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Avatar f tn I have bump on the inner lip of my vagina. The bump was large about the size of a nickel maybe. It hurt to walk & sit down pretty much anything. It appeared last Monday. I went to the doctor last Wednesday, and the doctor told me it was an abscess and gave me antibiotics. The bump had popped exposing pus and a little blood on Friday. The pain went away but the size never went down. The next day it was a little bit smaller.
Avatar f tn Hi I was with the doctor 3 days ago because I have a small swelling just on my face just below my lip, once a white pus discharge came from it. The doctor told me that I have a chronic abscess and gave me Germentin for 7 days and also told me to go to the dentist. I went to the dentist and he extracted the tooth but there doesn't seem to be any improvement on my face.
Avatar n tn We proceeded to go to the emergency room, where they told me that there was an abscess the size of an orange on the left size of my vagina that they'd have to do surgery on.
Avatar m tn i woke up today with a hard lump like a small ball on my vagina lip and it hurts so bad and i was wondering what this could be as i never had it before..
Avatar n tn I have this large bump on the inside of my vagina lip. It isn't inside though. I tried to squeeze it to see if puss came out and a bit of puss did. It hurts like a zit would to the touch. My mom says it is a pimple but I don't know. How do I get rid of it and what is it?
Avatar n tn The first day it was just my upper lip and a small part of my cheek, now it's my lip, my whole cheek, my nose and eye which is also black now. I've tried ice packs warm salt water and none of this seems to affect the swelling at all. Is there something else I can do or should I return to the dentist or have my antibiotics changed?
Avatar f tn I woke up on monday morning in extreme pain and with a completely swollen top lip, stretched nose and puffy cheek. Having no idea what was wrong I went to the doctors and was put on amoxcillin (they weren't sure what was wrong as the abscess isn't visible, it is really high up under my lip and quite large).
Avatar m tn hi i have an irritating swelling on my gum above my front teeth..it is not always big and sometimes u can not see it.once it made my whole lip big..some days it is just red and not very big.it makes my tooth feel pain where i once had a filling done.sometimes it pusses and then goes away for about a month,then it is back again.at the moment it has like a small white pimple.could this be the lack of something in my body or do i need a root canal.how may i get rid of the swelling?
Avatar m tn since that day though the pain has gone away for the most part. if i tap on my tooth it still hurts a little bit, but nothing too serious. not however my upper lip and face has begun to swell up and become quite sensitive to touch. after doing some research online I think that I have abscess in my front tooth, but I'm starting to get worried at the fact that my tooth is no longer in pain. Could that mean my tooth is already dead?
Avatar f tn Hi , after an abscess and a course of antibiotics , I finally had infected tooth removed the other day , everything is back to normal apart from my bottom lip and chin on the left side , I was wondering how long this took to clear up and feel normal .
Avatar n tn I cleaned them the best i could at the time and stopped the bleeding, but i continued to play. I looked at the cuts later when i got home and the one on the bottom inside of my lip was deeper than I thought and probably should've been stitched. I didn't do this however and someone recommended putting oragel on it to prevent infection. Well this didn't work and now my lips (top and bottom) are extremely dry, flaking and breaking out in little white blisters.
Avatar n tn ok so i have this pea size lump on the left lip of my vagina. it only hurts when i press on it. i tried to pop it thinking it may be a zit or an ingrown hair but it just hurt really bad nothing came out. its the same color as the rest of the skin around it and you can barely notice it if you are looking. i found it yesterday idk how long its been there. i looked up sebaceous cysts but i'm not sure thats what it is.
Avatar n tn my questions are how exactly does the infection from the abscess get into your cheek and even though i am now on day 6 of my medication there is still some swelling in my cheek that feels hard to the touch. all the pain from the infection as been gone for some days now and i did notice a little more improvement in the cheek today, but how long should it take for the swelling to completely go away?
Avatar m tn A couple of days after my lip ordeal my nose started hurting on the inside, and within a day or two there began to be these yellow crusts forming. When I would remove them with a q-tip or tweezers, the skin seemed to be wet and start to drip. Today I woke up and it feels almost like I have a pimple and the tip of my nostril is really sore and my nose is starting to swell and turn red.
Avatar f tn I have had numbness on the left side of my bottom lip and it runs down to the left side of my chin I had a really big knot on the left side of my face when I went to the er the dr there told me that it was something called tic along with dental problems for me to see my dentist after they did a ct .
1160227 tn?1263601997 Our 1 1/2 year old German Shepherd mix has developed some sort of swollen thing on her bottom lip/chin area? Its swelling up, and I do not think she hit or cut herself?? Could anyone please let me know what this could be and what we should do for her? It feels like theres liquid in it maybe? Ir maybe just the muscle with a bump? Not sure...Thank you so much!
Avatar n tn but a week later i still have numbness on left corner of lower lip and chin! she told me originally that this was because abscess was resting on a nerve! when should i expect the numbness to go and normal feeling come back?
Avatar f tn Okay i woke up this morning with pain in the gum. I looked in the mirror and my abscess grew in size. Before it was small and now it's well really big. It hurts when i press down on it and there's puss coming out of it. Oh and my upper lip is swollen. I'm not sure what to do now. The dentist is closed due to really bad snow. I could try calling up other dentist and see if there open. Though the nearest one is 13 mins away. I've been rinsing my mouth out with salt water.
Avatar n tn Hi, It really depends on what you mean when you say lump? I mean is it big or small, sore, abscess? (As mentioned in a previous post) In the past I would get like a cyst or something, usually the following morning after BDing, which prevented any more BDing until it cleared up. My GP said not to worry that they were inflammed pores possibly from being infected, inturned hairs or too much friction on the skin from BDing. My ones oozed puss/blood (sorry tmi), but once popped they would be gone.
Avatar m tn I have an upper left molar which required an emergency root canal during a hiking trip in France due to an abscess in 2011. They redid the root canal (or finished it anyhow) when I returned home, but were not entirely happy with how it was done. Since then, I've had fleeting pain around the tooth, but repeated xrays showed nothing at all unusual. In October 2013 I was in Hong Kong for a job interview and the gum above the tooth became sore and bruised.
Avatar n tn Without infection, this usually goes away on its own. On the other hand, the Bartholin's glands are located on each side of the vaginal opening and secrete fluid that helps lubricate the vagina. Sometimes the openings of these glands become obstructed causing fluid to back up into the gland, resulting in relatively painless swelling called a Bartholin cyst. At times, this fluid may become infected, creating a small area of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue or abscess.
718797 tn?1230284722 I have a small boil like skin on my top left gum just under my lip near the vessel, can u tell me what I can do ?
Avatar f tn I have had ths same symptoms for going on 47 days. I have been on ammoxicyllin, augmentin, claryithromycen, and one other that I can remember it was a six day card thing that I just finished yesterday. I have had a CT scan that I assume was normal as I have not heard from my Dr and it was done last week. My symptoms are Sinus fullness, pressure tingiling in the sinus area, the tingiling / nimbness sometimes travels down the front of my face to my lips. This happens every day!
Avatar f tn It started on Thursday, when I took a nap and woke up with a mild, general tooth pain in a lateral incisor, and had slightly affected my central incisor. I thought I had been grinding my teeth in my sleep, as I often do, so I swished around warm salt water, took a Tylenol, and called it a day. Friday, it was more prominent but not painful or obstructive. I did notice a numbness in my upper lip, and it was a tad swollen.
Avatar m tn I am concerned that this is some sort of STD, virus, or fungus. I recently had a blood test and was clean for any STDs. What is this abscess that's filling up with puss and won't go away? Additional notes: I am overweight, vegetarian, and not very active. I also recently had a case of jock itch and I'm wondering if this somehow was transmitted to my mouth? Thanks for the help!
Avatar f tn I was just laying in bed and I discovered a lump with a diameter about the size of a marble on the right side of the front of my chin, about an inch below my bottom lip. It is not mobile separate from the skin but it is mobile separate from the bone. It feels like the lump itself is numb but the area is a little tender to the touch. It is fairly firm. Any ideas? Infection maybe?