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Avatar n tn my dog has a lump on the side of her neck...not in the middle--more under her cheek. she is a boston terrier and is overweight and has a couple of soft fatty tumors on her body but this lump on her neck is new. I just noticed it today and its abt the size of a golfball, soft and she doesn't cry when i squeeze it gently. what could this be? It doesn't seem to have a head like an abscess would.
Avatar n tn Was the lump your husband saw along the shaft of the penis and was there another one on the other side? If so, you are likely seeing the bulbous glands of the dog, which generally show up when the puppy is "excited" The bulbous glands are what help tie the male and female dog during copulation and are often mistaken by owners as "testicles the vet missed during neutering".
Avatar m tn There was very little to read on the DURATION of initial phenobarbital side effects on the web, and I was very frightened by what I saw. So, here's what happened with my dog. The side effects (which were severe) lasted approximately three weeks. It is possible that they can last this long. Most people say they go away in a day or two, but in very sensitive dogs, it takes much longer. My dog was knocked flat by the loading dose and barely moved for the first couple of days.
Avatar n tn My dog has about a 1.5" round lump on her abdomen on one side. It is not firm, very soft. There are darker spots on it, and it has yellow crust on it. It's not a smooth lump, but a bit bumpy. I havent a clue what it is, and we can't call the vet until Monday. I have a photo. She is a 2 year old lab.
335728 tn?1331418012 But if by chance it happened to be a spider bite, then she would need to see the vet urgently. I think you should take her to the vet as soon as possible -to be on the safe side. If it's nothing more than a wasp sting, ok....but if it were a spider bite from a poisonous type, or a snakebite, she will need emergency care right now.
Avatar n tn Last Friday night I noticed one small lump the size of a big marble located approximately 3 inches under my dog's (Dixie) right jaw and under the skin. I took her to the vet Sat. morning and they said it was an abscess and they gave me some antibiotics. They said if it gets bigger or doesn't seem to get smaller to bring her back on Monday.
Avatar f tn A few months ago, we found a small, hard lump on the dog's left side of his neck, he was about 9 months old at the time. It didn't seem to bother him and there was no change in his behavior or eating habits. His favorite activity is going to the dog park, where he is the youngest and most active, he loves playing with the other dogs but they all get rather rambunctious playing and "mouthing each other in their play".
Avatar n tn A moving cyst is most likely benign. BUT, to be on the safe side, do let the vet take a look at it. It is probably a fatty tumor, or LIPOMA. If it is one, they are generally harmless unless they grow too big, or put pressure on surrounding tissues. Don't be too worried. My dog has a history of Lipomas, and sebacious cysts, and other tiny cysts. And she has had them for many years, some since she was younger. She only once had to have one lump removed, that was an infected hair-follicle.
Avatar n tn Since it is on the side of your dog's face, it could be related to the a tooth root abscess. Allow your vet to further investigate. Your vet can perform a fine needle aspirate or other biopsy, or lance the lesion if it is an abscess.
Avatar n tn My dog has a soft lump under his jaw and this morning his face was swollen on the same side as the lump. His whole face wasn't swollen, just the jowel on the same side as the lump. I have an appointment to take him to the vet but was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what this might be.
Avatar n tn He is having a problem since the last one and half months.He is having a swelling on the right side of his forehead and also there is bleeding from the right nostril.we had taken him to a vet and initially he got 2 X-rays done but nothing was clear so he suspected that it may be due to some injury and trauma.He gave him anti-biotic amd anti-swelling injetions for 10 days everyday but there is no improvement as such.
Avatar f tn Hi. There are a couple of responses I have seen on the forum that refer to lumps on a dog's penis ... these may be of help to you: (1) Was the lump ... along the shaft of the penis and was there another one on the other side?
Avatar n tn Two common antibiotics, metronidazole and baytril can have neurological side effects, but all drugs of any kind have some side effects. Additionally, many antibiotics cause a die-off of the good bacteria in the stomach and intestines which can cause inappetance, and vomiting and diarrhea. I will often include a probiotic to any protocol in which I must use an antibiotic. Probiotic's include acidophilus and all the good bacteria like those found in Activia yogurt.
1541943 tn?1293125317 An tick borne infection may not show up in the blood for 3 weeks or so, therefore, although you just found a tick on your dog it may not be possible to diagnose a tick borne disease yet. If your dog is improving on the cephalexin than it might be best to keep her on it. Once she has finished with the cephalexin she can be placed on doxycycline. Being on two antibiotics simultaneously may cause gastrointestinal symptoms and may not be recommended.
1698711 tn?1306862140 It is also possible (though this doesn't happen as often as is commonly thought) that the Tick can carry Lyme disease or something similar which could cause the dog to have a feverish illness, and can cause arthritis afterwards. To be on the safe side when a Tick is removed it's wise to keep it in a jar for a few weeks. It doesn't matter if the Tick dies. But if the dog does get any later symptoms, the Tick can be tested to see if was carrying Lyme disease, which can help diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any answers?
459853 tn?1283144114 It is also possible it could be an abscess caused perhaps by some cut or puncture wound. Can you see anything on her skin under the fur? If she is fighting something like that she will not feel 100% My feeling is that you should take her for the vet to look at her, to be on the safe side. Especially as it does seem to be affecting her breathing.
Avatar n tn I don't think she was producing much if any milk, so I fed the baby from a bottle but he still insisted on nursing and she, as most cats do, insisted on laying there and letting him. Anyway, the chest abcessed, it broke open, the whole left side of her chest skin was just GONE. It took about two weeks, but one day when we went to clean her, we noticed pink, healthy tissue growing. After about two more weeks, all that was left of this hideous wound was a thin pink line.
Avatar f tn I have a 14 year old dog. Last week we found out he had a tooth abscess. We put him under antibiotic. After a few days the infection ( little mass under his eye) disappeared. He seemed to be doing a whole lot better (he stopped crying at night and was more reactive) I was also planing to find a vet to take off his tooth.
Avatar f tn I choose to get it not pulled as it will “fall out” anyway! Then I notice my cat looks like he lost teeth on sides too! The only one that has full set, is the worst case as mentioned 1st? My chihuahua is on Tramadol plus antibiotics, as no mention of abscess mentioned but gum disease, “gingivitis” I am thinking to slit the pills 3/4 – 1! 1 for chihuahua and 1/3 of pill (Clinicin) 25mgs to mini Daschund (the one I thought surely was the worst! As she would be first in line for gum disease!
Avatar n tn Thank you for your post. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I know what you are experiencing. I just lost my 15.5 year old Papillon. She was happy & full of energy even at 15.5 years old. People that she was a puppy AND she was in good health. She never showed signs of illness. So her sudden death came as a complete shock. Your post helped me with all the second guessing I've done with my dog's passing. My dog made a choking sound at 6 am.
594071 tn?1241954397 at the same time I do not agree with kind of 'giving up on a dog's treatment' because it is getting on in years. Depending on breed, and overall condition, a lot of older dogs do very well with many surgical interventions. This couldn't be an anal gland abscess, could it? Or an anal gland which badly needs draining?
Avatar n tn My dog overnight swelled up on the left side of her mandible, Hard on left side soft on the right took biopsy on in awaiting results which could take 2 or 3 days which as we know can fatal to the dog, can't drink or eat at all can you help we are open to all graceful suggestions thank you film Robert Lee G.
Avatar f tn she would finally fall asleep, but before long, she would sit up very quickly... and start panting again... she could not lay on her side, and could only lay on her stomach. It was due to the fluids building up in her lungs and heart. Excessive panting can also be a sign of Cushings Disease. Since your dog is 16 plus years....I would suggest you bring her in to get bloodwork done...and get a good physical exam...check heart and lung sounds...and of course...an oral exam.
Avatar n tn One tooth fell out 2 weeks after his yearly visit so back to the vet on Thursday was told no sign of abscess or infection. I gave him bones used enzymatic toothpaste when HE would allow me yet it didn't work out and I feel terribly about this. He was supposed to go in for a dental last year but I put it off b/c my friends said I was insane to put a dog under anesthesia for a cleaning and I was scared to put him under and didn't know what I know now.
7402782 tn?1390590497 The other ones she mostly laid on her side or in my or my girlfriends arms and kicked/stretched out her legs in spastic movements. This time, she seemed to be unaffected as she stood still, but as she tried to walk towards me to look for support (as she usually does when the attack begins to come on), her legs seemed unable to do what she wanted them to do, and they would kick out on controllably.
Avatar m tn That's what my cat's skin cancer looked like it started like a bump which I though was a abscess at first then began to open and would bleed off and on, I thought it was a bad infection cause that is what the first vet had said so I also bought her a skin disinfectent spray but it would never heal so I knew something else must be wrong so I'm glad I took her to the vet; now the next thing is surgery and all I can do is hope and pray everything goes well.
Avatar f tn He should never had given her any drug without first discussing it with you and the possible side effects. I'm saying a prayer for your baby- please start her on an probiotic asap, benebac or forti flora.. don't give up hope many cats and dogs have survived a convenia reaction- they need close supervision. do blood work again to make sure she doesn't have anemia, kidney or liver damage.. if she is anemic you can do a blood transfusion... let me know how she is..
2186126 tn?1384961026 He is currently on Proin to control his urine accidents and that has worked for a few months now. Would just really prefer to look at him with joy rather than fear these days. Thanks, in advance, for your knowledge & stories.