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Avatar n tn Sore on tonsil and Very tired, went to Dr. got penicillin. Took all of it. Once meds were done both tonsils Flared up and the pain along with exaution dbld.....
Avatar n tn I had seen lots of doctors and they couldn’t figure it out. This was a growth seemingly inside of the palatoglossal arch, above my right tonsil (NOT on my tonsil). It was completely covered by plain old soft palate tissue. It was very hard and mimicked the shape of the palatoglossal arch. A couple of weeks ago I went to see a specialist at the UW Hospital, there he told me that I likely had an abscess or cancer, and scheduled surgery. During my per-op screening today, a CT scan was taken.
Avatar n tn It will swell and go down, and when it swells it has to be putting a lot of pressure on his brain Could this be all caused from an abscess? And how dangerous is it to have this abscess? I think he should see someone other then his family doctor, he sent him to a PT for his headaches.
Avatar f tn I had an vallecular abscess on my lingual tonsil drained 1/17 in an emergency procedure. they told me it was in a rare location and that my vocal chords were hemorraged in surgery, so that i would be sore a while. there were loculations in abscess. "the tonsils did show exudate tonsilitis biltaterally but no evidence of obvious abscess.
Avatar n tn It only ever lasts for a few minutes but it causes extreme tonsil and ear pain on the left side. I can barely move my neck when it happens. Does anyone know what this is?
Avatar n tn on the right side of my throat, on my tonsil. I decided to get it checked out by a doc, who said it was an abscess, prescribed Levequin and sent me on my merry way. He was amazed by the fact that I was in no pain, none whatsoever. The area around the "lump" is red, so he just assumed I was hurting, but I have no pain when swallowing, eating, etc.
Avatar n tn I urge anyone who has these EXact symptoms to not bother with your doctor.. go right to the ER and suggest Abscess. I am a 23 yr old male 6'5'' 200lbs, avid wieghtlifter and rarely sick. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/201034'>severe Swollen Sore Throat and Unknown puffy swelling on right side of mouth</a>.
Avatar n tn Ever since I can remember, I have had sore throats and sinus problems, and my memory is that the most severe sore throats I have had has always been focused on the right side of my throat. I have recently been looking on the internet and I find where asymetrical tonsils are a sign of possible lymphoma. Is it possible that this has been harboring in my tosil for the last couple years? While both tonsils are enlarged, the right is significantly worse than the left.
Avatar f tn It has been goiing on for months gradually getting worse. I was feeling better when on antibiotics even after getting the teeth pulled. I'm waiting on my doctors office to call and get me in (which is a chore). I'm thinking the urgent clinic this afternoon if my dr can't get me in. The worst is the dizziness and fatigue! Scares me to drive and I don't want to pass out and scare anybody!
Avatar n tn you need to see someone...you may have an abscess in the back of your throat near your tonsil that needs to be treated....i'd see and ENT or your primary dr.....
Avatar m tn For quite a few years now, I have suffered with tailbone cysts, cysts between the legs (where my legs end and my buttocks begin), and also I have a long history of tonsil abcesses. The cysts come and go, and when they get irritating enough, I usually can burst them (like a pimple), and they go away for a month or two. I also have several fatty masses on my arms and chest. I had one removed from my arm, and it looked like a tiny bunch of grapes.
1125587 tn?1259716816 i am 28 years old but most of the time feel like i'm pushing 100.........it all started about 5 years ago. first i had a severe abscess on my left tonsil which put me in the hospital for fear it would block my breathing, followed by removal of my tonsils (not adnoids) 6-9 months after my hospital "vacation".
Avatar n tn This all started because I visited a dentist and after taking an xray he noticed I had an abscess on #13, which he thought was caused from an infection on #12 which I had a root canal done on 2 yrs. No symptoms from # 13. He performed the root canal and started a crown on #14. That night I was in a lot of pain and it seemed to be originating from #14, so I went to my endodontist and he performed an open and med. Root canal is incomplete on 14.
Avatar n tn I guess, though, that the antibiotics could have helped with the systemic infection, and just weren't effective on your symptoms. Who knows? I'm anxious to hear your findings, so please let me know.
Avatar f tn You can develop an abscess on your tonsils that could be resistant to the antibiotic. Your doctor can evaluate you and decide if he or she needs to look into this further. Good luck.
Avatar n tn if you are still having obstruction to swallowing, or pain or fever then, you must seek medical attention. If, on the other hand your symptoms have subsided or completely gone and the size of the tonsil has diminished, you could probably wait. It is important to remember that the enlargement of one tonsil may be a sign of an abscess and/or a sign that the infection is caused by an unusual bacterium such as one called Actinomycosis (not strep) or by a true fungus.
Avatar n tn Yes, an abscess can occur in the tracheal area. These can be around a tonsil, in front of the trachea and at the back of the throat. These are serious infections. In most instances they will be seen on the CT scan. Such infections can be life threatening. The person with such an infection will be very ill. From your description it does NOT sound like this is your problem. What must be found is the source of your green-yellow mucus.
Avatar f tn Are we talking about your tonsil here? This could be a tonsillitis, infected salivary gland, dental abscess. Usually things like this with an acute onset are infections. Yours could clear on its own or get worse. Its simply impossible to say otherwise what this is. Monitor this. If it gets to the point where you are unable to swallow or (god forbid) breathe, you need to get in and be seen.
Avatar m tn Try getting back to your normal diet and do throat gargles with povidone iodine solution and consume plenty of warm water. I am curious to know about your throat condition was the abscess drained? Or it got subsided with medical management.
Avatar f tn It suggests infection may have extended beyond the tonsil borders into what is called the peri-tonsillar area, causing a peritonsillar abscess. If that is the case, this is a very serious infection that could easily spread to adjacent structures. This is a situation that requires rapid, effective intervention. I strongly suggest that you and your doctor arrange for consultation with an ENT specialist, without delay, today if possible.
Avatar n tn I also noticed a small bump behind my tonsil (but it's not on the back of my mouth) it's located on the tissue behind the tonsil (if that makes any sense).
Avatar f tn I went to medi-centre. Left tonsil is swollen and has white spot on it and a big bulge attached to tonsil (which is where white spot is, one dr. said was a tonsil stone and another said she didn't think so). Had it for months but first dr. kept saying gargle with salt/water. Anyway, had blood tests done by second doctor, test for mono, and other blood tests and urine sample (which was very dark yellow with floaty things in it).
Avatar f tn About 7 years ago I had reoccurring tonsillitis, saw an ENT and he put me on a strong antibiotic for 3 weeks. That seem to kick the tonsillitis, but I still get the sore throat with my tonsils turing bright red and my right tonsil still gets slightly inflamed. I have tried allergy meds- currently given nasonex for it and I find it only masks symptoms (I.e dries me out) and doesn't make the pain go away 100%.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your response. I just notice a white bump on the back of my tonsil. It feels like I have a bump and it is only on the left side. I was doing some research and came a course Tonsilith or peri abcess. Do u think it may be this or can it be related to an std?
Avatar f tn Lately I have been very very tired. When I swallow, on the left side of my throat, it feels sore and there appear to be blue spots on the outside of my neck. It is also sore to the touch. I am thinking it may have something to do with my thyroid. I was on antibiotics a couple of weeks ago because I had a throat infection and even though most of the soreness from the infection did go away, I still have the pain on the left side.
Avatar n tn Hey my name is Barrett and I had my tonsils taken out two years ago and have had constant infections/ problems this whole time. My throat on the right side below where the tonsil was will begin to become discomforting and after a couple days the feeling gets worse and eventually something will pop and a lot of orange/yellow pus will come out and i will have to cough to get the rest out..
Avatar f tn You may or may not develop quinsy as it depends on the severity of your infection and your immunity. Recurrent tonsillitis is an indication for tonsillectomy, as the tonsils may harbor the infection which keeps flaring up, or they may develop new infections. Quinsy, is peritonsillar abscess, that is there is pus collection around the tonsils. This is an emergency and needs to be treated with IV antibiotics. Sometimes it warrants incision and drainage of the abscess.
Avatar n tn It sounds like an abscess drained in your tonsil. Smoking is extremely bad for your mucus membranes, and you face gum disease and bacteria that will damage your heart for this blatant disregard for your oral health.
Avatar n tn I've been given a course of antibiotics - erythromycin 250mg four times a day for seven days - for tonsillitis. Only one tonsil was slightly swollen and red over a week, a couple of small bits of puss, no pain, no fever and has improved slightly over the week - the doctor has not performed a swab test and seemed to be in two minds as to whether to give any drug (she would have given me penicillin but I've never used it so she didn't want to risk an allergic reaction).