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Avatar n tn within three days i was in the hospital for a week, CT scan showed a colon abscess, i dodged emergency surgery and responded to IV antibiotics. now i'm two months out of the hospital and a GI and surgical followup recommends bowel resection. i've read that the bowel does not repair itself. what should i do? also could the abscess have actually been caused by the colonoscopy. thanks.
Avatar n tn My husband had his colon, rectum, & anus removed 4 weeks ago. He has an abscess in the rectum area. The Intervention Radiology department put in a drain and he is taking antibiotics. Do you think that an abscess can be conquered? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/587000'>vitamins</a>.
Avatar n tn Hello - thanks for asking your question. You are describing an abdominal abscess, multiple surgeries for colon cancer and subsequent complications (adhesions), diarrhea, and a deep venous thrombosis. Regarding the abdominal abscess, the surgeon would be the primary physician taking care of this. Surgical therapy is the mainstay for abdominal abscesses. Antibiotics are normally used as secondary role.
Avatar n tn my dad who is 80 has had colon surgery. he did well for 3 days, and developed a lung infection. they had to re-operate because he got an infection. he has now been in icu for the last 3 weeks with 6 drains for abcesses. now they have discovered another abcess on his liver. they have been treating this with antibotics for the last 3 weeks. what can I expect. the impression I am getting from the doctors is to expect the worst, that he may not make it. please I need answers .
Avatar m tn still suffer tiredness and aches Last 6 weeks have dull to sharp pain, sometimes pulsating, around sigmoid colon area (left, below naval, very specifically located). Muscle pain also around left hip area. Rumbling stomach. Often thin stools, no blood, some occasional diarrhea. Blood work normal. Ultrasound showed nothing unusual. I'm having a CT scan this week. What are the likely causes of this? I have no history of colon cancer in my family.
Avatar f tn The doctor didn't find any tumors but the biopsies came up with the following. Does this look serious? The colon biopsies identified in ascending and transverse regions do show mild increase in lymphocytes. within the lamina propria there is an occasional eosinophil and neutrophil. the neutrophils rarely extend into the ipithelium, and there is not crypt abscess formation.
Avatar f tn I have has a recurring burning sensation in my colon area (lower left abdomen) for a while. It comes and goes. For the last couple weeks it's been more often and hurts a little more. And for the past couple of days, it's been unbearable. I have IBS and have had some constipation here and there. I had my gall bladder out about 8 yrs ago. Other than that I'm not sure what to do. It hurts alot.
Avatar n tn I have recently had a wide local excision and a sentinel nodes biopsy. I had a 2.5mm black spot on my back that was removed. the result was no problem with the skin on the back (2cm per side were taken) and 2 out of the 3 lymphnodes were ok while one had something (not sure how much). Then went for CT SCAN and I had a surgery scheduled to remove some more lymphnodes (chest area). The surgery was postponed given the results of the CT SCAN.
Avatar m tn We know other parts of our body such as skin can close up an tear and heal on its own. Can the colon seal up and heal on its own as well? THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!
Avatar n tn I am so thankful I did and do not have to worry about the walking time bomb I was carrying around in my colon. I had an abcess on it that would get inflamed and have micro perfusions, causing leakage of toxins into my system. I recovered wonderfully and have only a two inch scar on my belly button that is barely even noticeable - even though it took my surgeon 6 hours of surgery.
Avatar n tn I have no muscle control from the Sturnum down, on the Left side. Where they made the insition, there is nothing to hold the Colon in, so I am constantly wearing a Rib Brace around my waist. Since there is no colon muscles, it has gotten like a balloon. And the only muscle that works. Is not letting me fart. My biggest issue is the Gas.
Avatar n tn My father recently underwent colon resection for colon cancer, he is about 8 weeks out the cancer was found in a few of the surrounding lymph nodes but the surgeon thinks he got it all with the surgery but is recommending chemotherapy....in the meantime, he has developed an abdomina abscess and has drainage along the long suture line and the CT scan of abdomen and lungs showed a mass of the thyroid. He had a PET scan done last week which came back clear revealing no signs of cancer.
Avatar n tn In July 2001 I had emergency surgery for a burst appendix, but once 'in'the surgeon also found an abscess the size of a grapefruit and that my colon had ruptured. 5 hour surgery, one week hospital stay and a scar a good 12 inches long. My question - a) should I still be having stomach aches, my surgeon's english was not good enough for him to really explain my condition and my doctor just keeps giving me more painkillers and b) anyone know how on earth I can make this hideous scar less obvious.
Avatar f tn My son had two brain surgeries to aspirate an abscess in the right frontal lobe of his brain. After the first, the encapsulation was not reached by the meds and the abscess grew larger, so a 2nd, more invasive surgery was done. This worked and he was on a regimen of antibiotics for 7 weeks and we have just learned that he needs to go back on an antibiotic, clindamycin, for the remaining year due to a slow growing bacteria that was found.
1399580 tn?1281236418 After my husbands colon resection, he developed abscess on his left side for a period of about 6 months. He was hospitalized three different times. It has been about nine monthes since his illestomy take down, at that time the Dr. was not sure that a very small "sac" may have encapsulated. Last week he was hospitalized due to another abscess. Is it possible that after this long that the "encapsulated abscess" somehow started to grow and cause problems?
1399580 tn?1281236418 After my husbands colon resection, he developed multiple abscess' on his left side for a period of about 6 months. He was hospitalized three different times. It has been about nine monthes since his illestomy take down, at that time the Dr. was not sure that a very small "sac" may have encapsulated. Last week he was hospitalized for fives days due to another abscess.
Avatar n tn or almost tube-like swelling from the end of my genitals to my anus, on the left side, following perhaps the exact shape of the sigmoid colon. this is so painful i havent been able to walk, sit, or lay right. im crying when im sleeping because it hurts so much, and i have trouble resting at all. i have no blood in my stool, no mucus, my BM's aren't irregular or hard. please help me! i am in so much pain. im making doctors appnt today.
Avatar n tn I had me colon removed because of the cronic constipation and bloating and pain 6and feet gone! I now am tired all the time and have constipation any help please!!!
Avatar f tn Let me know how it all works out tomorrow. Laxatives are no fun. Right now I am just taking a colon cleanse from Wal-Mart. I bloat less on colon cleanses than on laxitives. It's called 'Colon Clenz' and it comes in a white and tan box. It's my sixth colon cleanse brand. Things work for a bit and than they don't. At first I thought I found something that would work and then the next week I realize that it doesn't last forever. I bet you know how that goes.
Avatar n tn 31yr old male had abdominal pain, fatigue,nausea, starting in early may was seen by several doctors was finally given a ct scan which showed colon inflammation, and a Intra-Abdominal Abscess which was drained and tested for bacteria everything came back normal and i was sent home after a couple days.
Avatar f tn I was still on antibiotics. I stopped the antibiotics a week ago per the doctors instruction. My abscess is now back with a vengeance. I am so frustrated. Why when I stop the antibiotics does the infection recur? How do I get rid of this completely? I am seeing a top NYC colon rectal surgeon. I am thinking of bringing in an infectious disease doctor into the mix. Does anyone have thoughts or ideas for me? Thank you and happy 4th of July!!!
1399580 tn?1281236418 After my husbands colon resection, he developed multiple abscess' on his left side for a period of about 6 months. He was hospitalized three different times. It has been about nine monthes since his illestomy take down, at that time the Dr. was not sure that a very small "sac" may have encapsulated. Last week he was hospitalized for fives days due to another abscess. He had four CT scans, numerous blood tests and was treated with anitbiotics.
Avatar n tn suggesting one, and now I am extremely worried that my change in BM's even though they occurred at the same time as the divertic. is a sign I have colon cancer. I realize that the divertic can mimic colon cancer on ct, but what really are the chances of that , and what do you think is causing the change is bms? Can diverticulosis cause a bm change? Also I know that I have at least one external hemmerhoid. Im not having any other typical cc symptoms, no pain, bleeding, fatigue etc. Thoughts?
Avatar f tn That is one of the possible problems that can happen from a colonoscopy if a tiny tear of the colon happened during a byopsy. I don't know if this is what happened but it could be what you are describing. Yes I hear very painful when the body fills up with gas. It can heal on its own or may need to be stitched. They hospital should know how to deal with that as it does happen time to time. If small enough I would guess it should be able to heal on it's own. But painful yes I have read.
Avatar n tn as he never took anything seriously and would always laugh at me when I went to him about a problem and started ignoring anything that was going on (which I know is not good...but when your own doctor doesn't take you seriously and you are from a small town in the middle of nowhere with nobody else to turn too, there wasn't much more I could do, especially with being so young at that time) He would just sit back, laugh and just say it was all in my head....he did it to my mother too!
Avatar n tn I have this horrible pain in my stomach and pain in my ribs on the left side. I have gone to different doctors for almost 2 years now, and they don't know what's wrong with me. I have had CT scans, blood tests, medications, "camera down my throat and into my stomach", etc...everything comes back clean.
Avatar f tn This could be due to diverticulosis or infection of colon or colitis, ovarian cyst, abscess in spleen, pancreatitis, bowel obstruction, localized peritonitis, or irritable bowel. This needs a visit your family physician to know for sure what it is. You may also need to undergo some tests to each a diagnosis. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn Wow your symptoms sound exactly like mine, i had to do a double take to make sure that it wasnt my post. I have a lump on the bottom rib on the left side under my breast. I had it checked out at docs and it feels like bone matter and doesnt move at all it is firmly stuck. I only noticed it since i had my first child. It seems like it could be scar tissue from when i cracked the rib years ago when i had a really bad cough (believe it or not!!).
Avatar m tn severe pneumonia, w/ sepsis (Xigris), pulmonary abscess from pneumonia (Primaxin), enlarged spleen 2006: enlarged spleen removed laparoscopically 2008: C-Section, cellulits 2009: Feb: chronic diarrhea started, watery, a bit oily, chunks of food, frothy at times Mar: Colonoscopy - microscopic colitis, hospital c-diff (only one test had weak positive) (flagyl, 2 courses vancomycin), no change, then prednisone 10mg/day 5 days, 5 mg 7 days, diarrhea slowed a little while on steroid May: hospital
Avatar m tn She continues to lose weight, from 140 to new low 113.2 today. The GI at Wake has her on a 2 week gluten-free diet. We are 3-days into the diet with no change. We know that a test showed low pancreatic enzymes and a biopsy severe colitis in her lower colon (GI said it looks like colitis caused by acute infection, but no infection found). Many tests (stool/blood) and biopsies have been done, all negative.