the size of this bump in relation to the size of a hamster body is much greater than a typical zit on a human. Plus you risk opening the wound to more bacteria and infection and possibly going systemic. The hamster may not survive if that happens.
Avatar n tn have a hard bump under my skin on left side like right by my panty line, tried popping nothing, thought was in grown hair , what is this,
Avatar m tn At first I thought it was a pimple so I tried popping it, puss came out but today it is very sore, swollen and looks kind of like a sore in a persons mouth. Any ideas as to what this is?