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Avatar n tn The drain that was put after the first surgery caused a hole to develop in the wall of the small intestines. A second surgery was done to clean out the contents that leaked into the abdominal cavity. This hole has still not closed up (5 days after surgery) and any water or clear liquid she ingests leaks out of the existing drain. A berium X-ray was done to try and find where the leak is, however, this proved inconclusive. She is going in for a CT scan this afternoon.
Avatar m tn Then i noticed my fecal matter was covered in a thin layer of fuzzy white stuff. I am now noticing pus in my fecal matter on a daily basis. Now I have a tooth that had a cavity and basically crumbled away about a 6 months ago..I was told I needed a root canal but i never ended up getting it. I have no pain whatsoever from my tooth but i was thinking I may have an abscess i cant see or feel underneath whats left of my tooth.
Avatar n tn I have a 4 month old baby girl and this weekend I noticed a bump on her head. It's about 3mm in diameter. It's hard like cartiledege or bone. It's beneath the skin so it's not visible. It doesn't move with the skin so it seems to be on the bone itself. I called the doc and we are going in Tuesday or Wednesday. The bump doesn't seem to cause her ANY pain - she has no illness symptoms at all. She's happy and her appetite is great as usual. Any idea what this might be? http://i236.
Avatar n tn It can be due to an infection in spleen or overactive or enlarged spleen, hiatal hernia where stomach herniates into the chest cavity, abscess in spleen, acidity, reflux esophagitis, pleurisy (inflammation of the walls of the lungs) or even due to muscle pull. Left lower lobe pmeumonia and ischemia (low oxygen supply) to mesyentry of intestines and pancreatitis too can at times present with a pain in left side under the rib. This needs a more detailed investigation.
Avatar f tn If you had perforated appendix, recovery is usually slower and more likely to develop an abscess or other complications such as fistula, abscess, blockage of the intestine, peritonitis or infection of the surgical wound. If the symptoms persist, it is best that you check with your doctor for proper evaluation. Direct physical examination and additional tests may need to be done also. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Would it build up in just a few months? She had the total colectomy on April 27 of this year. She had the abscess removal on June 7 again of this year. Would it build up that quickly? 2. Would it make a difference if I were to tell you that she has now got a severe intolerance to cold temperatures. By severe, I mean if the temperature inside the house gets below 80, she has to put on her flannel pajamas and a winter sweater because she's freezing. 3.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 26 years old and I have just had 10 cm of my lower intestines removed. This is my second surgery for Crohn's, 6 years ago I had 45cm removed and a ovary. My recovery last time was relatively quick, this time I seem to be having set backs, the Dr.s keep saying lets wait and see, but I am terrified.
Avatar f tn I have a dark spot with ulceration that hurts in the roof of my mouth that probably needs to be biopsied, removed or drained if it is an abscess before I develop osteomyelitis if that already isnt a problem. In addition, I cant stop being so cold.Maybe I am running fever and dont realize it? Bible Study was good tonight. The childrens arks with rainbow have turned out beautifully. I have been sticking with my diet and not overeating so I have not had to induce vomiting anymore.
Avatar n tn as he put it My doctor told me he is not sure at this point if colitis will persist or resolve on its own. He gave me information on Ulcerative Colitis but said may not apply to me at this point. He has me taking Ciprofloxacin for 10 days and then said if bowels resolve themselves then no other action is needed. If, however, I do continue to experience diarrhea, bloating and cramps to start taking Asacol. But he left that decision up to me.
Avatar n tn Also Every time she tries to eat anything,even the smallest portions of food right afterwards she starts to have sweats and has nausea and the pain flares up worse and she either vomits or have diarrea and goes straight for a bowel movement and her stool is watery and the food look like it is undigested.This is going on everyday.
Avatar n tn I am new to this forum. We took my dog to the vet on Tuesday due to having bloody noses. They did an exam and found out she has an abscess tooth. They belive that is why she was having the bloody noses. She has been eating and drinking normal. They said the tooth must come out. But the infection has to clear before they can remove it. The vet put her on an antibiotic. She couldn't barely walk the next day. We called the vet that morning.
12587011 tn?1426103698 I was having bad digestive issues and eventually an abscess near my rectum. Had a few tiny polyps removed but otherwise everything was normal and the Dr said to get another one in 10 years. 4 months late i get another abscess and flare ups of gas, diareha and cramping etc. General discomfort and nausea. Call the GI doc and they tell me to deal with it through general surgery. I was more concerned about the possibility of having crohns etc but felt like they didnt want to deal with me.
Avatar m tn I have also had constipation from the pain medication that they have me on. I've been taking stool softeners to solve this. But here lies my question... I have been having severe stabbing pains under my left lower rib cage/upper abdomen. These pains will come and go and correspond with my 'flare ups' that i get from time to time, but not always. The pain in my lower chest is not anything I've felt before, and no, it doesn't feel like a regular crohn's 'flare up'.
Avatar n tn I really doubt it's stool coming out - it may be a severe infection stemming from an abscess or other problem with your intestines, which is a severe problem. You could need antibiotics from your doctor to help treat this. You do NOT want stool/bacteria/etc entering your blood stream, it could lead to sepsis. Some of the other problems could be related to an intestinal abscess; the abd. pain, the diarrhea/constipation.
175662 tn?1282217256 (It did seem like the ligaments on the right were tighter than the ones on the left.) But it didn't cause blockages of intestines or anything dire like that.
Avatar n tn and something you may need to kno..im not sure if you do or not..but im late on my period by like a month, maybe less. if anyone knows anything, please! reply.
Avatar f tn I have been have pain on the left side of my Abdomen for approx 2 years. First the doctor said it was IBS,but in January after a bad attach and going to emergency, they said I have a blocked bowel and I was in the hospital for three days. After being release from the hospital, they ran all kinds of test, Upper GI, CAT Scan and found nothing to have caused the blockage or pain. I have a Colonoscopy two years ago, so they saw no need to do that test again.
Avatar m tn Causes * Chronic lung conditions o Bronchiectasis o Cystic fibrosis o Lung abscess o Lung cancer o Pulmonary fibrosis * Congenital heart disease (cyanotic type) o Tetralogy of Fallot o Total anomalous venous return o Transposition of the great vessels o Tricuspid atresia o Truncus arteriosus * Digestive system diseases o Celiac disease o Cirrhosis o Croh
Avatar f tn My 34 year old sister has Crohn's Disease and she had some kind of surgery about 10 years ago that removed some of her "intestines"...i think that's what they did...She is currently not seeing a doctor and doesn't want to. She says she doesn't care. She smokes...which I've heard this can be dangerous. She eats basically nothing but fast food. Her stomach hurts ever so often. Could she be in danger? Could she possibly die from this disease??
Avatar n tn Get enough scar tissue (adhesions) on your intestines, and you end up with the symptoms you describe. Adhesions don't show up on tests, and since you don't yet have a fully obstructed section of intestine (as evidenced by the normal bowel sounds) you may only be able to treat the symptoms the best you can. If your symptoms escalate to the point that you're very bloated, in a lot of pain and vomiting, then you may be a surgical candidate for adheliolysis surgery.
Avatar f tn My mom is 79, a diabetic, and takes percodan on a regular basis. Has for 2 years. Last week she took 45 in one week. Is she in dangering her body? She's had an abscessed tooth for almost 2 years and hasn't gotten it looked at until last week. she is getting it pulled next week. Do you think the abscess has caused any damage to her body that cannot be fixed? Help!!!
Avatar f tn old female with a reoccurring perirectal abscess that is now a fistula. I do not have med insurance ! The first time I go it I was about 22 and was givin antibiotics and it went away. The second time was about 7 yrs. later. I had surgery (put under) and cut open and drained. They had gauze n it and I was told 2 replace. As far as I remember there was never a follow up. The third time Dec 26, 09 I had it cut open drained (wide awake).
Avatar f tn There are a number of potential causes for pain around the time of eating but the most serious one is a retrobulbar abscess, or an abscess that forms in the space behind the eye. These can cause serious problems fairly quickly, including blindness and in severe cases, death. In most cases, dogs with retrobulbar abscesses are really pained by having their mouths opened -- some dogs refuse to allow this and others just scream when someone attempts to open the mouth beyond a certain point.
Avatar f tn Immediate treatment may be needed if an abscess is injuring brain tissue by pressing on it, or there is a large abscess with a large amount of swelling around that it is raising pressure in the brain.
Avatar n tn As far as your answers, I have no idea if you can get cysts on your intestines, but I'm assuming you could. The cyst that I had when it started made me think it was hemmroids. Then in four days it grew from the size of a dime to a small grapefruit. I had to have emergency surgery to have the cyst cut out. I was left with a hole about 1 inch in diameter and about 4 inches deep. This was left open and gauze was packed.
Avatar n tn I will be constipated for a couple of days, then have diarreah, burning stools, blood in stools and sharp, stabbing pain in my upper stomache, in my small intestines, in my large intestines in the top left section of my abdomin and in the section of intestine right before it comes out (I don't know what that's called). The pain always is in the same places, often very sharp and stabbing then irradiating outwards; I get awful cramping.
Avatar n tn Two days ago, I developed a low grade fever and went back on the prior infection medicines of metrodonizal and ciprofloxacin. My doctor does not know what is causing my problems, although the CT scans at the hospital and one after release showed inflammation and fluid in my intestines. Yesterday I had small, but non-diarrhea movements, and today it is total diarrhea again.
Avatar n tn Could the two problems be related? Any other suggestions? Oh, he had surgery earlier this year for an infected abscess on his shoulder (I had removed a tick and knew that the head had stayed behind and although I usually treat it with a topical antibiotic and have no problems, I saw this one grow at that spot).
Avatar f tn I had an abscess rupture, post surgery, causing peritonitis, they opened me up pulled everything out hosed out the puss that filled me.
Avatar n tn It doesn't go away on its on, it usually requires surgery. Your best bet would be to have your pcp refer you to an oncologist...