Abscess on cat's neck

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587315 tn?1333556383 I was trying to put this in the Cat Forum Health Pages and screwed up and put it on here!! Have you seen the health pages on here? They are located on the right side of the screen under "e-mail this" and "stop watching" I found the info on the internet and cut and pasted the article because I thought it was good!
Avatar n tn I try to be aware of not clenching my teeth. I have had physical therapy on my shoulder, neck and face. I am trying to relax and not worry about everything so much. Vertigo is terrible feeling and I am grateful that it has subsided. Take is easy ImSimplyMe!
Avatar f tn My cat just got that shot tonight for a rash on her neck and I'm freaking out now! Vet never told me anything about any side effects or reactions,,,nothing! I'm heartbroken about all the poor babies that lost their precious lives because of that antibiotic and am so scared that the same faith awaits my 6 yr. old female cat! It's been 2 hours since she got it and I've since called a 24 hrs.
Avatar n tn I just got the new my cat had this about 4 months ago and it has spread so quickly it is the size of a baseball on his neck. The vet told me it would open up and cause an infection and as gross as this is the skin is dying so it is odorous. I have to bandage my cat like a person and clean it everyday. My cat still eats and plays like nothing as wrong. As gross as this tumor is the surgery is so expensive with not a good chance of survival.
Avatar f tn I can tell that she is starting to become uncomfortable again about a month after stopping treatment. The treatment cleared the condition completely on the back paws and about 80% on the front paws. Towards the end she was starting to lose a little weight. She really hated being given medication twice a day for six months. She is such a little sweetie. Couldn't understand why she was being tortured. I think my vet is doing the best she can.