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Avatar n tn Hello, The first possibility is of a boil or abscess in the area. The second possibility is of a perineal hernia. It is a hernia involving the perineum (pelvic floor), mostly found in men and often appears as a sudden swelling to one side (sometimes both sides) of the anus. Second possibility which comes to my mind is of pilonidal cyst.
Avatar n tn I have what I believe to be a cyst on my perineum. It has been there on and off for about a year now. I finally had it looked at by a dermatologist as it had grown in size and was producing mild discomfort. The Dr. gave me a shot of something into the cyst and it disappeared for approximately 3 weeks. It has now returned, is twice the size and is extremely painful to the point where walking is uncomfortable, sitting is uncomfortable and standing is uncomfortable. I went to the Dr.
Avatar f tn hi everyone just wondering has anyone considered that your chakras may be blocked? this could cause the lump you feel on your perineum. which could also give you stomach gases, constipation, piles, tumours, boils and pimples. Reiki is good for this to unblock the energy in your body.
Avatar m tn I notice a grape size protruding red lump on my husbands perineum. He is to embarrassed to go to the doctor and said he has been suffering for about three weeks. He states it is very painful when he sits, stand and walks. It looks like it has abscessed in the middle being white and crusty. If someone could please contact me I have pictures for examination. I am so worried about him but he will not go to the doctor. Only thing I could convince him was to put Neosporin on it.
Avatar f tn So I felt a little down there and noticed that I was swollen. I took a mirror and looked and my Perineum is swollen all the way to inside my vagina. I don't know exactly what has caused this, but it hurts to even sit down sometimes.
Avatar f tn I also have an abscess on top of a varicous vein just inside my vagina so as you can imagine its quite sore to keep pushing. After all that time i managed to pass 2 tiny pieces. so i cleaned up and stood up to feel like my vagina was inside out... my perineum and labia was really swollen. After 15 mins i managed to have a number 2 and again after another half hour. The swelling has gone down alot but i still feel sore and dread going for a number 2 again....
Avatar m tn (28 year old male) Large lump on perineum with selling and redness, worse when sitting but always painfull. The lump has been there for about 5 days and is getting worse. I have tried hot compresses and soaking in a hot bath..pain relief while in the hot bath only. Any ideas what it may be or what can be done for it?
Avatar m tn I also have a recurrent abscess that occurs on the left side of my perineum. Been to the doc for that (march) its flared up currently. I do work out in the heat but doubt it's jock itch because that doesn't usually involve the scrotum and penis. Anyone have any ideas??
Avatar n tn Thinking that it was an abscess I started using sitz baths, result of that was now I have like 8 more of the large painful lumps. They are on the Mons Pubis, Labia Majora and perineum. They are not abscesses as they have never developed a head nor drained at all. My concern is that my sister had Vulvar Cancer in 2000. Can this be a symptom of that? Especially with so many of the popping up in such a short period of time?
Avatar n tn I have noticed after ejaculation, I experience discomfort in bulbocavernosus area (on the left side). Basically, it feels like a muscle pull where the scrotum meet the torso and it occurs after I have ejaculated. So its in between the anus and scrotum. I am in my early 20s, so I'm thinking its not anything to do with the prostate, but concerned it may be prostatitius. Do you have suggestions as to what you may be?
Avatar f tn under the skin -- one above the burst blister on the left outer vaginal lip, and one below the burst blister, in between where the lip ends and the perineum begins, also on the left. That was how the burst blister started out -- as a large bump under the skin. It slowly rose to the surface and became a bubble-shaped red blister sitting atop the skin, and eventually burst this morning (oozing blood). In addition, there are smaller skin tag-looking bumps around the opening of the anus.
Avatar n tn I've been on that for four days. Another bump popped up yesterdaymorning on the opposite side of my perineum - along with a very swollen and tender node in my groin. My culture was negative for vulvidosis (sp?). The bumps are hard and painful. They are under the skin. I have not been able to bring them to a head or even close with warm compresses. I haven't dealt with these before (I'm 36, have two children youngest being almost 7, normal deliveries).
Avatar f tn I noticed that i would jus be a few at time scattered along my labia majora and one on my perineum. it really hurt when i sat down or walked around. So visited a local clinic and they sent me to do a urine test and the results that i have have bacteria "Pus cells 8 in 12 fields" and red blood cells 4 in 12 fields. the clinic gave me some tablets to drink and insert. the boils did clear for a while but the continued to return sometimes after my period and after sex.
Avatar n tn AT ALL Thursday I went to Back to the Doctors because my husband found a spot like raised area on the perineum and when he dabbed it with a tissue, blood and a little yellowy green (Sorry Yuck) came out of it. (It really is a tiny little hole with two like paper cuts by the side of it.. So of we both my husband and I trundled back to the doctor and had him take another look. The Doctor said no anul fissures and no external hemroids.
Avatar m tn Ive been, for the last 2 weeks, having some pain/sensaions on the inside of my left thigh. (the abscess is on the left side of my perineum) and some odd pain/sensations in my penis. This has been pretty much constant for the last month+. For a little bit after my risk, my wife had an itchy vulva, not constant but usually between her periods. No other symptoms. She stopped taking her birth control and it subsided. Today she has a sore throat, says its pretty bad.
Avatar f tn About 2 months ago I noticed a 'squishy' lump just above my anus, and my perineum is also VERY swollen. Neither are painful, and I only noticed this issue when washing. At first I thought it was piles, so I treated with anusol cream and suppositories - at separate times, and still the problem persisted. Next, I tried soaking in sea salt. The 'squishy' lump started to shrink in size, but the swelling between my vagina and anus got worse.
Avatar f tn Men as well as women can get these problems in their private area and on the perineum. If the root or plug of the abscess is not removed, it will continue to fester. Squeezing is not something that is advised to be done (even though we all try to squeeze things out), because this can spread any infection. Heating up a spoon and placing the rounded part on the "pimple" can sometimes help to draw it to the surface.
Avatar m tn I'm a 48 year old male, healthy and married. Some background: Like most men, I recently visited my doctor about some possible ED issues (sometimes slow to get erection, sometimes not lasting). Issues that occurred about 50% of the time. As my doctor told me, "About 95% of men will have some sort of issue. Then other 5% are lying." So, with that reassurance, he prescribed me Viagra. The next opportunity I had to make love to my wife I took 1/2 pill and had no issues whatsoever.
Avatar n tn You are probably talking about Hidradenitis suppurativa, which presents as recurrent boil-like pus-like discharge abscesses resulting in difficult-to-heal open wounds and scarring. It commonly occurs on apocrine sweat gland-bearing skin such as in the groin, the underarms and under the breasts. It is also known as ‘acne inversa’. “The extent and severity of the disorder varies widely between individuals. Initially a firm pea-sized nodule (0.5-1.
Avatar m tn Last night I noticed same sensation/throbbing in the left side of my Perineum that I noticed last month in the right side. There is not lump in the perineum that I can classify as abscess, no changing of color, no swelling or anything. I do feel its not the right testicle but the vein in the right testicle or over the right testicle region that hurts or gets numb. I feel very weird coldish sensation sometimes on that vein.
Avatar n tn I have what appears to be the classic symptoms, penis pain (in the head and along the urethra), pain around the perineum, redness at the penis tip, soreness in the bladder, urgency to urinate then only small amounts at times. I have had all the tests, blood, 3 part urine with prostate massage, seaman, swab taken from penis x 3. All these tests came back negative, except for the very first swab which showed traces of chlamydia.
Avatar n tn I got pain on the tip of my penis and generalized burning on scrotum, perineum and anus. Pain and burning was unbearable. Thinking that it could be a yeast infection from the Doxy the doctor gave me an antifungal cream that seemed to help. However pain on tip of penis and generalized burning and disconfort continued. Also I had a clear and very sticky liquid inside urethra which does not leak on its own but comes out if I milk it.
1679246 tn?1304664043 they are another sexually transmitted disease, like genital warts just harder to diagnose . hemorrhoids on the other hand are from to much stran on your anus, and feel tight and sore and bubble out . you don't get them on your perinium though.
Avatar m tn e because the back pain was that bad and i had a scan on the kidneys and again they were ok .
Avatar n tn If I empty completely I get a spasm-like pain that is all of 9-10 on a 10 pt. scale. Fortunately it is short-lived (15 seconds to a minute) and I can control it by not emptying. I don't know exactly where this pain is, but I know it's somewhere in my bladder or prostate. I feel it more in my lower belly than in my perineum. c. Too explicit to talk about here, but it's also a pain issue. My original urologist tried me on just about all OAB medications: Detrol, Ditropan, Enablex, etc.
Avatar f tn Felt around while wiping extra thoroughly and found this small (smaller than a pea) lump on the left side of my perineum, that seemed to be obstructing (from the inside), my anus a tiny bit. I just get that feeling when I'm having a bowel movement. Everything comes out very easy until the very, very end - it just seems like I have to wiggle around and wipe hard to get everything out. I don't strain at all.
Avatar n tn Hi, On February 25, 2010, I had unprotected sex with a friend and I didn't know his sexual history. Two weeks later I noticed two white bumps in between my labia majora and labia minora. They didn't hurt really bad they were just uncomfortable. I've gotten these bumps before but because I had unprotected sex I automatically thought to herpes. While those bumps were there (they were like pimples.
Avatar f tn I have a fistula that resulted from a perianal abscess that I had in June 2010. It was finally diagnosed as a fistula in December 2010, and I've been seeing the colorectal surgeon who diagnosed it since then. The tract opening is adjacent to my vagina, which is awesome. So far I've had three surgeries: 1) draining seton placement (January 2011), 2) fistula plug placement (March 2011), and 3) another draining seton placement (October 2011).
Avatar f tn I have a swollen lymph node on the left side of my groin and a few days ago I had severe itching around my anus so I looked in the mirror and saw an enlargement of the skin from my anus to the top of my taint. It was like a hard lump but also had a blister looking thing towards the top of my taint with white spots that looked like pus a little. I've been taking warm baths And the itching and most of the swelling has gone down but now I have a swollen lymph node in my groin.
Avatar n tn Multiple isolated areas on the wall of the rectum may be affected. The rectal ulcer may cause bleeding and pain during the passage of stool. Rectal ulcers are rare, and there is a general lack of awareness of this condition. A primary cause of rectal ulcers is rectal prolapse, a condition in which the lower end of the rectum protrudes through the anal orifice.