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Avatar n tn my rabbit has a white paste coming from her gums. it smells awful too. she lost her tooth and it still hasnt grown back yet. what is wrong with her?
Avatar m tn Ok I've had this abscess on my gums for 2 years and was unable to treat it cause I didn't have insurance, but now I do and it's getting treated but this is the problem, I ate a m@m and right after I ate it I drained the abscess like I always do but when I did it another lump showed up on my outside gums causing me lots of pain for hours.
Avatar n tn i had a small boil on my gums then it went and about 3 weeks later is come back with pus. i left it and it burst so i washe dmy moiuth out with salty water and then the pain went. about a month later a little boil has come back is this anpother absess.
Avatar f tn I have an abscess; upper right; the tooth broke off only some left close to the gums. My cheek is swollen near right side of nose and mouth and up under my right eye; very bad pain. Dentist put me on penicillin. My question is can they pull the tooth out while I am swollen? and how bad will it feel when they pull it? I have a fear of dentist and I will get it pulled out because I am more worried about the infection spreading to my brain ect..
2075494 tn?1331758942 Traumatic injuries and and moth ulcers are some of the more common causes of a mass on the gums. You will need to consult your dentist who will examine you and determine the cause so that appropriate therapy can be initiated. He may even ask for blood test and an X ray. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I also wanted to add that I don't see any pus sack on my gums or cheek but there is some white stuff that looks like it could be an abscess inbetween my tooth and gums. The dentist hasn't seen me since my cheek swelled up and won't beable to until the 10th. thanks, again.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I noticed a redish purple spot on my upper gums. It is not painful, just kind of ugly. I don't remember hurting it in any way. I brush and floss regualrly, and have also been to the dentist in the past few months. Is this something to be worried about? Or just wait for it to go away? I'm away at school, so my dentist is about an hour and a half away.
Avatar n tn i have what looks like a white head or pimple on my gums above my front left tooth. i pushed my nail against it and the top of it cam off leaving a little red blood spot. does anyone know what this is and what causes it.
Avatar m tn a few days ago, i noticed a dull and achy pain on my gums, just between the lower front incisors. There is no redness, or bleeding. At first I thought it might be something stuck in between my teeth. I continually attempted to loosen it with my tongue. Upon closer observation in front of a mirror, I noticed a small bulge, normal in color between my teeth. If you don't look closely, it's unnoticeable, but as I stare at it, I can definitely see it. It's beginning to become more painful.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if its escaping from your gums and mixing with the saliva already present or if its coming from the parotid gland in your cheek. The reason why is because of your swelling on your cheek and not on the gums. You may want to go back to your dentist and he may want to "milk" the parotid to see if its infected.
Avatar n tn so i was wanting to ask if you could give a brief description on the mechanics of an abscess. specifically, 1)how does the abscess manage to make these holes in the jawbone itself? 2) if a person had lived through an abscess (such as they do in modern times) does the damage to the jaw bone repair itself, or is it a permenent fixture? 3) exactly how were these abscesses fatal? how does it truly manage to kill?
Avatar f tn Continued to have severe pressure sensitivity on 19 and some on 18. Dentist insisted on placing perm crowns - different crown materials (about six weeks ago.) Afterwards, pressure sensitivity improved but gum swelled on the linqual side. Dentist treated with Cavitron and said tooth would need to be extracted if swelling continued. Four days ago, had tooth 14 prepped for crown. All okay first day, then cheek and jaw started swelling and have not improved. No pain in tooth 14.
Avatar n tn I am worried I have a dental infection spreading from neglected dental work, that was complicated by a mis-diagnosis. Sorry for dragging this on, and on. Does a tooth abscess ever not show up on a X-ray? Possibly draining out before X-ray is taken? draining into roof of mouth or sinus?
Avatar n tn Seek medical help before the swelling increases and leads to an abscess. This is only speculation based on your symptoms. A physical examination is necessary for appropriate diagnosis and management. I hope it helps. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn I dont' know if this can be true but I feel like my wisdom teeth on top is starting to grow more and it's pressing against that area. The white spot in the previous picture is where I feel my top tooth the most.
Avatar f tn the swollen gums are not exactly near the tooth. it is near the bones on the upper side.can anyone help me to know what is the problem and do i need to visit the dentist urgently?
Avatar n tn Should I give it more time for the swelling to go down before seeing my dentist, should I try gargling with salt water? Also, I just noticed this morning that there's a slightly darker spot on the gums that wasn't there before that started to bleed a bit, almost like a small blood blister. The only thing I could think of is that something small may have been stuck in my gums and it's working it's way out slowly, but I didn't know if going to a dentist would help anything or not. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I am 17 and have a white bump on the upper right hand gums, just above my k9 tooth. It doesnt hurt at all, but im not sure what it is. It is a whitish color and red around it, it doesnt grow or go away and i just noticed it a few days ago, but i think i had for at least a week. I havn't went the dentist yet I'm planning on going pretty soon. I brush my teeth twice a day and i havn't been using mouth wash in a while until I noticed this bump, but I never had any problems before.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I found a discolored area on my gums above my front right tooth. Today the sore has progressed to my pallet and is sore and feels blister it is also bleeding. Could this be a sinus abscess?
Avatar n tn Dental Abscess SYMPTOMS: Swelling on whole right side of face/gums Extreme pain/tenderness along with pressure On JUNE 1st I went to the ER because I woke up that morning with slight swelling that I watched grow throughout the day. The Dr. prescribed me 500mg penicillin vk. I take one ever six hours. I've been doing that since 9:15pm JUNE 1st and I noticed only a slight change in my swelling and none in my pain. If anything It looked like the swelling just shifted.
Avatar m tn Your descriptions suggest periapical abscess. Seeing an endodontist is advised.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your info, I'm feeling a bit calmer now! It got chipped by a friend dropping a camera on my face..nothing exciting! It was just the bottom corner, starting about half way up the tooth - my dentist filled it in and it has been quite sensitive since. My face swelling has gone down a lot, its just the abscess itself now. It feels like a grape pushed up under my top lip, pushing into my nose! I hope it can be sorted out tomorrow.
Avatar n tn Yes it still could be. Try cleaning the area out as much as you can with floss, brushing and mouthwash gently. But I would still recommend seeing a dentist in case there's something causing it. I had a patient once who had a spacer stuck under the gums and that cause pain and swelling. I'm pretty sure the mom had a talk with their orthodontist later on.
Avatar f tn By my description she mentioned something about fissure and the implant could cause some small infection that come to the top in the form of a pimple on my gums but could also be an abscess from a near by tooth. She said that it will continue to drain because of the type of infection and the fact that it needs to "get out" someway. As depressing as it seems she did say that the implant may need to come out and we may have to start over.
Avatar n tn I unfortunately discovered that you can even know your dentist or go to one in a nice area with a nice building with nice staff and they still use Sargenti Paste (or formocresol) on you and your young child...and as with all (ok, maybe 99.99%) of them, they won't tell you that they are using it on you...and in my case, even after they injure you.
Avatar m tn You have an abscess around your implant? They will need to treat that.
Avatar m tn Its on the gums below a tooth that had a root canal done to it less than a year ago. The dentist place wasnt open so I thought I could get some help here.