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Avatar m tn Is it on top of the skin or under the skin? Is it hard or soft? It could be some infection, a bite, an abscess or even Puppy Strangles,which can be fatal. If you are concerned, the best thing you can do is have your Vet check it. That way, you will definitely know what it is and if it needs treatment.
443080 tn?1205358140 I am trying to get some information on Puppy Head Gland Disease but all I can find are other owner's experiences and whilst these are really helpful and informative, I would like to try and get some information from a veterinary/professional point of view. Can you help?
Avatar n tn My 10 month old puppy has a bad odor an itches his butt none stop can someone please help...
1202152 tn?1265475095 But every time I did discover a new lump on her I took her straight away for it to be investigated just to be on the safe side.
Avatar f tn I have a 3-4 week old puppy that has swelling on her neck and left side of jaw it is hard around the swelling area.she is breathing ok,nursing well and she cries when i touch it...i wanted to know if any one has any ideas to help the swelling go down.if you May know what this could be pls be free to comment...i do not have enough money for the vet right now but im working on it .....i am hoping it's just an ant bite or something but I'm wondering why is it so big..the skin is tight....
Avatar m tn I have a 7 month old Rat Terrier puppy and he's been sick since I got him. First he was diagnosed with lymes disease and put on antibiotics, he finally got back to his happy playful self after about 3 weeks. About a month after that I noticed he wasn't playing, eating or barking...again. I though for sure it was the lymes acting up and so we put him back on the meds, but then I realized he was still moving ok and wasn't crying whenever I picked him up.
Avatar f tn My puppy of 2 month got his shot almost two weeks ago. within one day he has a huge lump in the area he got a shot. It first appeared today so the limp popped up really quick which I find to be very odd. Its around the size of a tennis ball, maybe half the size. It doesn't hurt him when I feel around it, it hasn't changed his personality or routine. He is still very playful and acts the same way. what are some possibilities that this could be?
Avatar m tn When I first found him he had an abscess on his neck, when the vet pulled of the scab a very large amount of pus came out. The abscess started healing, but another one formed close to the first, which the vet drained. Another one formed on his upper neck, and we drained this one as well, and the vet decided to put him on mild antibiotics. All of the abscesses have healed completely (about 8 days ago).
Avatar f tn im so glad you posted this I think this is what is going on with my black lab puppy. when we went to bed there was nothing.. now there is an egg shaped movable mass on the rt back side of his neck, hes eating and playing just fine but what a bummer!
612551 tn?1450025775 I picked up where they left off, suppose I have about as many dollars as it would have cost me to purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder. I've looked on Amazon and see your recommendation are available there - I am planning to give that a try, but as I have a fresh bottle of Tea Tree right now I will dilute it and put it were he can't lick... that said I think Tea Tree isn't going to give him a problem even if he ingests a small amount from licking.
Avatar f tn Someone gave my puppy a 9 way shot in the muscle not the skin as it should have been. Will she be alright she is swollen in that area and tender.
Avatar n tn We just adopted a 13 week old puppy through a rescue group, he was already neutered at a very young age of 10 weeks, and we are concerned that he may have complications from his neutering. A week ago we noticed a small purple bump on the incision site that didn't seem to really bother him, but now a week later it has trippled in size and is dark purple. It was bleeding and pussing the other night, so I cleaned it with warm water and a paper towel.
Avatar f tn She is going to clean his teeth and examine them further tomorrow and do a biopsy on the node. I just cant fathom the idea that my five year old puppy could have cancer based on one lymph node and a higher wbc. Couldnt a tooth problem explain all of the above? Thanks so much for your time.
Avatar n tn Have you noticed bad breath? Your dog could have an abscess. Since this has been going on for 3 days I would take him to the vet. If you haven't changed his food and you know of nothing he could have ate, I really would take him to your vet as this is unusal behavior.
Avatar m tn About a week ago, my husband and I noticed a rock hard lump (about the size of large gumball) on the upper right part of our dog's snout. It was roughly right below the right eye, but there was no interference with the eye. We both were taken back at first at the largness of it and how rock hard it was. It actual felt just like bone and did not move (like a cyst would if you moved it around).
Avatar f tn Hi. There are a couple of responses I have seen on the forum that refer to lumps on a dog's penis ... these may be of help to you: (1) Was the lump ... along the shaft of the penis and was there another one on the other side?
Avatar n tn My dogs gt 1 hard lump on the shaft of his penis wat is this
459853 tn?1283144114 It is also possible it could be an abscess caused perhaps by some cut or puncture wound. Can you see anything on her skin under the fur? If she is fighting something like that she will not feel 100% My feeling is that you should take her for the vet to look at her, to be on the safe side. Especially as it does seem to be affecting her breathing.
Avatar f tn I had been suffering from an unaware perianal abscess around that time and wasn't on antibiotics. I developed a mild fever 2 days after the encounter which lasted a few days. I also started to feel very tiny lymph nodes in my groin, all of this might be accounted to the deep abscess. I started taking antibiotics (cypholexin - 4 a day) a week ago. I developed a little fever in the past few days which only lasted a day or two. I had one instance of diarrhea at night this week.
Avatar m tn It is the LAW that you have to provide veterinary care for this severely injured puppy. If you can't do this, how on earth will you ever afford all the expenses that go along with dog ownership? ONE illness can cost hundreds of dollars. If you can't afford to raise a dog, then don't adopt one. Too late for you and your unfortunate puppy, though. Left untreated, the puppy's limb will likely wither and atrophy. He will be in some pain.
Avatar m tn She is shivering and not eating. Our vet has her on anti inflammatories and antibiotics and has suggested a blood testa after three days if no improvement. We've also been told if her temp gets up to 41 to cool her down in a cold bath. I'm not sure if our vet knows what to do in this situation. I need another opinion.
Avatar f tn A new class of students start Thursday and then my usual class is back on Friday. Our 8 lb 5 oz rabbit developed a huge abscess in her dewlap late last week so had surgery to have that removed today. She's eating and drinking already, only four hours after surgery. She has to stay inside for the next two weeks so that should be interesting. She's reasonably toilet trained, but not completely!! The cat is not impressed either, considering rabbit is bigger than she is.
363110 tn?1340924019 I think my mom feels she failed because due to her back and my brother's laziness coco wasn't being taken on enough long walks and began to get overweight. She was never actually obese but I'm sure it didn't help the situation. Money was an issue because we couldn't afford $300 to get her to the vet for a workup, however her problem was so obvious that we doubt they'd do more than either offer VERY strong pain killers or to put her down.
637356 tn?1301928422 Thank you for your help. I took the puppy to my mom's house and showed her and pulled on her heart strings a bit and she took him to the emergency vet in Waco. They lanced the spot so the puss could drain and packed with antibiotics. Also gave me cefalexin (sp) to give him twice a day for two weeks.
Avatar n tn My dog suddenly developed an abscess on her back a year or so ago. One day it wasn't there, next day it was. Of course I took her to have it drained professionally and she's been ok since. But these things do happen.
Avatar f tn she would finally fall asleep, but before long, she would sit up very quickly... and start panting again... she could not lay on her side, and could only lay on her stomach. It was due to the fluids building up in her lungs and heart. Excessive panting can also be a sign of Cushings Disease. Since your dog is 16 plus years....I would suggest you bring her in to get bloodwork done...and get a good physical exam...check heart and lung sounds...and of course...an oral exam.
Avatar f tn Our old dog was mauled by a cow some weeks ago. Some time after this we noticed a lump on one of her hind breasts. We took her to the vet yesterday and the vet said she has cancer. Mum and Dad think that if the cancer has spread and isn't contained to the one breast that she should be put down. I disagree. I think she still seems reasonably well and that it would be premature to put her down.
Avatar n tn CAUSES FOR AN APPARENT OVARIAN CYST Benign neoplastic ovarian cystadenomas Benign teratomas such as a dermoid Cysts of structures next to the ovary Fluid filled Fallopian tubes Infections in the tubes and or ovaries Endometriosis and endometrial ovarian cysts Fibroid tumors of the uterus that are on a stalk Abscess of the appendix Abscess of a colon diverticulum In many instances, the surgical evaluation can be accomplished by laparoscopy.
295767 tn?1240191914 The tech made a HUGE mistake of hooking my chest port to the machine for the iodine contrast. As soon as he hit start on that puppy I felt a sudden fire in my chest. One hour later it was time for my dose of antibiotics. Once it started to drip, the fire returned. I SCREAMED for them to stop the machine because I felt like I was on fire. I was then sent back to my room with a failed attempt at a CAT scan due to the fire in my chest.