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718797 tn?1230281122 I have a small boil like skin on my top left gum just under my lip near the vessel, can u tell me what I can do ?
Avatar f tn Hi , after an abscess and a course of antibiotics , I finally had infected tooth removed the other day , everything is back to normal apart from my bottom lip and chin on the left side , I was wondering how long this took to clear up and feel normal .
Avatar n tn but a week later i still have numbness on left corner of lower lip and chin! she told me originally that this was because abscess was resting on a nerve! when should i expect the numbness to go and normal feeling come back?
Avatar f tn I was just laying in bed and I discovered a lump with a diameter about the size of a marble on the right side of the front of my chin, about an inch below my bottom lip. It is not mobile separate from the skin but it is mobile separate from the bone. It feels like the lump itself is numb but the area is a little tender to the touch. It is fairly firm. Any ideas? Infection maybe?
Avatar f tn Over it and a couple of months later its really sore but i dont know if its sore because i have an abscess or if i need to get my tooth checked out again 1.Te dentist gave me amoxicillin capsules but how long does it take for them to work . 2. The lept part of my upper lip has swollen and my left side ear hurts aswell as the left side of the neck ?
Avatar m tn i woke up today with a hard lump like a small ball on my vagina lip and it hurts so bad and i was wondering what this could be as i never had it before..
Avatar f tn and a day after I noticed this bump like in the opening of my vagina like on the right lip... my lip kinda looks swollen also,,, I can see it by looking at it in the mirror and its a kinda a medium size bump... it didnt hurt before but I kept messing with it and now it kinda does... I was wondering what it is?? Anybody know? I tested positive for Chlamydia 2 weeks ago and got treated... could that be what it is?
Avatar f tn numbness in chin and lip on the left side of my face. I have been on antibiotics for 3.5 days so far and the pain is gone but my face is still numb. I did not get novocaine or anything- it is from the abscess itself.. When will this go away and the sensation return to my face?
Avatar f tn My lower lip has swollen up over the top lip. I have nothing that looks like an abscess, but symptoms are very familiar to me. Also, feverish, sore throat and dry mouth.
Avatar f tn I have bump on the inner lip of my vagina. The bump was large about the size of a nickel maybe. It hurt to walk & sit down pretty much anything. It appeared last Monday. I went to the doctor last Wednesday, and the doctor told me it was an abscess and gave me antibiotics. The bump had popped exposing pus and a little blood on Friday. The pain went away but the size never went down. The next day it was a little bit smaller.
Avatar n tn I have this large bump on the inside of my vagina lip. It isn't inside though. I tried to squeeze it to see if puss came out and a bit of puss did. It hurts like a zit would to the touch. My mom says it is a pimple but I don't know. How do I get rid of it and what is it?
Avatar n tn It is possible that you could be suffering from a tooth abscess. A tooth abscess is a complication of tooth decay. Infection may spread out from the root of the tooth and to the bones supporting the tooth. There is pain, swelling of upper or lower jaw, fever, difficulty in chewing in a dental abscess. A dental examination and X rays may help in determining what is the cause of your symptoms. Treatment involves curing the infection, treating the cause and preventing complications.
Avatar n tn I went to the dentist Wednesday and he told me i needed a root canal on my front right tooth, overnight the tooth became abscessed and i swelled up like a balloon and had to go back to the dentist. He drained it and injected antibiotics and gave me a prescription for cleocin 150mg, i started the meds straight away, but my swelling keeps coming back while i sleep.
Avatar f tn Hi I was with the doctor 3 days ago because I have a small swelling just on my face just below my lip, once a white pus discharge came from it. The doctor told me that I have a chronic abscess and gave me Germentin for 7 days and also told me to go to the dentist. I went to the dentist and he extracted the tooth but there doesn't seem to be any improvement on my face.
Avatar n tn They are all teeth that have had root canals and crowns, and there is no feeling of pain or pressure associated with the teeth. If I press on the area or pull out my lip the area is sore, but otherwise there is no pain. I was fighting off a virus last week and just got over a canker sore on my lip that I had, though these small white spots don't look like the canker sores that I normally get on the inside of my lips.
Avatar f tn I woke up on monday morning in extreme pain and with a completely swollen top lip, stretched nose and puffy cheek. Having no idea what was wrong I went to the doctors and was put on amoxcillin (they weren't sure what was wrong as the abscess isn't visible, it is really high up under my lip and quite large).
Avatar f tn This was around 7 months ago. Since then, my lower lip on the right side has been swollen. My checks also swell sometimes on the inside. This has been going on and off for around 6 months. The lip swelling goes down but never really goes away completely. The cheek swelling is the same as it comes and goes but is always somewhat puffy and swollen still. No real pain, just annoying. I'd say pain is around a 2/10 and when everything swells alot, Maybe a 3/10.
Avatar f tn Okay i woke up this morning with pain in the gum. I looked in the mirror and my abscess grew in size. Before it was small and now it's well really big. It hurts when i press down on it and there's puss coming out of it. Oh and my upper lip is swollen. I'm not sure what to do now. The dentist is closed due to really bad snow. I could try calling up other dentist and see if there open. Though the nearest one is 13 mins away. I've been rinsing my mouth out with salt water.
Avatar n tn Recently found a swelling on the lip of my vagina and it a bit painful when i sit. it is the size is 2 inches.
Avatar n tn i had sex with dec 2, and woke up with what looked like a crinkle in my skin on my upper lip it was not red or painful, i popped a blackhead in that area as i do whenever i notice one, and it was particulary long pus line, after that the area got red and scabbed and then got better but still looked crinkly, at this point i started searching oral herpes symptoms and what not and photos, nothing looked like what i had but i started to notice tingling.
Avatar m tn Hi, I've had a root canal for almost 6 years now. It all started when I chipped my tooth after falling off my bicycle in which my left central incisor wass chipped. Nothing was not noticed untill a few days later, when my lip started to swell up, it was found that the part of the tooth that was chipped was pentrated in to my lip. Of course I didn't feel any of this of the day of the accident due to shock.
Avatar n tn hi i am 32yrs old married and i noticed a single blister on my skin of right lip of labia mojora,it is pinkish and small . I m worried please help me out that what is it and what should do now???
Avatar f tn Hi. Im really freaking, i woke up yesterday all swollen, lip, cheek, i think from an abscess i noticed before bed. ive had them before, but not like this with the swelling.plus i know have 100.2 low grade. the internist prescribed amoxycillin and to see a dentist. i have no dentist. is it ok to wait until the antibiotics clear the infection? would they do anything at the dental office with me like this anyway? besides prescribe antibiotics? HELP!! thanks.
Avatar f tn is it normal for your face to swell and become painful from an abscess. I am afraid of the dentist but I would do anything cuz I haven't slept for three days cuz of the pain. the left side of my face is swollen to the point of half closing my eye and sometimes my lip get so puffy it looks like I've been in a fight.
Avatar m tn Anyway, the root canal seemed to go ok, the tooth was drilled into, the insides removed and filed down, and pressure put on the abscess from the outside in order to remove the puss from the abscess via the canal. The hole was then cleaned, filled with medication and sealed temporatrily, and I go back next week to have the permanent fill applied. Once the anaesthetic wore off I was in moderate pain but after about an hour it subsided and the tooth felt fantastic compared to how it had felt.