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Avatar m tn if they don't gnaw to keep the length down, or the teeth aren't clipped, they will grow to a length that will puncture the mouth (especially if the teeth are malformed and grow at an improper angle). The other possibility is a hamster will sometimes try to gnaw on its cage. Certain types of cages (especially plastic) can cause a hamster to break a tooth, leading to abscess and infection. The little lass will probably need antibiotics, and soon.
Avatar m tn Hi i started with really bad tooth pain and went to the emergency dentist who said its infected and got an abscess. They give me amoxicillin 500mg i started them yesterday teatime then last night my face started to swell up on the right side where the bad tooth is never had this before. Now i look like an hamster what i want to know is how long will it take for the tablets to work i have taken 4 so far. Also most of the pain as gone but still really soar.
Avatar n tn My hamster is almost 2 years old. He has a large growing lump under his left ear. His left eye is watery. What can I do to make my hamster better?
Avatar n tn I just noticed a round growth on the right lower side of my hamster and it is dragging his leg. What could be wrong!!
Avatar n tn melanoma, benign tumors of hair follicles or sebaceous glands, keratocanthomas, squamous papillomas and carcinomas, lymphosarcomas, and basal cell tumors. Another possibility is a tooth root abscess. An abscess in a back molar could theoretically appear as a mass in the ear, and if large enough could press on the eye.
Avatar f tn But remember, the size of this bump in relation to the size of a hamster body is much greater than a typical zit on a human. Plus you risk opening the wound to more bacteria and infection and possibly going systemic. The hamster may not survive if that happens. I know that sounds like worst case scenario but unless you know what caused this bump and how to deal with it safely, things could get much worse.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a abscess above my main "chewing" tooth on my upper right side. I am under no illusions, I need a root canal or an extraction which I have been putting off for a long time. Anyway, I am on day four of Flucloxacillin tablets, however, my cheek is becoming slightly more puffy as the days go by. Starting to look a bit like a hamster now. The pain from the abscess near the tooth has gone, only extreme pain is when I apply any sort of pressure to the cheek.
Avatar n tn It would be best to take her to the vet or to get something over the counter at a good pet store. A lump anywhere on a hamster is not a good sign since they can get cancer like all other species.
Avatar f tn I don't know how old your hamster is but it could be an abscess, or infection, or something worse, like cancer if your hamster is older. I would take her to a vet to be definative. Your vet could perform a fine needle aspirate by sticking a very tiny needle in the mass and if pus comes out it is an abscess, if something else comes out the substance can be sent to a pathologist for definative diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Today i noticed when i picked my hamster up that he had a lump on the right side i am not sure what it is but on his left side he doesnt have that. I am not sure what it is if its a tumor if its normal? I do not know at all. He isnt losing hair its not red and when i carry him and play with him he doesnt show any pain. He is very sweet but he has been sleeping a lot lately. I got him some where around november about 3 months or so.
Avatar f tn I've tried washing the wound, but it doesn't seem to be working. The hamster still behaves normally, and doesn't seem too bothered by the abscess. I just want an idea of what might be wrong with her... Description: --Large, I'd say the size of a quarter. --a "hole" in the center, less than half the size of the abscess --swollen and red --the "hole" is moist, but there is no blood from inside it, just the area outside --something seems to be growing or stuck to/on it.
Avatar n tn Sebaceous cysts are dermal abscesses are both benign. If it is an abscess, your hamster may need antibiotics.
Avatar m tn We got a baby Chinese dwarf hamster in December. He now has a growth on his behind that is the size of a grape. It's completely covered in fur and doesn't seem to be affecting his ability to move around. We've seen no signs of wet tail or loose stools. He has access to fresh water and seems to be pooping plenty. The only odd thing that we've noticed is that he isn't particular about where he goes to the bathroom.
Avatar f tn im worried bout my Chinese dwofe hamster she has a lump just above her tail and its bold and idont knw what it is can you tell me what it is?
Avatar m tn My hamster has a lump that started on the side of her cheek and close to her ear. i thought she had an impacted pouch, but its been a few days and it has since moved up to her eye and head. Her eye is completely open with no movement she doesnt even blink. I dont know what to do but i cant afford to take her to the vet.
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Avatar f tn all indicators within normal range, except for slightly increased eosinophils (doctor said, it must probably be allergy; I actually do have a hamster to whom I may be a bit allergic); - X-ray of lungs (2 months ago): normal; - abdominal ultrasound (2.
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