Abscess on dog's leg

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871111 tn?1248996572 I happen to notice a bump on between my dog's pads today, and I am not sure what it is. At first I thought it was a blister but when I searched online for pictures of dog blisters, they don't seem to look like what's on my dog. It is about half the size of a pea, and it is pink. I don't see any obvious pus or blood. It also doesn't seem to bother her as I don't notice any limping or favoring of the other back leg.
Avatar f tn Were you treating the abscess on your own or under the care of a veterinarian? My vote is that the abscess was far worse than what was visible on the surface, and likely needed surgical drainage. Antibiotics can do only so much, and if they weren't specific for the particular bacteria strain at work, they would do no good at all. I'm guessing that the infection got into her blood stream (sepsis) and she finally died of multiple organ failure.
Avatar n tn Our large breed dog (4yr old Estrela mountain dog) started with a swelling on his rear leg ( around the hock area ) around 4 days ago. This quickly advanced and his whole leg from just below his hock to high in his thigh swelled up. It was obviously full of something and we suspected an infection. We got some antibiotics from the vet and about 2 days ago it seemed to burst and what seemed like watery blood came out. Great news we thought.
Avatar f tn I noticed a very large, engorged deer tick today on my dog's neck. I'm guessing she got that on that long hike she took with my brother a week or so ago out in the hills(same time she really hurt her poor paw). It's too large for me to remove on my own(don't feel comfortable pulling it out because it's so big), so I'm taking her in tomorrow to get it removed.
594071 tn?1241954397 at the same time I do not agree with kind of 'giving up on a dog's treatment' because it is getting on in years. Depending on breed, and overall condition, a lot of older dogs do very well with many surgical interventions. This couldn't be an anal gland abscess, could it? Or an anal gland which badly needs draining?
Avatar n tn My cat passed away just yesterday , he was in pain as an abscess or some infection had developed in his lower leg due to another cat's bite. He tried to tell me by mewing but i couldnt see the wound because of his fur. I knew he was in pain but even the vets couldnt figure it out. Alas my dad gave him poison by injecting it since he was in so much pain, we couldnt think of anything else.
Avatar m tn How do you know that he didn't need surgery to correct this leg? You are not a vet! I don't care how much you get on the Internet, you can't possibly know the best thing to do in this case. You did not take all those years of medical school these vets did to properly diagnose your dog. I agree with the others. You should have done all that you could do to get the best care for that puppy. Somehow you find the money.
Avatar f tn she would finally fall asleep, but before long, she would sit up very quickly... and start panting again... she could not lay on her side, and could only lay on her stomach. It was due to the fluids building up in her lungs and heart. Excessive panting can also be a sign of Cushings Disease. Since your dog is 16 plus years....I would suggest you bring her in to get bloodwork done...and get a good physical exam...check heart and lung sounds...and of course...an oral exam.
2186126 tn?1384961026 Then, at the same time, by some strange coincidence, instantaneously, hind-leg weakness, more hair thinning on the flanks, and her PU/PD came back, despite the desmopressin.
Avatar m tn My dog (shepherd/husky mix, 73 pounds, 12 years old) began to have grand mal seizures last week. He had two seizures, one on Sunday and one on Monday, at almost exactly the same time in the evening. After the second seizure, the vet put him on phenobarbital (97 mg/2x per day). He's been on it for five days now and is still pretty out of it. He is extremely lethargic (sleeps most of the day), has coordination problems, and weakness in his hind end. He walks veeery slowly.
Avatar f tn I am so worried! 1 week ago our cat of 16 years was given a shot of covenia for a rash on her leg. That evening she started acting strange, wouldn't move out of one spot, stopped urinating in her litter box, and was lethargic. I have been watching her and even asked the vet what was going on. Last night I noticed she was falling when she walked, couldn't see very well, and was very sick. Took her to the vet and just got a call from them.