Abscess on knee cap

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Avatar m tn I have a pimple/cyst sort of bump on my left knee cap, and it's reddish purple. It dosnt hurt, its about the seize of a large pea. its really annoying and ugly. AND IT WONT POP! i even tried poping it with a pin, and it didn't work. PLEASE HELP.
Avatar n tn I have experienced the tingling numbness in my toes and when I rb my swollen knee it feels like a wave going back and forth on my knee cap. The fluid on my knee and ankle are driving me nuts and having to compensate w/ my other leg is causing pain in that knee and hip. I am wishing I never had surgery and can't deal w/ this much longer. I have a 6yr old so when I get home from work I am in so much pain that I can't do anything to entertain my daughter and enjoy my life and being a parent.
Avatar n tn A couple of days I had severe itching on the left lip of my vagina. Now there is something like a pimple but larger. The left lip is hard and has swelled to twice the size of the right. I have tried hot washcloth and also ice. I have gotten some pus to drain out but is still hard and VERY painful. I can haredly walk. I don't have insurance and just had a minor surgery (May 7) to remove a kidney stone. I had a stent in but it has been removed. The area is also very red.
Avatar n tn and have seen many different locations for an abscess on the body and i have to say that the groin area is the most painful and most re-occuring location. I have assisted both Dr.s and P.A.s in lancing(making a small cut into the head of the abscess to release the pus) these painful abscesses. Here's the thing....if you've gotten one before----you're more prone to getting them again....
577106 tn?1219842945 So since this has tested positive for MRSA and it appeared on my leg without an open wound, does this mean that you do not actually have to have an open cut, sore, wound etc for this to come out? All three spots have been on the front inner side of my left leg all between my knee cap and my ankle. I don't know if it's relevent or not but each one gets a little higher (closer to my knee cap). This is a very complex diagnosis for an average person with no medical background to understand.
Avatar n tn Dear Sir, I was dignosed with abscess in SI joint which was infected with TB. I was operated on and the abscess was drained. since july 2008, I have been on R-Cincex, once a day and Oflox, twice a day. I also took 35 Streptomycin injections. Lately, i have been having lot of pain in my toes and heels. I can hardly walk 15 to 20 minutes without having to sit down. I have been told that I may have neuropathy as one of the side effect and have been given Lyrica 75mg.
Avatar n tn That went away but then came burning feet, feelings of having ice packs on my thighs, body-wide muscle twitches, and pain in left arm and shoulder. Burning feet and ice feelings went away, but the upper arm pain/shoulder pain then spread to right arm as well. My neuro did a EMG on left arm deltoid, tricep and bicep which was normal, a c-spine MRI which was normal, and CBC, lyme titer blood work which was normal.
Avatar n tn I proved on my own that I was extremely allergic to the cobalt used in the base on a cap on my teeth. I am still having residual problems and my whole family knows that even if it is a case of life and death that I will not accept an implant of any kind of metal. I am sincerely sorry that you are going through the reactions. My best advice is to be persistent. You know your body better than anyone else. Stick to your guns. I found my dentist through the advice of a holistic nutritionist.
Avatar n tn After having the outer posts on for a month and a half, I had severe pain at the implant site and developed what the oral surgeon diagnosed as an abscess. He performed surgery to remove it and put me on several rounds of antibiotics. It healed up, but only a few weeks later I had another "infection" on the other post.
Avatar f tn Some medical doctors are jumping on board with the understanding that what we put into our mouths has a huge impact on our overall health so you may be able to find a MD that will run the same tests....One post was correct in that this can be a major symptom of hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can be connected/caused by diet that is low in nutrients..and/or if you do eat healthy/whole foods your body may not be absorbing nutrients which can be due to food allergies.
Avatar n tn Inside the vaginal lips on the sides almost always in the crease (between the labia minora and majora?) 2. Between the anus and vaginal opening (perineum) 3. Above the clitoris in the "hood" area. This tearing is not related to intercourse since my husband and I are unable to do that due to the pain it causes me. There is no real pain otherwise. I am getting some minor bleeding when I poop due to the tears in the anal area.